How to tighten the chest

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05 June 2016
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Your breasts loses elasticity old?Do not immediately run for the help of a surgeon, better pay attention to exercise.Of course, you can not return to its former size, but there are some special exercises to help you improve the shape of breasts and tighten it.

Can I use exercises to increase the breast?Yes and no.Your breasts as such contains no muscle tissue, so there is simply nothing to pump.However, you can pump up the pectoral muscle, which is located directly under the breast, thus increasing its weight.

good "helper" is the correct posture.Keep your shoulders straight (do not bend back as do fashion models - it will look unnatural) and gently lowered down.

Remember that the result of the exercises for the chest depends on the size of your breasts.The larger it is, the more difficult their performance and produced less effect.So the most important rule is to not to delay their implementation, and to do it regularly, at least three times a week.

Begin exercises for the chest with push-ups.Just

modify them so that the emphasis is placed on the chest, rather than the abdominal muscles.Take the usual position for push-ups.The palms and toes firmly pressed to the floor.The only difference should be that while you're kneeling.Work should only torso - so that you feel the tension of the pectoral muscles.Then, relax a little and repeat 10 times.Less heavy exercise is Mahi hands.Stand up straight.Hands pull apart.Now start to make them circular movements (about 50 cm in total diameter) first to one and then the other side.Repeat 8 times.

Despite the fact that we often complain about our chest size is not the one, not the form, not quite full, firm, not the texture and even the color, we will never pay her enough attention.The best that the ability of each of us - it is to put on the chest in the morning a little body lotion.Perhaps we think that the best way to do something about it is surgery or a special bra.Perhaps we are very skeptical about the advertised miracle creams and lotions, which increase the elasticity of the chest.Hard to believe that a moisturizer, no matter how advanced it may be, can defy the law of gravity.Perhaps we are all aware that in order to somehow deal with sagging breasts, takes time and effort.And taking into account our chaotic lifestyle, we are better to spend it on something else.

If you want to make your breasts firmer, then this will help you with impartial hydrotherapy area called Ā«suckingĀ» .During this procedure, chest worn tapered device, and then evacuated.This process helps to increase breast volume and lift it.This procedure is not as painful as it is unusual, and, again, the result will last only a couple of days.Today, scientists are working on a new model bra cup in which are mounted two small suction, which will be controlled by the computer.

Unsophisticated women can also refer to a method gipnozoterapii .From a medical point of view there is no evidence of the effectiveness of this method.For as much as possible through hypnosis to influence the volume of the breast?Of course, the results of such use of hypnosis can not be compared with the results in the same area related to cure people from all kinds of phobias or smoking.These problems are psychological rather than physiological in nature.Without a doubt, you can try to apply the method of hypnosis, but in combination with exercise and other treatments.And in order to ensure that it is necessary to try.Just do not rush to lay out a large sum of money in advance.

There are also many different devices that you can use at home.By their action, they resemble anti-cellulite cream.To achieve the desired result, which should appear in about six weeks, they must be used regularly - morning and evening.Manufacturers offer a wide range of different technologies, each of which has a stunning effect.But in fact they simply increase blood circulation, thereby causing the formation of small lumps.Best of all, the result will be noticeable on a small chest, so it does not sag, and she did not have to "fight" with the earthly attraction.

As for the aesthetic side of the issue, it is best to resort to the old proven method.There are a variety kinds of soft pads having a natural shape and color.They often use the model during the shooting.Such backing received comic called "chicken", as they have with him a great resemblance.