Cosmetic Dentistry: what is it and why is it necessary?

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05 June 2016
Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry?

can say that cosmetic dentistry is cosmetic surgery for teeth.She had become very popular in the West, and is becoming increasingly popular in our country.It can significantly improve the appearance of teeth, but the services are quite expensive.

Aesthetic dentistry is based on the latest scientific developments.Used high-quality tools and equipment.

In addition, it is important to choose a good professional.It should have a certificate giving the right to carry out all types of procedures applied.

Why do we need cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry we need, asfew people can boast of beautiful natural teeth.In addition, the appearance of human teeth spoils with age.Their enamel cracks occur, dark spots, chipped.Teeth can also be bent.

People with dental problems often hesitate once again to smile or open your mouth.It affects their self-esteem.

Nowadays aesthetic dentistry is developing very rapidly.

is very important that the aesthetic dental services are virtually

painless and do not cause the patient discomfort.A positive result will not be long in coming.

Cosmetic Dentistry.Malocclusion Malocclusion

and repositioning the teeth on the jaw is the most time-consuming and unpleasant of all processes.

teeth are aligned with the help of permanent equipment - braces.They are special braces that are strung on the arc.These braces exert constant pressure on the teeth and cause them to equalize.Wear them need long enough to remove them at this time is impossible.

Braces can spoil the appearance of the patient.But today, they are doing a nearly invisible, or decorated in various ways.

Cosmetic Dentistry.Restoration of teeth Restoration of teeth

made using sveotootverzhdaemogo composite ceramic particles.Used also bonding.This procedure makes it possible to simultaneously solve both functional and aesthetic problems.

in the tooth using an artificial material specialist can make up for his missing part.This material appearance almost indistinguishable from natural enamel.An experienced professional can as accurately as possible individually for each patient to choose the color and saturation, and transparency.

Bonding is usually given in the case of carious lesions.It allows to increase the length or width of the tooth.This procedure also creates a protective coating when exposed part of the tooth root.The reduced surface of the tooth can not be distinguished from the natural.From the restoration of seals is characterized by the fact that haunts not only therapeutic, but also aesthetic purposes.

Restored teeth function as real.Restoration is completed normally contoured, which is the grinding and polishing of the teeth.This allows to improve their form.

Cosmetic Dentistry.Crowns and bridges

crowns and bridges have long been used to mask the damaged tooth.Cosmetic dentistry is different in that it uses metal-free technology.This is possible to achieve as close to natural teeth mind.

crowns fixed with the most modern adhesive materials.They allow you to provide resistance fixation.Moreover, after treatment, the patient does not experience a feeling of presence in the oral cavity of a foreign body.

main alternative to crowns on the front teeth veneers are now considered.They are also often called "veneers".This title is more true, becausein the original it sounds like veneers.

Veneers were invented about 30 years ago.Then they were made of plastic.Currently, they are very thin translucent ceramic lining.Veneers are very popular, especially with celebrities.

These bits provide an opportunity as soon as possible is very effective to improve on the appearance of the teeth.This procedure is carried out smoothly.For it is not necessary to make turning of the body of the tooth.In addition, it is not necessary to remove the nerves.

Almost instantly damaged front teeth can be perfectly bylymi and smooth.Facing with the specialist strengthens the tooth surface using a special procedure.

tooth without suffering, veneers even protect it from damage.Veneers can be the classic Hollywood.The first group is designed primarily for the visual effect.They are petal plate which covers only a front tooth.The second group - this is a full functional lining.

There also Lumineers.They are very thin and very strong lining.All kinds of veneers virtually not subject to the adverse effects of tea, coffee and tobacco.

Cosmetic Dentistry.Clinical whitening

This procedure is indicated when necessary to improve the color of teeth only.There are different types of clinical whitening.In aesthetic dentistry is most commonly used laser.It is efficient and long-lasting.

Thus on enamel applied drug that contains some hydrogen peroxide.The tooth is irradiated by short laser flashes.

also apply photobleaching.Irradiation is carried out with the halogen lamp.At the end of procedure, the doctor gets on the tooth amorphous calcium phosphate, which fills the microcracks.

Cosmetic Dentistry.Decoration Tooth Decoration Tooth

is the latest trend in aesthetic dentistry.Teeth can be decorated with various applications of precious metals, crystals Swarovski, imitation tattoos.

often with the help of jewelry masked dark stain or damage the tooth.These ornaments are attached to the surface using a special glue, can be removed at any time.Hold it up to 6 months.You must observe the guidelines for oral hygiene.