Fashionable women's shorts spring-summer 2010, how to choose shorts

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23 June 2016

Even some twenty years ago on the shorts could not think how to dress for an exit to the street.The people you have just not understood.However, in larger cities you could see plump women, foreign women tourists in shorts.But that was the exception to the rule.Today, the taboo is removed.Shorts have become part of our lives.

Fashionable women

World designers are not left out of the women's problems and become in their collections take place this unique dress.

What shorts offer women of fashion designers the world?

Fashionable women's shorts summer 2010 - sporty style

Sports style did not arise yesterday or ten years ago.He appeared at a time when a person is interested in sports.Different sports have created different types of clothes.So, given the world tennis shorts and cycling led to the creation of tight shorts Lycra - velosipedok.

Today sporty style shorts love women.

Fashionable women

For more than 50 years of ruling the world denim.As with any other design work Roberto Cavalli - these shorts a sample of the great design


Spring-Summer 2010 has not spared his short denim shorts.Do yourself a holiday.Give your legs summer heat.Let the rays of the sun obvalakitvayut your feet with its warmth!

Short shorts will look great with any blouse and shoes without heels.

Fashionable women

Renowned American designer Thakoon in his spring-summer 2010 paid particular attention to shorts.Easy, denim shorts in the summer symbol.These shorts can be worn with any blouse, top.Your old image will be complete if you will be on your feet appropriate footwear.

Fashionable women

Shorts from Current / Elliott of dark gray denim with traces of wear - a fashion, a tribute and a tribute to the style of the summer.

not the last place in the wardrobe of fashionable women this season aside sandals "Gladiator."

Sandals "Gladiator" are popular in the past few summers.In 2009, the sandals "Gladiator" got a strong statuc must-have in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Fashionable women

Women of fashion should pay his view on leather shorts.The peculiar shape of shorts with lacing - a creation of design work by Alexander Wang.

leather shorts - a sign Rostoshi and glamor.These shorts nuzhet appropriate wardrobe.It is worth thinking about shoes, T-shirt or top.

Fashionable women's shorts Summer 2010 - Women's glamor

Female glamor - is not only fashionable clothes, parties and night life, it's a lifestyle, it's unique individuality of the female soul and the female image.

Fashionable women

Want to bring the long-awaited summer days?Then today is worth thinking about the shorts!

See by ChloƩ offers his view of female glamor.

If you want to impress their girlfriends new clothes, it's time to remember the shorts silk satin.Serrated edge, belt samovyazka shorts will give a special charm.

Fashionable women

Summer - time for experiments.Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.Do not be afraid of bright and contrasting colors!

Swedish brand Acne denim shorts offers women silk chiffon color coral with diagonal pockets.

Wear contrasting colors ... Express your individuality!Enjoy life and summer heat!

Fashionable women

In the spring-summer 2010 collection of fashion house 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts given a special place in the style of "oriental harem."Soft, obvalakivayut folds, shiny silver - this is an approach to women's fashion house chic.

Fashionable women

Summer - time for bright colors.Silk shorts by Marc Jacobs - a hymn to the female form summer.

Spring-summer 2010 promises to be rich in colors of summer.In a fashion bright colors.Brightness - a young fashion, self-confident women.High heels make your leg sexier.

How to choose the right shorts?

Fashionable women

storoynoy Want to look - no problem.Choose a medium-length shorts with a low waist.These shorts optically lengthen your legs and can hide the upper thighs.

shorts knee need to be cautious.They optically shorten the leg.But if you can not abandon these shorts, you should come to the aid of high-heeled shoes.

Short shorts help optically lengthen the legs.

If you pyshechka and want summer wear shorts for a walk, then your option - Bermuda.

High thin women and girls do not have to give up shorts with cuffs.These original shorts will look for the girl with skinny legs.If you

nature endowed tall, your - pants just above the knee.When the fullness of the legs allows the bottom of the shorts can be cuffed.

If you're skinny, you should choose the shorts you are not too loose and not too tight-fitting.Remember the golden middle.

If you Thumbelina, stylists advise to choose the shorts in a fine vertical stripes.These shorts optically uvilichivayut growth.

If you have a figure of a boy, then you should throw your eye on the shorts, where the emphasis is on the waist, wide belt, or pants with a yoke.

Fashionable women
Fashionable women
Fashionable women