Epilation bikini (bikini area).

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27 June 2016
Bikini Hair Removal

died down long ago the sexual revolution, we have become more knowledgeable and emancipation on the part of lovemaking, but some topics are all covered in the same darkness and questions hang in the air, demanding an answer.One such issue for many women is the issue of hair removal in the bikini area.

Some do not pay attention to it and cultivate it just curls, do not forget to trim that faces peeking out from under a swimsuit, and then only with the onset of the beach season.Others do not even bother this procedure, leaving everything intact.But if you are not accustomed to neglect the slightest opportunity to become more attractive to his men, hair removal bikini area can be your important and an interesting process.

So what is hair removal bikini and how to treat it?

According to statistics, about 80% of men prefer to see the smooth skin there, instead of the lush undergrowth.Many people do not talk about it, someone does not look back, to see the long-awaited reliable losing smoothness.But if you

do not want to let to chance your love life, perhaps deep in the bikini area hair removal will make your bed in the game new paint and fresh sensation.

So, spread everything on the shelves.

bikini area, in other words, the bikini line - is the area of ​​the skin, hiding behind the line of your swimming trunks.

deep bikini, bikini or X - is the area of ​​the pubis and labia majora.

What you need to visit the salon, provide such services, would bring you the most benefit?

Firstly, the consultation trihologa.The specialist will examine your paradise and advise the best option of hair removal on the basis of thickness, color and hardness hairs.Also you can simply contraindications such procedures.This is primarily cancer and fungal infections and various skin lesions.

Based on the above data, triholog will prescribe the required procedure.

This can be bioepilyatsiya, electrolysis and epilation.Sometimes the specialist may prescribe a combination of two or three types of hair removal.

epilation deep bikini area

Let's talk more about epilation deep bikini.Gone are the days when intimate hairstyles made with scissors and razors.Such works turned out to be short-lived, and the next day the unpleasant stabbed chosen in the most delicate areas.Besides shaving causes irritation and rougher areas of the body, what to speak of the bikini area where the skin is extremely delicate at any age.

That is why for many became a real salvation bioepilyatsiya, after which the hairs grow back within a few weeks.

Boepilyatsiya popular since time immemorial, and the main character of the instrument serves hot wax or Phytopitch.Feedback from clients salons use fitosmoly much less painful than waxing.The procedure for taking away about 15 minutes, and the minimum length of the hair should be at least 4 mm.

After a special gel is applied to slow the growth of hairs.The procedure itself is as follows.You change into a gown before this take a shower or use a special sex-cloth.To undress and lie down.According to many who have experienced all the delights of this procedure is less painful hair removal is transferred, in the first days after the end of menstruation.

Intimate hair or bikini-design

Bikini design

Let's talk about the intimate hair.If you do not want to completely get rid of the hair in the area of ​​the pubis and labia, you can pick up an interesting hairstyle or rhinestones to complete the picture, staining hairs.

Due to the rapid development of intimate hairstyle, today, many seriously divide this kind of service in the evening and casual hairstyles.The variety of choices affects the inexperienced client, but in the salons with excellent reputation bewildered lady always help you choose the perfect option for numerous examples of catalogs.All kinds of butterflies and peaches, stars and geometric figures, snakes and cats will not only complement your look, but also to make a lasting impression on the man she loved.

Duration creation bikini waxing averages 1-2 hours.Everything depends on the customer's wishes, hair density and the presence of additional elements to create the desired pattern.Also, in recent years, many prefer to complement bikini waxing biotatuazhem, so you can give your hairstyle erotic expressive and crisp lines.

So, the choice is yours.Continue to remain faithful to the traditions of our grandmothers and virgin bushes grow in their own linen or bring in private life a little novelty, making a great intimate hair in the zone of deep bikini.You must agree

men - are adult children who need to be surprised each day in order to always be able to be for them the most desirable and expensive lover in the world.