Why is there a mole?

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20 June 2016
why moles appear

Why is there a mole?

Moles or nevi are benign skin growths that occur as a result of violations of the synthesis and metabolism of melanin.Moles can be flat, slightly protrude above the skin can be smooth or covered with hairs.The most common birthmarks do not cause problems and are more cosmetic flaw.But the insidiousness of these structures is that they can degenerate into malignant, causing serious illness - melanoma or skin cancer.Can provoke degeneration various factors: excessive fascination with tan in the sun or in the solarium, injury, damage, moles, massage, hormonal treatment.

reason for concern should be a sharp increase in the number of moles, their rapid growth, change in color and form, appeared pain and bleeding, peeling, hair loss of a mole, the appearance of the seal, blurring the edges by a red halo around the mole.Especially it is necessary to be attentive to birthmarks that are subject to constant mechanical irritation and can be easily injured.It moles, which are located on the h

ead, armpits, in intimate places.In any case, each procedure must be preceded by the removal of moles and a doctor's advice - a dermatologist or oncologist who will determine the type of birthmark and select the best option to remove it, will determine the depth of its occurrence and the required depth of the procedure.

mole removal moles

If you began to disturb and cause discomfort, then it is necessary to remove the moles as soon as possible.The most important thing to do here is to try to get rid of moles, especially from the hectic moles on their own in "primitive" conditions.Independent "operation" is strictly prohibited, as they can cause complications: infection of the blood or a big loss, becauseit is likely that you will not be able to stop the flow of blood, if the breach or damage birthmark.

also not recommended procedure for removing moles for cosmetic service and beauty salon, if there is no certified and qualified dermatologists and oncologists.Methods of removing moles several (surgery, electrocautery, cryosurgery, laser vaporization), and only an experienced doctor can recommend the most appropriate solution in each case.The choice of method the removal of birthmarks are generally based on the characteristics and condition of a particular mole, as well as on the extent of the possible threat to the body.

methods of removing moles

Previously, the main methods of removing moles were cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen and the method of electrocoagulation.During cryoablation education is frozen with liquid nitrogen low temperature.Electrocoagulation method is based on the local impact of high-frequency current.However, application of these methods to remove moles may have a side effect as a secondary thermal tissue damage with the formation of blisters.In addition, distribution is cold and heat in the skin and tissues are not controlled, the poet may be affected and healthy areas.

to remove birthmarks method is used extensive surgical excision followed by intradermal cosmetic seams overlap.However, this method is not entirely suitable for the removal of moles, which are located on the face.The method of surgical excision old and has been used before, when the development of technology does not allow the removal procedure moles on such a high level as it is now.However, it still takes place in medical practice and some prefer the old-fashioned it.Doctors recommend this method in the case when the mole reached a very large size, both in width and in depth.After the operation is applied cosmetic seams are removed after about a week.This procedure results in terms of cosmetic scar thickness is 2-3 mm.

For such precise procedures, as well as to remove moles on areas with thin skin (eyelids) and mucosa (the perineum), more suitable method of radio wave coagulation.This is the most secure method, as it does not cause thermal damage to the skin and leaves no scars.Especially effective radio wave coagulation to remove protruding moles that have a clear path to the skin.The working body of the device is a tungsten filament with the help of which, the tumor is removed in one motion.Duration of the procedure is only five minutes.Thus there is no bleeding and swelling, allowing the patient immediately after surgery to go home.

Whichever you choose a method for removing moles, you need to strictly follow the doctor's instructions and do not show initiative.Proper care of the newly formed skin in the place where used to be a mole, would achieve maximum effectiveness of any method and avoid unwanted residual symptoms.

Laser removal of birthmarks

Mole removal by laser is also considered a modern and safe method.During the procedure, the laser removes layers birthmark.The use of anesthesia performed at the request of the patient.At the site of removal is a small depression, which gradually equalized within two weeks after the procedure.The big advantage of the technique is the ability of the laser thrombose tiny blood vessels in removing moles.This prevents blood loss and, most importantly, eliminates the possibility of the emergence of metastases.Laser mole removal is almost leaves no marks on the body of the patient, which is important when working in open areas of the body, especially not his face.But of course it should take into account that the final result depends on the type of laser system and the skill of the physician, which should take into account the depth of the mole and calculate the force of impact.

Advantages of laser removal of birthmarks

  • procedure Mole removal laser quick painless
  • after laser removal of birthmarks is left scars or scars
  • no damage surrounding healthy tissue

procedure of laser removal of birthmarks

procedure of laser removal is as follows: business localAnesthesia processing, and then using advanced laser surface treatment is carried out gradually moles, vaporizing its layers one by one.High accuracy of such operations is provided by the latest laser technology - you can control the depth of the impact and set the desired beam diameter.Why this method uses mass adherence to doctors?The first and main advantage - it is a complete absence of any even the slightest bleeding, complete exclusion of the possibility of infection of the treated surface of a variety of germs and infections, as laser treatment - a non-contact procedure.Well, the important factor is the aesthetic side, and the time required for carrying out the process of removal and recovery period of the treated skin area.

very Laser "operation" lasts less than 5 minutes, and the period of recovery of the skin at the site of treatment is less than 2 weeks.And after the complete healing and regeneration of the skin at the site of the former moles are left no trace.

Today, the laser is considered the only way to remove moles without a trace.Also, using a laser produced a highly effective treatment for benign tumors such as moles, warts, papillomas.