The art of seduction.

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25 June 2016
art of seduction

sexy and exciting game - it is an important part of your art of seduction.You can be a fun, flirting, flattering and physically seductive.The game releases on internal systems.Do not underestimate its power in regard to improving your relationship.Any game sexy.Not all games end in intimacy.This is what makes their games.Understanding this relaxes you both.You and your sweetheart deserve time to play.

Art of seduction - flirt

Feel free to flirt to date.Tease a man, pretending that everything is reluctant to do, show passion, without expressing any ardor.Men love the attention and a sense of calling.

If you play the innocent virgin, you will be able to bring some strong men.Try it with your lover.

Feel free to make your sexy body movement.When you undress, remove the first one bra strap and stand in front of him, showing that you are doing it all for him.

In ancient times, if a woman really liked the oriental man, she invited him to sit on her right.She knew that this side is more seductive.Kimono

always had so that his left side was on top of the right side.This gave her the opportunity to reward his fans - he could slip under the kimono with his hand and stroke her breasts.Keep this in mind when putting on new sexy sweater with buttons undone.

Fully given to what is going on between you, not thinking about anything else.

Art of seduction - flattery

In one eastern Illustrated Guide to erotic described how to determine whether you are a sensual woman:
«You read romance novels, you start looking for adventure, not thinking about food.You can get lost in the whirlpool of pleasure, not noticing that the night comes to an end or have the sun rises.Moreover, at any meeting with a man, you out loud coughing and gentle look at him. "

This means flatter him.Quick wit, an excellent sense of the moment, a bit of irony and plenty of praise can make you an expert in flattery.Intelligent conversation, the ability to speak and the ability to improvise will help to prevent the failure in communication.Thin atmosphere compliments give a positive tone.Flattery - this is what you need to keep in mind when trying to impress her man, especially in the company of others.You can improve your mood, to please him so that for an instant boost his self-esteem, to give him confidence and good humor.

Art of seduction - with the bathroom

Before you prefer to love, ask them to bathe together.Prepare the bathroom in advance, hang your favorite fluffy towels and scented candles set, shower gel or soap.

flavoring water.Two drops of patchouli oil and three drops of sandalwood oil to awaken in him sensuality.Add three drops of lavender oil to create the effect of relaxation.

Enter the bath.Hot water opens the blood vessels near the skin surface, making you both more sensitive to touch.The combination of smells and sensations of warm water to fully prepare your body and feelings to this sexual experience.

Try sensual feel of different textures of objects for bathing: a stuffed a washcloth, a natural sponge, a large bathing brush.

soaping each other, studying the body.You will discover the secret "hot spots" from each other.
Alternate bath with a dip in the shower.You increase the field of play.
sex in the bath is very excited, because it create a sense of flight.Use the buoyancy of the body to try different poses for fun.
I hope that the game "in the sheikh and a concubine," like your man.

Art of seduction - aphrodisiacs

aphrodisiac in the East were part of a secret stock of medicines and love potions to strengthen the sexual energy to go on all night sex.They included not only good ingredients, but also the liver extract dogs charred newts, porphyrized dried lizards.If this man was not like he could always choose vegetable recipes, including pills made from plants belonging to the family figwort, lotus root and chomeygan, aphrodisiac, which attributed the increase of male power.Kuroyaki, black powder, dissolved in sake, is still used today.Certain edible products such as kelp or barley leaves were considered beneficial to maintain male erection and sexual desire.

woman also used the substances that irritate the mucous membrane of the male genitalia, in order to create a warm, tingling sensation similar to sexual arousal, and thus an effect of an aphrodisiac.Unfortunately for the man, his penis is often inflamed.In this case, sandalwood oil comforting rash.Since woman herself reached sexual arousal, her orgasmic liquid to drink even as an aphrodisiac, and also believed that it has anti-aging properties, able to stop the aging process.Psychological aphrodisiacs include unusually erotic clothes women, including countless combs and pins in her hair, a long dress trailing behind her, and her high clogs.

to his secret lover, she often used a powder made from the tusks of the narwhal, mysterious whale from the Arctic Ocean, which is often mistaken for a mystical unicorn.Mushrooms in the form of a penis and hard antlers, pulverized together with other herbs, also considered the means to create a strong erection and the ability for long-term sex.A popular aphrodisiac considered acne.

women maintain their sexual function using oil massage ginger.Warming stimulates the oil has been known for its afrodiziaticheskimi properties and a fresh scent of grass, much sharper and sharper than the smell of ginger root.Another agent was a pleasure for her and her lover.She smeared it on a piece of paper and then wrapped around the penis.After immersing the penis into her vagina, a man waited a few minutes until melted aphrodisiac.When that happened, his penis swelled, and at this point the woman blushed slightly and slowly began to move his legs, then his hips, then the body, until both reach orgasm.

Art of Seduction - Chocolate

Valentine's Day in the East, women give chocolate to men, including co-workers, bosses, male friends, brothers, father, husband, and her boyfriend.And as will be appreciated further - this is no accident.

If a woman does not feel love towards a man, for example, your boss, it gives him a "binding chocolate."A man who makes her heart beat faster, but that is not yet a prospective husband, she gives special gifts, such as a tie or clothes and chocolate.Chocolate, which she gives to his beloved, called "Chocolate prospective winner."

Can chocolate make him fall in love with you?Chocolate - is the perfect aphrodisiac because it contains substances called phenylethylamine and seratonin.These substances raise mood and produced naturally in the brain.They cause a rapid change in sentiment and the rise in blood pressure, quickens the pulse and induce feelings of joy, almost euphoric that he experiences with the feelings of love, passion and lust.

Advice on chocolate

Consumption of chocolate, with its seductive aroma, texture, sweetness and piquancy can also give him an immediate and significant rise in energy, to increase his stamina, where it is more likely to be assessed - in bed with you.

chocolate, which contains the largest concentration of mood-altering substances - is of the highest quality chocolate, semisweet or bittersweet.

But the most effective aphrodisiac - attention, and the more the better.Focus on your lover, as if he were the only man in your life.Encourage him to talk.Ask him provocative questions, not lead a sluggish, quiet conversation.If he says something funny or witty, or do you like his shirt or cologne, say so.This encouraged him and inspire him confidence that you will not reject it.Let him know that you have all the time that he needs, and that you take your time.If you want to see it again or do not want him to go, hint to him about it.

conversation, touching, spontaneous behavior and playfulness - all your contributions to the attainment of intimacy to the creation of a comfortable level of communication.When you have formed this bond, you're ready for the next part of the trip - to create an aura of sensual seduction.

Art of seduction - sexy charming

not believe it when they say that the charm is given from birth.Charisma - elegance.And elegant - it is not only the ability to pick up clothes or wear it in style.This, above all, good manners, beautiful posture, gestures, posture and gait.When a woman walks down the street flying confident gait, proudly raised his chin, with a merry, cheerful gleam in his eyes, even if she's wearing ordinary jeans, still attracts attention.There is a wonderful expression, I do not know who said it, but the meaning is that beauty attracts and elegant manners to his tie.It is manifested in our manners are the qualities that attract men.Well, can not not like refinement, nobility and grace.

success of women in men is largely dependent on the knowledge and ability to use some of the secrets of nonverbal communication.Women are more sensitive to such things, so they can freely manipulate, attracting the attention of the opposite sex.Among these signals in the first place we can put our unique preening gestures.

We know how subtle and exquisitely correct hairstyle, clothes, throw a glance that every heart the desire to shrink.Many experts nonverbal communication divide our movements into open and closed.Naturally, the open posture is much more preferable.The open position does not mean vulgarity, swagger and laxity.It means the confidence and means of relaxation throughout the body.If you do not cross your arms in front of chest, your feet are not intertwined, and the ankle is not pressed close to each other when you quietly stand, little legs apart, and freely hold hands in front of or alongside the body, you produce a positive experience because peoplelooking at you, they see in front of a woman who knows what he wants from life and knows how to achieve it.Open palm facing the man, show your sincerity and desire to always come to the rescue.

But beyond these gestures and postures have sexual gestures, it is with their help, a woman can tell a lot about their desires man.Agree, because we can not always openly show their interest or to say, 'I want you. "Probably all of these gestures can be called only one word - flirting.Every self-respecting woman should be able to flirt.Those who are born with the talent just lucky, but for us there is nothing impossible and there is no limit to perfection.It would be the desire and ability can always earn.

Shaking hair is used to attract the attention of men.Even women with short hair can be successfully used this gesture slamming his head to throw her hair from her face and shoulders back.Men react strongly to women's breasts, but you can not keep walking with an unbuttoned blouse.But skillful demonstration of its smooth and delicate wrists or shoulder will cause men are legitimate association with your breasts.

women interested in a partner, will often try to show the man his wrist.This area has long been considered one of the erogenous zones.By the way, female smokers successfully used this trick.If you do not smoke, then just play in the hands of some little thing.The man will be fascinated by the line of your hands.Besides stroking cigarettes, glasses of wine, the other cylindrical object is simply an indication that the woman wants.

your delicate shoulders of a man sure to pay attention, if you wear a dress, opened this seductive part of your body.Well, if you do, and a tattoo on his shoulder, and besides, you're a little okinete man languid eyes, squinted over his shoulder, all this fascinating combination will cause a storm of emotions in it.

sometimes carelessly thrown opinion means much more than paraded legs or bust.

produces a greater effect on a man look sideways, stealthily.Slightly closed his eyes, look at a man as long as he does not notice your mind, and then quickly look away to the side.The magic of this view as a tantalizing hint of further pleasure.It produced a strong impression on the men our feet, delicately brushed against each other.Especially when it is done slowly and beautifully.Generally, there are three positions, causing male interest.I first described, followed by a position where the woman is sitting, one leg tucked under him and sending the edge of the knee on the man to whom she is interested.Men adore women's knees, covered in charming stockings.And you can play a little shoe sitting within sight of a man with a foot that was cast on the leg.Let your shoe to your foot slides off and then comes back into position.This diving and surfacing your heels, according to men, so sexy, that's crazy and makes the blood run through his veins faster.And all because that is very similar to their gesture in bed.Tease this way and you'll get results very quickly.

Many men say that the special effects on them are female stroking his own body.Gentle movement perform hands on hips, tightened narrow short skirt, and not bad at the same time saying something in a low voice low.Men see in this movement something completely sexy, like a woman's body asks male affection and gentle touches.Equally alluring and sexy looks a touch tongue to his lips.Female lips always attract the eye of men, because they are meant for kissing, so women isolated lips lipstick and highlight the beauty shine.

Lick lips tip of the tongue, only to quickly and gracefully to a man thought - emotion or excitement you parched lips.But do not forget that your goal is not to moisten them, and bring them to the attention of men.And the good will act gentle touch your fingertips to his lips.But it should not look like a lipstick as amended, as well as a light touch - and all.

And, of course, you have to understand that behind all this described prelude provocative poses and gestures must be followed by action.Are you ready for this?If not, it is not worth starting the game in seduction.