Juices Slimming

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11 March 2016
juices for weight loss

Slimming on juice - one of the most controversial ways to get rid of excess weight.On the one hand, the juices are a source of vitamins and minerals that give energy, a feeling of lightness.All dietitians emphasize the importance of juice for health and harmony.

On the other hand, most fruit juices are a source of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates prevented effectively lose weight.In addition, the natural juices are very aggressive towards the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, are irritating, dramatically increase the level of acidity, it is dangerous if there gastritis or ulcer.

Natural fruit juices generally contain a lot of sugar, which makes them undesirable food product on the table of those who suffer from diabetes.A diabetes and obesity - related things.

Natural juices quickly lose their useful properties due to the susceptibility of many vitamins to oxygen and sunlight, which are under the effect of the vitamins are destroyed.Half an hour later after the juicer juice left, the con

tents of many vitamins halved.

And, of course, we can only talk about natural, passed through a juicer or press, juices instead of purchased packaged counterparts, as part of which, by and large, may not have juice at all.

However, despite the inconsistency of juices with their help many people manage to lose weight.The main thing - the right to dispose of wealth that give juice: vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, which, however, in the juices is significantly less than in whole fruits and vegetables.Nutritionists usually advised to give preference to vegetables and fruits rather than juices.

Vegetable juices slimming

Vegetable juices, unlike fruit and berries contain very little sugar (except for carrot and beet), that is, they do not carry the body excess carbohydrates that slow down the process of fat digestion.By cons should include an unusual taste, but you can get used to everything.The taste of vegetable juice may seem like ambrosia, if you know what its use will accelerate the process of weight loss.The main thing - motivation.

Cabbage juice

Among vegetable juice in the first place it should be noted cabbage juice.It contains a minimum of calories, even less carbohydrates, thus has the ability to bind carbohydrates and remove them from the body, not allowing to turn into fat.

Drink cabbage juice for half an hour before meals.This allows, on the one hand, to fill the stomach and reduce appetite and feeling of hunger, which ultimately reduces the total batch.On the other hand, cabbage juice neutralizes the effect of carbohydrates that will go into the esophagus, together with a conventional food, and accelerate digestion.For a week, you can, without changing the diet to get rid of one or two kilos.

Before squeeze the juice, it is necessary to put cabbage leaves in salted or acidified water to rid the leaves of small insects and their larvae.Juice of cabbage leaves can be stored in the refrigerator up to three days, this is its advantage over fruit juices.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice speeds up the metabolism, while low in calories.Tomato juice, among other things, well saturated, and a glass of juice can be replaced with a snack - so easy to appease an appetite and speed up metabolism.But one should not confuse the tomato juice, prepared from tomatoes and tomato reconstituted beverage prepared by diluting with water a tomato paste.Natural tomato juice - a translucent liquid yellowish-pink, not liquid mashed saturated scarlet!

Natural tomato juice can be mixed with other vegetable juices.Complementing each other, they create a wonderful flavor composition and help to quickly get rid of excess weight.

Squeeze the juice of three medium-sized tomatoes, two celery stalks and a cucumber.Pressing should be in the following order: first, the cucumber, then tomatoes, celery and complete.This juice is perfectly refreshing, thirst quenching and metabolism.

Another option - to mix tomato juice with the juice of spinach and parsley.It should be noted that to obtain 100 grams of juice of parsley or spinach must be up to a kilogram of green.Therefore, spinach juice, rather, is present in the drink than the neighbors on an equal footing with tomatoes: 4 medium tomatoes take 5-6 leaves of fresh spinach and a bunch of parsley.Drink immediately after preparation.

Carrot juice

Generally speaking, carrot juice is dangerous for slimming high sugar content compared to other vegetable juices.Therefore, carrot juice for weight loss is used mainly as part of other vegetable juices.Such juice improves bowel and enrich the body with vitamin A. For its better absorption into the glass should add a teaspoon of milk cream or sour cream.

pass through the juicer 3 medium carrots, one piece of pepper and cucumber, some cabbage leaves.In winter, when the use of fresh cucumbers and peppers overseas questionable, you can get a cabbage.

Beet juice

Beet juice - is another vegetable juice, rich in sugar.However, the amount of raw sugar beet is lower than in boiled beets, juice and vitamin composition of raw beet wider than boiled.Usually, when people talk about the benefits of beet juice, then it is usually a juice from fresh beets.This juice has a specific taste that may not like it, but it is so well cleans the intestine, increases peristalsis, that peculiar taste can be considered small side effect.

Beet juice necessarily require dilution with water, as in-kind can trigger nausea.Doctors recommend accustom themselves to the beet juice gradually adding natural apple or cabbage juice, one or two tablespoons of beet.In addition, fresh juice needs exposure, after pressing, wait at least an hour before you drink it.

pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice has a mild laxative effect.And, unlike the beet, it can be safely drink undiluted.Pumpkin juice is excellent expels the water, increases the secretory function of the body, does not stagnate liquids.

Fruit juices slimming

It would be wrong to assume that natural fruit juices are useless for weight loss.With the right approach to get rid of excess weight can be and with the help of fruit juices.However, be aware of their high calorie and irritating effect on the mucous membranes.Therefore fruit juices recommend Dilute 1: 1 and a drink only fresh.

useless to try to lose weight with the help of the sweet juices that contain a lot of carbohydrates fruits: grapes, bananas, melons, peaches, apricots, mangoes.High sugar content slows the metabolism, but such juices in all other respects, of course, useful.

Apple juice

100 grams of apple juice from sweet varieties contain from 50 to 65 kilocalories of acid - from 35 to 45 calories.Apple juice also contains pectin compounds, which helps to improve digestion and metabolism dispersed.

Orange and grapefruit juices

This is a fairly high-calorie drinks, orange juice can contain up to 150 calories.However, oranges, and grapefruit (grapefruit - especially) have a strong fat-burning effect that can not be discounted.Moreover, citrus juices usually contain many fibers, so they increase intestinal motility, accelerate purification of an organism.Orange juice, among other things, is struggling with edema, removes excess fluid from the body.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice - another member of the family fruit juices contributing to rapid weight loss due to the diuretic effect.Pomegranate juice is usually drunk diluted.And, if with respect to other juices typical ratio with water of 1: 1, the pomegranate to be diluted with water even more - over one part of juice is added two to three parts water.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice - a great choice in the summer.It is a diuretic and carminative properties, is struggling with edema, speeds up digestion.In the heat of summer watermelon juice perfectly refreshing, they can easily replace one of the meals.

For a good effect can instead of dinner drink a glass of watermelon juice with a slice of rye bread.This will saturate, and in the morning to cleanse the body.