Broth hips, benefits, how to cook

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25 April 2016
broth hips

Despite the fact that the wild rose is not as beautiful as a rose, its use greatly increases the value of this plant.Useful properties of native bush due to the fact that almost every part of the rose hips (both surface and underground) contains a wealth of valuable substances for the human body.Therefore, for a long time people used for medicinal purposes not only the fruits and flowers of wild rose, but its leaves and even roots.

Perhaps the most accessible, useful and easy to use can be considered as the fruit of wild rose, which is otherwise known as 'battery' health.And the easiest and most effective means of rosehip is made from a decoction of them.

Interestingly, not only the appearance of wild rose, but the place of its growing impact on the chemical composition of all parts of the plant.

useful part of hips

Speaking about the composition of rose hips, it should be noted immediately that its calorie content is about 100 kcal per 100 grams of fruit.Also in the rose hips have vegetable protei

n and high in carbohydrates.

valuable nutrients composition contains such elements as potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, copper and molybdenum.No less valuable and vitamin composition of the hips, which is represented in vitamins A, B1, B2, E, C, P, K.

It should be noted that the rosehip is rich in sugars, essential oils, organic acids, flavonoids and catechins.

Useful properties of broth hips

Firstly, the wild rose is very good for heart health, since it not only strengthens the heart muscle, but also normalizes blood pressure.By strengthening the capillaries and blood vessels, broth hips reduces the risk of atherosclerotic changes in them.Therefore, it is the wild rose is often found in the complex therapy prescribed by a cardiologist.

Secondly, broth hips is considered to be not only effective but also completely natural means to enhance the body's defenses.This is largely due to the high content of broth hips vitamin C. So, wishing to strengthen the body, which is especially important during the season of colds, take on arms is a natural remedy.And even if you are already sick, broth hips helps the body to quickly deal with the problem and recover.

impossible not to recall the presence of broth hips antioxidants that help the body get rid of harmful substances for him.

also use broth hips that it is effective in vitamin deficiency.For hips, in addition to the high content of vitamin C is also characterized by a number of other vitamins.And included in the broth from the hips micro and macro elements, combined with a rich vitamin content make a drink from the hips literally "vitamin bomb".

should be noted and blood effects based broth hips.Because of this drink the formation of red blood cells, which is very important for people suffering from anemia.

improve metabolism, rose hips also have a beneficial impact on the central nervous system.Known and its anti-inflammatory properties.

broth hips important benefits for the health of the gastrointestinal tract, as it contains organic acids have a beneficial effect on its operations.Products based on rose hips are considered effective cholagogue.Also, broth hips ensures stable operation of liver and gall bladder.

An excellent tonic tool, broth-based hips also helps to improve the person's mental abilities.

To contraindicated broth hips

In general, any means of traditional medicine should not be used for medicinal purposes without consulting a doctor.Therefore, with great care on the basis of a decoction of rose hips should be people prone to blood clots, patients with thrombophlebitis, and endocarditis.So, having circulatory disorders, it is better to refrain from self-medication with broth hips.

not shown broth hips, rich in ascorbic acid, gastric ulcer and gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice.

also refuse to have broth hips and the few people who suffer from hypervitaminosis of vitamin C.

Products based on rose hips are contraindicated in some violations of water-salt balance in the body, for example, the deposition of salts.In this case, the reception of broth hips may aggravate the disease state.

Features cooking broth from hips

is useful decoction of rose hips not only for adults but also for children, so it is often included in the school cafeteria menu.However, to the broth was truly healing, it is necessary to know how to cook.

How to choose the wild rose broth for cooking

Of course, the most useful and most importantly, economical way to prepare raw material for the manufacture of medicinal teas from the hips - a trek into the forest to collect the fruits of this medicinal shrub.

But when the time is missed, dried rose hips can be purchased at the pharmacy.Externally, the berries must be brownish-red or orange, with no hint of mold.When you see the berries are almost black, then give up their purchase as a wild rose was too dry and became a little helpful.

Store rosehips best in canvas bags or special containers for the storage of bulk products.And remember that the light is destroyed vitamin C, it means wild rose should be stored in the dark.

How to prepare a decoction of rose hips

To produce useful broth will need as he himself rose, and thermos, in which it will be brewed.You may want to add to the hips still and dried fruits (apricots, prunes, raisins).When heart disease rose hips may be combined with hawthorn.

Rinse berries under running water, you need to get wet towel (paper can), and pour into a thermos.The amount is calculated on the basis of fruits: in a glass of boiling water - a tablespoon of berries.If you wish, you can chop the fruit, but then this will need to drink drain.

resulting drink is not recommended sweeten with sugar, you can add a little honey.

pouring boiling water in a thermos, leave a little space to the edge of the neck.Time infusion of rose hips is about eight hours.You can do it in the evening and in the morning the healing broth is ready.

also important to take into account the fact that the steep boiling water destroyed much of the vitamin C, so the water you'll pour the berries into a thermos, the temperature should be no higher than 80 ° C.

There is another, so to speak more "exact" method of cooking broth from the hips.

for its implementation should take seven hips and the Gulf of boiling water (one liter), about an hour to simmer.Get pour broth and seven hips in a thermos and insist as eight hours.Drink the resulting drink should be during the day.

Fast cooking broth hips have a negative impact on its quality.In this case, take about 10 fruit, chop them and brew a cup of boiling water.Half an hour later, the drink can drink, pre-filter.

How to drink a decoction of rose hips

independently determine the dose and mode of use of broth hips can be used only if you drink it in order to strengthen immunity or prevention of vitamin deficiency in the body.If you show broth hips for medicinal purposes, the pattern of its use is prescribed by your doctor.

If your goal - prevention, then drink approximately half a cup of broth hips three times a day.

is also recommended after the use of broth hips rinse the mouth to acid contained in the beverage did not destroy tooth enamel.

If gastric acidity is not increased, it is possible to take a decoction of rose hips before eating, if your stomach is not particularly welcomes acidic foods, it is best to drink the broth after meals.

Include daily diet of broth from the hips and support your body, especially in the difficult cold season.