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26 April 2016
products for the growth of

Everyone has their own characteristics, which are expressed in his appearance and character.Most of them are incorporated in genetically we therefore both a change in the nature and to the change of appearance may be difficult.You can change your views on some things, but hardly phlegmatic once become sanguine.The same is true of our body.Get rid of the extra kilos and make your silhouette more slender and fit under the force of almost every one of us, but to change the growth, especially an adult, it is very problematic.If you want to be taller, you need to think about it more as a teenager or as a young man.Some would say that this is impossible, but there are several methods that can, if not a lot, but to increase the height of a man.One of them - is the use of certain products that contribute to growth.Here are some of the most useful and effective of them.


human diet should be diverse, but because his body can receive all it needs vitamins, minerals and nutrients.Often, not enough att

ention is paid to the green, as it is most commonly used as a condiment, and does not seem important to the health of the product.In fact, in each of the daily menu we must exist greens.Dill, parsley, lettuce, cilantro, basil, onion, watercress, tarragon, rhubarb and spinach - that's a rough list of what needs to be used regularly, if you want to not only improve their health but also to increase its growth.In most greens contain vitamin A and vitamin D, which help to strengthen bones and improve growth.Besides the usual for us greenery should also periodically use wild greens, such as mother-and-stepmother, peppermint, plantain, dandelion, nettle and goosefoot.These plants need to collect young, dried and used as additives in the process of cooking.

Dairy products

It's no secret that the dairy products and milk have a positive effect on the body.They give strength, improve digestion, and promote growth.The thing is that they contain large amounts of vitamin A, is responsible for bone growth and calcium, without which it is simply impossible to increase.A rich source of calcium is considered yoghurt and cheese, which after processing become even more useful and nutritious than milk in its purest form.It is no accident the children in kindergartens regularly produce milk and cheese, as a lack of calcium in the body can lead to rickets and problems with the spine.Vitamin A is digested several times faster in combination with vitamin D, which, by happy coincidence, is also included in the composition of milk.That is why milk and dairy products are the best vitamins for those who want to increase their growth natural and safe way.


positive impact on growth have calcium and phosphorus, and their best sources are fish and seafood.They contribute to the increase in bone, and, consequently, the increase of man.The most useful and nutrients needed for growth, found in fish oil-rich.In addition to calcium and phosphorus, and it is rich in more vitamin D, regulates the process of their assimilation.In addition, it is recommended to prefer marine fish, as in addition to the substances listed above, it is composed of iodine, which has an impact on the growth rate.If possible, the fish can be replaced by fish oil, which is just a storehouse of nutrients.Previously, fish oil has been a major component of the diet of every person, but eventually forgot about its usefulness and began to replace the fish oil health vitamin complexes, which, though useful, but not all will be able to give your body what it provided fish oil.If you draw statistics, since the decline in popularity of fish oil, the average population growth has decreased significantly, which is irrefutable proof of its use for growth.

Protein products

Among the products contributing to the growth can be attributed all those who are a source of protein.First of all, it is, of course, meat.As it is known, in meat products contain the maximum number of proteins that are considered the best foundation for growth, not only muscles but bones.You can check this by looking at their condition, which substantially improved with the regular use of protein products.However, it is worth noting that there is a good alternative to meat and a vegetable protein.

Its advantage is that, unlike animal protein, it is rapidly absorbed by the body and does not contain in their composition of substances such as nitrogen compounds, negative impact on the work of some of the internal organs.The best sources of vegetable protein considered to protein products which besides the protein is saturated with body with sufficient carbohydrates.This is nuts, which saturate the body with all sorts of vitamins, and lentils that can not only replenish protein in the body, but also provide the necessary amount of energy.

diet for growth

As you know, there are certain foods that promote the growth, but in order to get the maximum effect from it, you need to properly combine foods together, distributing them in a certain way around the daily menu.Here is a sample diet for those who want to increase their height.

As is known, it is the main breakfast food intake during the day, so it should be nutritious and at the same time useful.The best option would be for breakfast cereals, porridge or rather of cereals, among which occupies a leading position lentils.This is due to the fact that after waking up the body takes nutrients well, but to preserve the vitality, it is not worth aggravating circumstances, eating too much high-calorie foods or heavy.Kashi is recommended to brew milk that contribute to obtaining an extra dose of calcium by the body.Supplement breakfast can be boiled eggs, which are among the high-protein foods, but at the same time very satisfying and diet.

for lunch is recommended to eat meat or fish oil-rich.Encouraged the use of meat soups and broths.A prerequisite is the presence of the menu, especially in a dish intended for lunch, fresh vegetables.Their number should be less than half a kilogram during the day.As a dessert should be consumed milk products, either as fresh fruit juice.If you eat bread, please make sure that, that it was whole wheat bread, which is a source of protein, but it does not have a negative impact on the figure.

As for meal, it is in most diets, dietary will suffice.The evening meal includes milk or dairy products in moderation, boiled or raw eggs, cooked in water porridge and fresh fruit and vegetables.Note that all these products should be consumed in moderation, so as not to burden the stomach at bedtime.

Useful tips

adhere to proper diet to increase growth is not enough.If you want to get the maximum effect, avoid eating too much to give up bad habits such as smoking and drinking, do not drink sodas, to minimize consumption of sweets that are bad for growth.It is not advisable to eat fast food and convenience products that do not contain a few or no nutrients.