How to prevent a stroke

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26 April 2016
how to prevent stroke

Daily we sometimes face a variety of diseases, some of them developed over the years, and some appear instantly, causing irreparable damage to the body.One of the most terrible and sudden illnesses today is a stroke.According to the statistics from this complex and unpredictable disease kills up to 20% of the population.Fortunately, by taking appropriate measures, it can be prevented by strengthening your body and prevent the possibility of a stroke develop.Carrying out simple steps, you can extend your life and not be afraid for the health and well-being.

What is a stroke

in stroke medicine called a severe disturbance of blood circulation in the brain.As a result of a stroke temporarily stops blood flow to the brain, which can cause failures in its work.There are two types of stroke is ischemic and hemorrhagic.During ischemic stroke vasospasm observed located in the brain, resulting in a certain part of the blood supply to stop brain, whereupon tissues and organs numb.Hemorrhagic stroke is character

ized by rupture of the walls of blood vessels, resulting in leaks in the blood and the brain quickly destroys it.Hemorrhagic stroke is much rarer than ischemic, but it is more dangerous and more fatal.Signs of stroke

time to take action and prevent disastrous consequences, it is necessary to know the basic signs of stroke.The main symptoms of a stroke are incoordination, delayed motor skills, weakness, numbness of certain parts of the body, difficulty in speech, absent-mindedness, blurred vision, dizziness, headaches, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and even loss of consciousness.If you noticed in yourself or have someone walking by, at least some of the above symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.By means of special preparations can lower blood pressure and prevent stroke.

cause of stroke

reasons for the occurrence of stroke, there are several.First of all, high blood pressure, so if you suffer from hypertension, you should regularly check the pressure of their own or at your local pharmacy.The cause of stroke may be inherited vascular disease or diabetes mellitus.Aware of this problem you need to carefully monitor their way of life.In addition, a stroke can cause bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.Obesity, high cholesterol, poor and unhealthy diet, stress, and taking certain medications can also cause a stroke.

How to prevent a stroke

Knowing the possible causes of the stroke, you can try to avoid this dangerous disease and timely change your lifestyle or else to take appropriate measures that will help to significantly reduce the risk of further disease development.

Quitting smoking

It is known that smoking - it's one of the bad habits that cause many diseases, including stroke, adversely affecting the functioning of internal organs.The probability of stroke in a smoker with experience is much higher than a non-smoker.Smoking slows down blood flow, therefore, organs receive less oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood vessels, which causes deterioration of the heart and of stroke.

Avoiding alcohol

Alcohol abuse leads to the development of pathological abnormalities of the heart.If time does not pay attention to it, you can trigger a stroke, which rarely goes unnoticed and does not leave any consequences as a violations of the internal organs and the brain.At the same time, doctors recommend periodic use dry red wine in the amount of no more than one drink per week.It thins the blood, saturates it with essential trace elements and improves circulation.

balanced diet

It's no secret that the food we eat every day, has a direct impact on the work of the body, which is why you need to carefully monitor their diet.First of all, it is necessary to exclude all of the fatty and fried foods, which is harmful and causes not only obesity, but also for heart disease, including stroke.You also need to minimize the use of salt, and if possible eliminate it completely from your diet, replacing the natural, herbal spices.To improve the health and performance of the body need to eat as much fruit and vegetables as well as seafood.


Sports has always been the foundation of a healthy body and prevented the development of various diseases.Regular exercise not only strengthens muscles but also the internal organs.Especially good for the heart and blood vessels cardio, which include running, jumping rope, cycling and sports in the steppe.They accelerate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and increase their endurance.Also, athletic exercises improve overall health and enhance immunity.

Normalization of blood cholesterol

Unfortunately, today the large number of people suffer from high cholesterol.This is due to poor diet and high intake of fatty foods and convenience foods, which are of no benefit to the body, but only saturate it harmful cholesterol.It accumulates on the inner surface of blood vessels, thus impeding blood flow and impairing blood circulation.To avoid this, take regular blood tests to help advance to find out the problem and get rid of it in time.

reduce stress

As mentioned earlier, the cause of stroke may become frequent stress and nervous strain.Try to reduce stress, not taking everything to heart and avoiding experiences for any occasion.If you are nervous or hard work and avoid stress is not possible to resort to the help of sedatives, natural products manufactured based peppermint, Melissa, valerian, motherwort, etc.


to prevent stroke often resort to national methods, one of which is herbal medicine.Among the medicinal plants special properties that help to cope with heart disease, it is considered aloe, elecampane root, nettle and rowan.From the leaves of aloe is preparing a special mixture, which should be taken as a preventive measure three times a day for one tablespoon.To prepare the mixture will need chopped aloe leaf, flower honey and red wine.On the basis of elecampane make alcohol tincture, which is used by 5 grams before meals.Just on the basis of alcohol preparing the infusion of nettle and received on the same principle.From the fruits of mountain ash make the broth, which insisted for several days, and then used as a tea.

Keeping all of the above recommendations, you can reduce the risk of stroke, to strengthen their health and improve well-being.Not superfluous will also visit massages, regular check-ups and receive appropriate medications prescribed by your doctor.