Aromas of summer 2011: ETERNITY summer, New York Oud, Magnetic Woman, Seductive Wild Summer, Idylle Duet

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26 April 2016

Every woman - is an individual, every woman is individual.

woman - it's the same scent that brings joy and delight as your loved one and others.

Many women mistakenly believe that perfume is only for romantic meetings and visits.

Great Coco Chanel believed that the beauty of a woman in the hands of the woman.Beauty by Coco Chanel - a style expressed in the elegance and perfume.

Fragrance - is part of the female image and it must conform to your wardrobe, mood and situation.

perfume is their new summer season 2011.

ETERNITY summer by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein presents his new fragrance ETERNITY summer 2011 .

ETERNITY summer by Calvin Klein

After the successful release of the fragrance Eternity Summer 2010, Calvin Klein women offered a new version of the fragrance.

On the eve of the summer.Solar rays of the sun caress the female body, giving them their long-awaited warmth.

One drop - it is not only gentle rays of the sun, colorful fields and meadows with wild flowers, but also a warm breeze.

Eternity Summer 2011 sheds es

sence of the air on a sunny summer day, a luxury meadow flowers.

Eternity Summer 2011 originates from the fresh bouquet of lily of the valley, which is intertwined with the scent of violet leaves and coriander intoxicating chord.

Heart stuffed with succulent inflorescence ledvyantsa and burgeoning gardenia.

Seductive base mark formed effervescent creamy musk and mimosa.

New York Oud by Bond No.9

popular American perfume house Bond No.9 introduced a new fragrance called New York Oud .

New York Oud by Bond No.

Bond No.9 completely new way to interpret his new fragrance, which lies in the heart of bouquet of roses.Luxury fragrance gives a combination of musk, soaked in teak wood.

New York Oud - it reflected the pulse of New York - the city, shrouded in magic and mystery.

perfume composition New York Oud consists of scents of incense in the top notes.

In the heart of New York Oud deployed luxury bouquet of roses.

Magnetic Woman of MEXX

MEXX presents its new fragrance Magnetic Woman .

Magnetic Woman of MEXX

MEXX Magnetic - is temperament and optimism.It is a scent that reinterprets the irresistible attraction between man and woman.The fragrance is dedicated to the men and women.

reflected in the aroma irresistible attraction and magic power between women and men.

MEXX Magnetic - this is the first meeting and the first kiss.This is the optimism that resides in the hearts of each of us, in the hope that this first meeting will give an impetus to the beginning of a great love.

MEXX Magnetic - aroma of a modern city.

Aroma MEXX Magnetic Woman, the title which captivates the mark with a mixture of red apple, violet leaves and pink pepper.It is tempting and seductive at the same time and charmingly feminine.Heart stamp inspires a fresh bouquet of peonies and lilies of the valley.Basic stamp envelops the seductive power of warm, rich chords of sandalwood.

Seductive Wild Summer by GUESS

GUESS introduces its new fragrance Seductive Wild Summer .

Seductive Wild Summer from GUESS

American brand Guess introduced the fragrance Seductive Wild Summer.It is a fresh variation on the theme of trees and floral perfume of temptation.

sparkling floral woody fragrance has a bright and explosive character in comparison with last year's novelty.

Summer seductive fragrance with a base of musk and vanilla from the famous brand GUESS give women a real treat.

litchi, pear and red berries combined with floral rose, orange blossom and jasmine create a feeling of warm summer nights, where kisses and play harmoniously bodies "live" in the same world.Vanilla, cashmere wood and musk mark muffle the body in a seductive aroma.

perfume creators are convinced that the new product is perfect for sunny summer days.

Eau de Toilette Guess Seductive Wild Summer limited edition volume in vials of 50 ml.

Idylle Duet from Guerlain

Guerlain is Idylle Duet .

harmonious and unusual combination of rose and patchouli gives us a new fragrance Idylle Duet.

Idylle Duet from Guerlain

inspiration for this composition for Thierry Wasser has served as the famous song cycle "Les nuits d'été" ("Summer Nights") with melodies of Berlioz.A special place in creating perfumes was given the song "Le spectre de la rose".(This story is a rose, which tells of a wonderful meeting, and that unforgettable feeling called love. The miraculous scent of this flower remains forever in the memory of the person who will meet on the way with a rose.

Idylle Duet from Guerlain

Idyll, as a magnificent bouquetflowers, consisting of shining marks of rose, jasmine, peony, freesia, lily of the valley and lilac. The graceful, but almost virginal scent of flowers, an ode to a young girl, her beauty, her charm her love give musk and wood chords.

Aroma Idylle Duet recallsof the magic that is involved in a great love.

To make a good purchase and not get lost in the sea of ​​smells, you must know how to choose them.

When choosing a fragrance Never try more than three fragrances in a row - a person is able to discern only three flavors ofonce.