The whole truth about anti-aging creams.

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20 May 2016
The whole truth about anti-aging creams, anti-aging agents from the stars

Does "The Makropulos Affair"?

Manufacturers of modern anti-aging face creams claim that their products smoothes and prevents wrinkles.But ... an example of the "stars" platform is a proof of impotence cosmetics to combat impending old age.

In this circle when you reach a certain age begins almost indiscriminate laying "under the knife."And people would agree on expensive and, of course, painful cosmetic surgery, cosmetic products if in fact have been able to rejuvenate?As well as health and youth can not be bought for any money.

Even the action of professional cosmetics, based on the potent drugs are not satisfied with the public people.They still are choosing surgery.

Unfortunately, none of the cream is able to penetrate deeply enough into the inner layer of the human skin to reach the stratum which actually forms wrinkles.Even collagen molecule that could restore aging skin is too large to penetrate as deeply.

German Institute for consumer information conducted research, the results of which may

surprise you.A test was conducted 14 world famous creams and lotions anti-wrinkle.The effect of smoothing the result turned out to be a maximum of 10-15%.

wrinkle cream can work to slow down the formation of wrinkles in the future, and to temporarily mask the existing wrinkles.

is especially noticeable in the dry aging skin.And it happens because of the hydration of the surface layer of the skin by the action of an effective moisturizing ingredients introduced in cream.As a result, the skin is smoothed, and the number of wrinkles is reduced.But this result is short and, after a period of use lotions, usually disappears altogether.

Another nuance of the rejuvenating includes special additives, can just cover wrinkles.This is a purely decorative effects wrinkle cream manufacturers ignore, because this drug loses its "miraculous" properties.And I do not think that such an action from the "anti-aging" cosmetic product is waiting for its buyer.

rejuvenator stars

famous Hollywood beauty expert Diane Irons in one of his books opened some secrets of "home" recipes "stars".Of course, every celebrity is available an entourage beauticians, hairdressers and makeup artists to help her to always be in top form with flowering species.But not necessarily all of this is due to expensive beauty salons.

example, models that promote such products themselves are not always, or do not use ... We know that Cindy Crawford, representing Revlon cosmetics, she uses natural remedies.For example, to prevent fat, she rubs his feet coffee powder.A person rubs it with milk and water mixed in equal proportions.In her opinion - the best way to hydrate the skin.

Catherine Deneuve and Sophie Marceau for moisturizing face wash every morning just ice cubes.And Sophia Loren, eternally young "film star" unattainable by our domestic aging "stars", also in the morning wipe the face with ice smears face creams with vitamin A, and on the night rubbing it with olive oil.And claims that did not do plastic surgery!Of course, it plays an important role and its mode - go to bed at 21 o'clock, rise at 6 o'clock.

Of course, every woman for herself to decide what to use cosmetics.Or trust the advice of your beautician.

But we should not forget the many unjustly forgotten natural means.Moreover, they are remembered even effectively use them, even those who do it not because of the limited funds ...

Why is it that sometimes the effect of the application of anti-aging cream?Eat well, moisturizing skin cream is always beneficial for the outer skin condition - like any nutritional substance, and it will be obvious, since the skin will be well-groomed.And along with a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle and balanced regime transformation in the appearance will be noticeably better.You can only see this effect a miracle cream, and you can understand the entire complex required for moving away of old age and to radically change their entire lifestyle.

This complex will include not smoking and not to the extent of alcohol consumption, exercise and sports, and the saturation of the body and the skin with vitamins and minerals, and "going to bed" by type of larks.Still, whatever one may say, and "beauty sleep" falls on the period from 21 to 23 hours.

Here it is - "Beauty requires sacrifice," but otherwise have a young cheerful view is simply impossible.

surgery for correction of facial anti-aging requires repeated repetition, and as a result can expect a completely unpredictable results, which will not be happy.

Cream also by themselves, without the other "victims", the effect will give very little.And if you are looking after 40-50 years of living mindlessly open a jar of miracle anti-aging cream, then ... maybe you still all ahead, and in a few decades, science has made a huge leap forward.While this is not the case, and more efficient, at times, prove the old ancient tools ...

Start a healthy lifestyle never too late, but the sooner, the better and more efficiently.A variety of anti-aging cosmetics and drugs from wrinkles will extend the longevity of your active only among other healthful factors.