To eat or not eat after 18 hours

By Admin | Food Health
24 May 2016
is or not it is after 18 hours

What did not come up a woman to get rid of the hated kilograms.Hard diet severely restricting diet and do not leave him virtually nothing useful for the body, heavy, strenuous exercise leading to exhaustion, and sometimes even personal injury, drugs that claim to burn fat and reduce weight, but in the end there are only problemshealth and newfound weight.Sometimes it even comes to surgery, which does not always bring the desired results, especially if you use the services of dubious experts.All this and more often only entertains the mind and soothes the conscience, but in fact is not useful either for the body or for the figure.One option for weight loss is considered as refusal to eat after 18 hours, which is also unfounded, and can have very different effects on the body.This abstinence from food includes several myths, each of which can be considered a mistake.

first myth

Many people think that weight go away by itself, if you do not have dinner after 18 hours, but in order to lose weight is not

enough just to give up an evening meal.It is necessary to balance your diet, reduce portions employed to include in the menu only useful and low-calorie foods and exercise regularly, keeping the body in a constant tone.The only way you can get rid of the extra kilos, but this merit is not giving up dinner.In addition, the number 18 is highly questionable.For a long time, doctors and nutritionists have concluded that food eaten a few hours before sleep time to fully digest and does not remain in the stomach at night, laying in the form of fat in the most conspicuous places.Therefore, if your daily schedule involves going to bed at 12 o'clock at night, the last meal should be no later than 22 hours.But exactly when it will be in 18, 19 or 20 pm, it is you decide independently, focusing on their needs and satiety.

second myth

Argued that fresh fruit can not impact negatively on the body and bring him only benefit, so even after 18:00 is permitted to eat them, and your figure will remain intact.Unfortunately, it is not tempting as it sounds, fruits, too, are different, and most of them are very safe for dieters.The composition of many fruits include fructose, comparable in calories and sugar, so if you deny yourself tea with sugar, but during the day, especially in the evening to lean on grapes or bananas, then all your efforts will be in vain.It is due to fructose fruits provide satiety, and can be an excellent option for a snack, as well as dessert for breakfast or lunch.In the evening the same time, namely, before going to sleep, to eat fruit is not recommended.Another disadvantage of the use of fruit at night can be considered as bloating, which causes many of your favorite apples, mangoes and grapes.This will bring additional discomfort and feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which can not pass up the morning and spoil the beginning of your wonderful day.

third myth

This myth is drawing up an evening diet, which often includes a minimum of food, and quite low-calorie or low-fat.It is not always right and it is not necessary to deny yourself the pleasure of a square meal for dinner.In fact, everything depends entirely on your lifestyle and daily routine.The number 18 appeared many years ago, when working schedule has been almost everywhere and a standard working day ends at 17 hours.Accordingly, when he got home, we all sat down to dinner, not forgetting, of a hearty lunch in the dining room.That this was the reason the myth of a light dinner no later than 18 pm.The modern pace of life is significantly different from what was a few decades ago, and we do not always manage to fully come home for lunch, and no later than 18 hours.Thus, if during the day you could afford only light snacks, the main meal should come just for the afternoon.The only condition would be only a smaller portion, since during sleep digestive processes are suspended, and the stomach should have time to digest all that it got before you fall asleep.All this is quite logical, because some simply forget that there is a daily intake of calories, and if you do not eat them during the day, you have to catch up in the evening, otherwise the body will lose strength and energy.But you should not overdo it and to celebrate overeat.

Myth fourth

As mentioned, each of us trying to think of ways evening menu and make it as a low-calorie, but, unfortunately, not all and not always succeed.Often, the main error is considered misleading belief that states that a hot meal for dinner becomes a cause of extra kilos, but a cold sandwich or a plate of salad with mayonnaise will not do any harm.In fact, eat a light soup on low-fat chicken broth, boiled fish or meat, stewed vegetables or steamed chicken breast is much more useful than, for example, Caesar salad or a sandwich with a large piece of sausage.The main criterion for selection of dishes should be not its temperature, and its calorie content.Do not forget as well the size of the portions that need to be slightly reduced.As for the pasta, which many people like, but indulge in a favorite treat, they will be less high-calorie, if they do not serve with butter, and, for example, with tomato sauce and pasta are themselves made of durum wheat.

fifth myth

Some ladies who refuse a late dinner or an evening meal at all, say that they feel much better, both physically and mentally.However, to really find harmony with your body and soul need to completely change your lifestyle, and if you plan to limit your menu for only a few days or weeks, the stress you just do not avoid.The first reason to give up an evening of fasting should be a psychological dependence that will tear you up late at night and waking up, you will devour food to compensate for shortfalls calories, missed yesterday.Thus, the weight will not decrease, but rather increase.Yes, and think, and whether you are ready to give up a pleasant family dinner or going out for pizza with friends after work, not to mention a romantic dinner with your loved one.All this brings us a lot of fun, which is incomparable with anything comparable.And get rid of a few extra kilograms may be other, less painful way.

word before succumb to the influence of the public and to start any restrictions, is well thought of everything, weigh the pros and cons, and decide whether or not the expected result is the number of such an effort.After sitting on the diet or limiting techniques of food, many people do not take into account your pace of life, temperament and characteristics of the organism, that just is not unimportant.Do not overeat, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, try to be always in a good mood and then any extra weight you are not afraid.And most importantly, remember, keeping fit, you should not neglect health, which is so difficult to restore.