Placental cosmetics.

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25 May 2016
Placental cosmetics

Placental cosmetics is a cosmetic skin care products that are based on placenta extract.Placental cosmetics is one of the innovations in the cosmetic market of our country.Her appearance was a significant breakthrough in the future biocosmetics.

Based placenta today are made of various creams, lotions, masks, balms and even shampoos.Carry out the procedure for the correction of skin can now not only in the cabin, but also at home.

However, be sure to watch out for in order to buy cosmetics was released worthy manufacturer.It must pass all tests required for efficacy and safety.Each package must be detailed legal address of the manufacturer.

Placental cosmetics for women of any age.But the best use of age is considered to be 35-45 years old when the skin is reduced production of collagen and elastin.It has been proven that in the placenta contain special substances that can effectively restore the vitality of the skin.Preparations placenta nourishes the skin with its missing components, rejuvenate it.

Placental cosmetics in vogue today.Its active development going in the United States, France and Japan.We produced placental cosmetics called "Plazan."

How to take the placenta cosmetics?

The placenta is a special organ, which is designed for communication and the exchange of substances between the organism of mother and child.During pregnancy, the placenta is formed in all mammals and humans.

placenta contain proteins, fats, nucleic acids and vitamins.It the synthesis of various hormones which are necessary for a normal pregnancy.There is a placenta and a large number of different protein factors that affect the life of cells.

In cosmetology used the placenta, which is obtained from the animals and the person.When in the composition of cosmetic products include human placenta, its description must contain the word "allogenic".

Many believe that using the placenta, obtained from abortive material.However, it is not.Manufacturers take normal healthy placenta after childbirth, asthe amount of it in this case, and it is much more profitable.

It does not matter, use the placenta in animals or humans.They act the same way and contain the same active substances.However, when it comes to animal placenta, then for this purpose only animals grown in ecologically clean regions and receiving organic food.

placental hormones in cosmetics

believed that placental cosmetics must contain hormones, otherwise it will not be effective.

placenta itself is really saturated with hormones.They contain and the first drug, anti-aging effect that all literally struck.However, the cosmetics and caused adverse events, which were to blame hormones.They led to the disruption of hormonal and other negative consequences.

Thanks to modern technology, has now become possible to obtain the necessary substances from the placenta, purging it of steroid hormones.For this reason, health authorities have given permission for the free sale of cosmetics.

Besides hormones in the placenta contained a large amount of nutrients that affect the age of the connective tissue.They nourish and moisturize the skin, give it elasticity, supplying the cells with oxygen and speed up their recovery.

unique preparation of the placenta is such that the components can not be synthesized or isolated from plants.

history of placental cosmetics

Even in ancient times people believed that the placenta has healing properties and even has a connection with the cosmos.The remarkable properties of the placenta have been known and famous Cleopatra.

history of the scientific study of the placenta begins in 1912, then a professor from Switzerland Kar began to study the sheep placenta.He found in it an active substance that is able to restore the life of cells.For this discovery he won the Nobel Prize.

In 1931 a Swiss professor Denihan based on his experiments discovered a method of treatment of living cells.

Japanese scientist Shang Tao in 1943, managed to isolate the placenta from sheep placenta extract.

Swiss professor Caroling in 1980 first used the extract of sheep placenta as an intravenous injection.It has helped to promote the division of skin cells.

What is the extract of the placenta?

placenta extract effectively stimulate peripheral blood circulation.It improves blood circulation processes in human skin, helps to eliminate toxins from the skin, nourishing tissue.

placenta extract also activates cellular respiration and improves metabolism.It makes the pigment melanin, which is located in the deep layers of the skin, rise to the surface.From there, the melanin is removed together with keratin and exfoliate the epidermis.

In addition, it is proved that the placenta extract has anti-inflammatory effect.It can reduce the inflammation that has been caused by too much exposure to the sun.Its components allow to prevent the formation of spots on the skin and its flabbiness profilaktirovat.

placenta extract also helps to maintain moisture in our skin.It protects the skin from the decrease in volume, holding water therein.

Cosmetics based on placenta extract can be used to regenerate skin, normalization of its fat balance, improve the complexion, enhance skin elasticity of muscles, slowing the aging process.They also show good results in wrinkles, moisturize the skin, eliminating inflammation.These tools effectively moisturize skin, relieve her stress and fatigue of the skin, protect the skin from various harmful influences.