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25 May 2016
sauce narsharab

sauce narsharab original name comes from two Azerbaijani words: "folk" - grenades and "narsharab" - wine.Experts say that the best would be to call this sauce "nasharabi" or "nasharab."Therefore, knowing the Azerbaijani language, it is easy to guess from which is preparing the sauce.People not familiar with this sauce will be interesting to see what he is made of pomegranate juice and harmonizes perfectly with meat, fish dishes, and especially with the barbecue.Thanks narsharab dishes become slightly sour.Many narsharab sauce is recognized as a national culinary brand of Azerbaijani cuisine, where it is often used as a seasoning for fish, very popular among Azerbaijanis food.

lovers of exotic spices and seasonings already drew attention to the fact that in modern supermarkets and markets, often come across a bottle with the name of the sauce.But it is important to understand that no flavor, no color, no texture, no flavor even more, shop the sauce is not even close to be like made from fresh pomegranat

es at home narsharab.

Benefits sauce narsharab

How useful narsharab sauce?So how useful himself grenades.Each grenade contains 60% juice, which is very high in anthocyanin.It is worth noting that in pomegranate juice are high in vitamin C, fruit acids, tannins, vitamins, volatile and other valuable substances for the human body.And the number of contained antioxidants in pomegranate juice, even can not speak, because the juice in this matter - just the leader.

Contraindications to the use of sauce narsharab

As well as pomegranate juice, made from a sauce contraindicated ulcer, suffering from gastritis and high acidity of gastric juice.You should not abuse this sauce and suffering from chronic constipation, hemorrhoidal disease, cracks in the anus.Also, grenades in any form is contraindicated in pregnant women and ill with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Even healthy people should understand that the products on the basis of pomegranate juice a lot of acid, which irritates the stomach and affects negatively impact on the tooth enamel.

few recipes sauce narsharab

Recipe №1

first grenade should be cleaned and folded beans in a large saucepan.Put the pan with pomegranate seeds on the fire should start to push their tolkushkoy, stirring occasionally.And spoon and tolkushkoy should be wood, as the pomegranate acid will react with metal instruments.Gradually catching juice with time cover the bones.Stop heating the pan should be when the bones, separated from the grains become white.

then need to separate the juice from the seeds.This requires a fairly lengthy colander, which should be put in a basin or pan.Corn should be in a colander, not stopping to pound and stir.Ottsezhenny juice in saucepan again need to put on the fire and stir occasionally to avoid burnt.Pomegranate juice digestion process will continue as long as the liquid is sufficiently thick.During cooking, a boiling sauce can be sprayed, such an effect is the norm.

Ready sauce can be determined by laying it on a plate and cool.Ready sauce will have the consistency of a low-fat sour cream.When the consistency of the sauce is thick enough, the fire under the pot should be turned off, and add salt to the sauce.

garnet Preparation time - 1 hour, the cooking sauce - 2 hours.

From 10 kg pomegranate get about 2.5 - 3 liters of sauce narsharab.In that amount of sauce should be added to one teaspoon of salt.The cooled sauce need to pour into jars and put them in the refrigerator.

thus prepared sauce narsharab perfect for both the meat and the fish and the taste simply can not be compared with the taste of the sauce bought in a store.

Recipe №2

To prepare the sauce ready to take pomegranate juice and spices to your liking, you may like narsharab with black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and other spices.

method for preparing elementary simple: pomegranate juice should be poured into a pan and gradually evaporate or in a water bath or on a low heat.This process usually takes about an hour, during which the sauce thickens and its volume is reduced by about 2/3.At the end of the cooking should be added to your selected spices to taste.

Recipe №3

To prepare the sauce narsharab this way you need to take a few pieces of fresh pomegranates and spices: cinnamon, black pepper, basil, coriander and sugar and salt to your liking.

cleared grenades, they must be removed from the grain, which in turn is necessary to shift into the pan.The pot should be put on a small fire, and using wooden instruments to grind and stir garnet grains, as described in the recipe №1.Whitened grain will be a signal to the fact that it is time to drain the juice.The more you use a colander or cheesecloth, you decide.But colander convenient in that it is easier to handle hot pomegranate seeds.Some squeeze the remaining juice right hands, putting them beforehand rubber gloves.The resulting juice should be poured back into the pan and boil.A boiling the juice is boiled over a low heat until it has evaporated until 1/5.This juice is necessary to stir constantly so that it is not burnt.The consistency of the finished sauce narsharab should be like rather thin cream.Turn off the heat under the pan, bring into the sauce spices, salt and sugar to your taste.

Store cooled pomegranate sauce narsharab should be in a cool place.To calculate yield, you need to know that one kilogram of pomegranate produce approximately 250-300 ml of pomegranate sauce.

Bon appetit!