Hair Oil : castor oil, burdock oil .Ways to strengthen the hair .Products that are useful for hair

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26 May 2016
hair oil

oils used for hair care and treatment

two most famous tools that are used to treat hair - burdock and castor oil have been known even by our grandmothers.These oils make hair strong, shiny, prevent hair loss.

hair oils - castor oil

Castor oil is obtained from the fruit of the castor.It is recommended to be used in the care of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Castor oil is well absorbed, and easy to apply, it soothes the scalp, accelerates the growth of hair, removes dandruff.This oil is the basis of many of ointments and creams, hair masks.

To improve the condition of hair castor oil should be rubbed into the scalp at night, tie a scarf made of cotton cloth, and wash your hair the next morning.The procedure should be done at least 2 times a week until the hair condition improves.Then you can just do one application once a month.

oils for hair - burdock oil

better known agent used to treat hair - burdock oil.

Burdock oil obtained from the roots of burdock, a powerful fitoaktivator.It has a lot of

protein, essential and fatty oils, tannins, mineral salts and vitamins.With this burdock oil nourishes and strengthens hair roots and accelerate their growth and stops hair loss and restores the hair structure after a perm and coloring, protects against dandruff and itchy scalp.

Burdock oil can be cooked at home, and in many ways.

1. In autumn dig up the roots of burdock, peel them and chop, pour sunflower oil (1: 10) and leave for 2 weeks.
2. Take 100 g of fresh chopped burdock roots, pour 200 ml of olive oil and place the mixture for 24 hours in a warm place.After this, the infusion boil for 15 minutes over low heat, then cool and strain.
3. 1 piece of fresh shredded burdock roots insist 24 hours in 3 parts sunflower or almond oil, then boil for 10-15 minutes, stirring often, let stand and strain.

you can maintain a balance of vitamins in the body, using the necessary products or additional vitamins.But in any case, do not forget that vitamin deficiencies can be caused not a small amount of their income and poor absorption.

Three original ways to strengthen hair

ways to strengthen hair - Swedish

daily morning and evening drink 1 tablespoon of corn, olive or sunflower oil.

ways to strengthen hair - Danish

Daily cook yourself herculean infusion: 1 cup before bedtime oatmeal pour 1 liter of water, let it brew for 12 hours, in the morning strain, wring out and drink during the day for half a cup.

way to strengthen the hair - in French

Pour 6 tablespoons oatmeal small amount of boiled cooled water, add 1 teaspoon of honey and a few chopped walnuts.Leave overnight.In the morning rub the big apple, put a few spoonfuls of cream and some chopped dried apricots.Eat breakfast.In summer you can add any fruit and berries - will be even tastier and healthier.

Useful for hair products

Besides fresh vegetables and fruits, useful for your hair can be:

  • beef - for optimal hair growth should eat red meat two times a week.The beef contains protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc.The minimum recommended serving of 100 g (175 kcal);
  • eggs and egg whites - if you're a vegetarian, you can replace beef with eggs.Minimum recommended portion - 1 large egg (84 calories);
  • brown rice - it is the ideal source of complex carbohydrates, B vitamins and fiber.The minimum recommended serving of dry rice is 30 grams (179 calories);
  • low-fat cottage cheese - a good source of protein and calcium.You can use it for breakfast, if you do not have time to cook.Minimum recommended portion - 60 g of one percent cottage cheese (72 calories);
  • pork - despite the fact that the product is not very conducive to weight loss, it is recommended to use as an additional source of vitamin B, zinc and protein.Minimum recommended portion - 100 grams of pork, grilled (576 kcal);
  • red fish (salmon, salmon).Eating fish, you get vitamin B12, zinc, protein.The minimum recommended serving of salmon - 100 g of fresh fillets (180 kcal).

And remember:

  • for oily hair should give up fatty and fried foods, and eat more green vegetables and salads, meat, fresh fish, liver, eggs and cheese;
  • at dry hair to this set of products should be added to vegetable oil, and fried foods must be avoided, since they do not affect the skin.