How to get rid of anger

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28 May 2016
how to get rid of anger

huge role in our lives play emotions that we face constantly and most of them are trying to carefully hide.Anger - is not the most pleasant of emotions, but no one is immune from sudden outbursts of anger, which is so difficult to control.We all know that anger and wrath - it's just defensive reaction to the stress and anxiety that built into our nature.Fighting with anger could and should be, because it can accumulate in the body and destroy it from within, but how to do it correctly know not all.That is why uncontrolled anger is often the cause of troubles in life and problems in his personal life and at work.Negative emotions linger in our minds a lot longer than the positive and flash quickly and suddenly.Often there is anger motivates us in making decisions which entail undesirable consequences.To improve your life and to get rid of negative emotions, you need to learn to control their anger and to be able to deal with it in a variety of situations.That is what we will talk today.

To start, you need to understand what hides a rage and how it may affect the human condition, both mental and physical.The first thing that influence negative emotions, of course, is the nervous system.Constant stress, tension and anxiety lead to a number of diseases and prolonged depression.The nervous system can not withstand such loads, and frequent cases of nervous breakdowns, migraine, depression and irritable.Anger is always accompanied by a strong release of adrenaline, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system.During the aggression hormone kartizol intensively produced, which in turn has a devastating effect on the immune system, increasing the chance of cancer formation.

Furthermore, frequent anger outbursts increased cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure and blood coagulation, which together can cause a stroke or heart attack.Scientists have proved that life embittered and disaffected people are more likely to suffer the rest of atherosclerosis and heart disease.Anger and aggression reduce immunity and thereby reduce the body's ability to resist colds and viruses.Also, anger provokes sharp reduction of certain parts of the stomach, which in turn entails intestinal cramps.On top of that, anger causes bad moods and a lack of positive emotions, which we usually do not have enough.

Now it is clear that in a timely manner to get rid of anger is necessary, in order to protect their health and personal relationships on which it often results.There are several methods for removing the most effective aggression, each in its own way effective.You can choose the one most suitable for you, but first you need to try them all and look at the result.To get started, try to distract yourself and do something useful and enjoyable.At the time of the attack of anger are best suited exercise.Go to the gym and spend intensive training, after which you simply can not remain forces of aggression.A great way to become martial arts such as karate, boxing and judo.Beat pear, leaving her with every bit of his anger blow or doing any driving range, presenting itself as one of you comes out angry and eventually disappear completely.If you can not go to the gym you can work out at home.Turn rhythmic music, poprisedayte, be helped intense swings his arms and legs, ran in place or jump.If you do not like exercise, do spring cleaning in the house.This will not only help you to escape, but will be a useful exercise, to which have not had the time.

next most effective way is its outpouring of negative emotions, but not at him, but on paper.Remember all that worried and irritated you lately, everything that makes you angry and nervous, all those people who makes you aggressive and provoking a conflict, who made you something bad or cause trouble.If you can not express your dissatisfaction in the face, then express their emotions on paper, writing something about what you are thinking at this moment.Let it be unpleasant or obscene words, but you your letter, and no one will see you will not be condemned.Try to keep all his anger on a piece of paper, with the power to push a pen or pencil, it will help you more accurately express their feelings.When the words run out, and you will realize that said everything that I wanted, you got rid of that boiling and did not give you live quietly, his letter crumple and burn it.Let along with it will disappear and your anger, so torments you lately.Sometimes, to relieve stress and get rid of aggression makes a fairly simple way, also associated with the paper.Just grab a newspaper or an ordinary sheet of paper and tear it into small pieces.Do this until until you understand that fully rested, and hatred have no longer tormented.It is better to suffer the paper than your reputation or relationships with the right people.After these procedures, you will again be able to talk quietly and not respond to minor stimuli.

great way to cope with emotions and get rid of the anger is relaxing.That it will help you relax and forget about everyday problems and that is not haunted.If you have the chance, you go out of town, take a little trip, eating on nature, arrange a walk in the woods or a stop at a beautiful pond.It is advisable to make such a trip alone or in the company of a close friend who will listen to you, understand and support, not be offended if your emotions suddenly boil over.If you can not go on a trip, just take a trip to the country and Stay at one with nature.Do not engage in harvesting, digging garden beds or fertilizer, just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, which is so lacking in the city.If this does not work, and you still feel tense, go to a deserted place and horoshenechko pokrichite.To some this method may sound strange, but scientists have long proven that cry very effectively releases the accumulated emotions and provides peace of mind.Cry until until you get tired, do not fear that you have someone hear, let him screaming all of you will, the accumulated anger.A great way to relax will water treatments.Bath with essential oils or douches help to return to normal and free from negativity.

Proper breathing can save not only on health problems, but also to clean up the nervous system.If you see that the conflict is brewing, and the other person provokes you to the scandal, which is fraught with undesirable consequences, just quietly respond to it, do not want to continue the conversation and walk away, not to show emotions.But keep yourself in the hands of few people can, so at the first sign of origin of anger and aggression, make the most of a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale.Repeat this process two more times, and then mentally count to ten, not to mention with the word.This will help you not said too much and avoid quarrels.Think about what the person intending to annoy you, does it purely because of their internal problems besetting it and make angry.Learn how to counteract the hate and aggression, cultivate one's tolerance and moderation that will surely be useful to you in life.Remember that forgiveness - is the quality of a strong spirit and wise people can not be impulsive and preserving firmness and durability in any situation.