Rice Diet

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05 June 2016
properties of rice, rice diet

In any diet, as a rule, there is a grain of truth.It is only necessary to understand what it is and in accordance with the applied diet.There are diets designed for unloading - they are short-lived, and there are those that can be used for a long time.If you are going to lose weight, you should have a clear idea of ​​the appointment of a particular diet.

Properties rice

One of the main characteristics of rice is that it absorbs and removes from the body of harmful substances (poisons, toxins, etc.).In addition, rice contains eight essential amino acids required by the human body to create new cells, 7-8% protein, potassium, required for the heart muscle, as well as phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium, iodine, vitamins of group B, whichstrengthen the nervous system, improve the condition of skin, hair and nails.In rice, unlike other cereals do not contain gluten - a vegetable protein, which cause allergic reactions in some people, as well as salt (sodium), the ability to attract water and cause swelling.T

he more processed rice grains, the lower the vitamins and minerals.The germ of the new plants and crisp white rice grains hidden under a layer of brownish shell, which is most of the vitamins and minerals.The casing protects the hard husk yellow (this figure is called "Paddy").When the husk is removed, it turns brown rice - it is the most useful.You can handle the rice steam, while he acquires a golden color, and retains most of the nutrients.If the shell is removed, it turns white rice, it is better to fall apart, but the vitamins and minerals it is very small.

rice diet rice diet options are many, it is used for weight loss and to cleanse the body of poisons and toxins.A serving of rice (200 g), steamed, boiled, or simply no added salt and butter contains about 110 calories.

rice diet can be used as a discharge.For this purpose, it is better to use once a week (or for three consecutive days once per month) is sufficiently long time.This is a good option of using rice as helps cleanse the body and rid it of excess fluid.For a day you need to boil the rice diet cup rice (better if it will be slightly undercooked), have it during the day and often in small portions.You can drink fresh juices, green tea without sugar, purified water.Some nutritionists recommend drinking mineral water without gas.

longer use the rice diet is permissible only in conjunction with other products, usually vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish.To eat this set of products can be 1-2 weeks, while respecting certain rules: cook dishes steamed or boiled, there is often (5-6 times a day) and gradually to respect the proportions of rice and other products (daily: 500 grams of riceno more than 200 g of all other products, besides fruit, they can eat up to 500 g).You can eat: boiled meat and fish, vegetable soup, steamed rice (use seasonings, including salt, it is not recommended), rice with an apple, a salad of fresh vegetables and fruits.The daily menu must necessarily be something sour (oranges, lemons, sour apples and berries, etc.).Drinking is not limited (green tea without sugar, fresh juices, purified water).

Rice diet to cleanse

Finally, the use of rice for the purpose of cleansing the body.It is recommended to eat for two weeks fasting two spoons slightly undercooked rice, after which the drink within two hours, then go to normal power mode.Some recommend the use for this special cooked rice (two tablespoons of rice, pour a glass of water and four days to keep in a cool place, changing the water every day, then wash, cook, wash again, and only then to use).

As you remember, more useful when using the raw (brown or parboiled) rice.This is especially important in long-term use rice diet.

After the rice diet

Remember also that after the rice diet (as well as after any other) you need to follow certain rules, otherwise the entire weight thrown back to you again.It will be necessary not to use the fat, sweet, starchy foods (pasta made of durum wheat is possible).Eat regularly, frequently and in small portions.And most importantly, in order to lose weight, or at least not gain extra weight, you need to power consumption by the body (the maintenance costs of all organs and tissues) exceeded the flow of energy in the body with calories eaten, because all the excess body delayreserve in the form of fat.Therefore, inter alia, the need to move a lot.