Cucumber diet

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06 June 2016
cucumber diet

diets based on fresh vegetables, of course, effective, thanks to low-calorie vegetables and helpful, since such food is human nature.

Use cucumber diet

no secret that in the 95% allocated cucumber water.Also, this vegetable is rich in enzymes that contribute to the process of assimilation by the body of the animal protein.This property cucumber suggests that it will be perfectly combined with heavy meat dishes.Cucumbers also contain a minor amount of B vitamins, vitamins A, C, P, trace elements magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and others. Cucumbers there and mineral salts, e.g., potassium salt.Cucumber contains iodine is easily digested.

Cucumber fiber helps to activate the motor function of the intestine.Fresh cucumber improves appetite, has a diuretic, laxative and choleretic effect.Low nutritional value of cucumber caused negligible fat, protein and carbohydrates in vegetables, can effectively be used in dietary dieters.Moreover, the use of cucumber in the issue of weight loss is due to the f

act that these green fruits slow the transition carbohydrates into fat.

Benefits cucumber diet

Even if you choose a diet based on a cucumber in her monovariante, due to the high content of fiber in the cucumber, such a diet will not cause painful feelings of hunger.Having decided on a week-long weight loss system, after a couple of days, you will lose at least a kilogram of excess weight, on the expiration of the week - not less than five kilograms.

Part of the cucumber water stipulates that, to use during the day for about two kilograms of vegetables you consume 1.9 kilograms of water, because the cucumber is almost out of the liquid.

good work of the intestine will be provided with a high content of fiber in the cucumber, which also cleanse the body of harmful waste products.Moreover, a diet based on cucumbers help normalize metabolism.

cleansing the body of toxins, normalizing the water-salt balance in the body by activating the metabolism, cucumber diet will make the skin more healthy and beautiful.

Features cucumber diet

Cucumber promotes weight loss through tissue that activates the digestive process, the body's metabolism, has a diuretic effect and removes harmful substances.

Another advantage of this diet is that it is almost no one does not cause allergies.

also important, and that the duration of such power should not exceed a week, for which you can give up to five pounds of excess weight.

It is important to remember that choosing cucumber diet as mono-diet, you are depriving your body to balance nutrition, and thus, not every person will approach such a system supply.

seven-day diet cucumber

There are many options cucumber diet.One of them is based on use during the week of cucumber salad, cooked in a special way.Prepare this low-calorie dish of kilograms of fresh cucumbers.Since lettuce consumed during the day should be three times (morning, afternoon and evening), then, of course, it is best to cook for themselves every time a fresh batch.If this is not possible, then in the morning you need to prepare a salad for the whole day.

recipe diet cucumber salad

thoroughly washed cucumbers should be cut into large chunks and season with low-fat sour cream or natural yogurt.According to your taste in a salad, you can add parsley, dill, cilantro, basil or celery.Of course, the best salad not salt, because salt is retained in the body fluid and reduce the effectiveness of the diet.Instead of salt you can fill the salad with lemon juice.

first reception salad is best done not earlier than 12 hours, and then in the morning you can afford breakfast, calorie which will not exceed 200 units.After an evening reception cucumber salad, if desired, can afford an orange or an apple.The three-day

cucumber diet

For three days on a diet of cucumber can lose from 2 to 3 kilos of weight.But on the condition that the menu will be strictly excluded salt and sugar, fat and alcohol.

Every day you need to eat at least 2 kilograms of cucumbers, of which, if desired, you can make a salad, add the herbs and spices.During these three days you can drink unsweetened herbal or green tea, non-carbonated water.The entire amount of cucumbers should be allocated for 5-6 servings that you eat throughout the day.

cucumber diet five-day

choosing your option cucumber diet and wanting to maintain muscle mass, may be included in the diet of protein foods.It is important to understand that the body accumulates fat in reserve, and if necessary, the energy charge is first consumed reserves of protein accumulated in the muscles.As a result, muscle mass decreases and fat reserves remain intact.Change the situation can be, adding to the cucumber protein diet.Every day, you can eat about 2 kilograms of cucumbers.

The 1st, 3rd, 5th days of the diet should be fresh cucumber salad to eat with natural yogurt or yogurt, if desired by adding to it a small amount of greens and rye crackers.

In the 2nd and 4th days to cucumbers with herbs can add no more than two boiled eggs a day, and 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese.

diet of cucumber and yogurt

Such power supply system to be followed by three to five days.For its observance is necessary to prepare a cocktail based on 1.5 liters of yogurt 1% -zhirnosti.The yogurt should add finely chopped cucumber (1-2 pieces) and also finely chopped greens.Prepare the cocktail must be immediately prior to use.Reset such a system can supply up to 1.5 kilograms of weight loss per day.

To contraindicated cucumber diet

Contraindicated cucumber diet for those suffering from pyelonephritis, cystitis, kidney stones and chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels.These restrictions are due to the high water content in cucumbers that can cause swelling at the core.Practically absent in the nutritional value of cucumber provokes reduction in the concentration of attention and memory in human patients, which makes them irritable.

Absence cucumber protein makes this vegetable is not suitable for the diet of athletes and people with active lifestyles.It is not necessary to stick cucumber diet for longer than seven days, as in this case, may actually decrease muscle mass and muscle fiber to degrade.Still wanting to try the cucumber diet, but not wanting to part with muscles, can be enriched diet food system egg whites or lean chicken.This calorie is not significantly increase, but the muscles are not affected.

terms of nutritionists, diet based on cucumbers is unbalanced and, therefore, it is desirable to supplement intake of complex vitamins.Also, taking care of your health before starting any diet compliance, should consult a doctor.