How not to eat too much

By Admin | Food Health
06 June 2016
they do not have too much

No matter what kind of a way to get rid of the extra kilos you chose, the main condition for obtaining the desired result is a moderate diet.Neither training and grueling exercise, no, even the most rigid mono-diet, will not help you obtain graceful forms, if you consistently overeat and do not respect the basic rules of supply.How often are you faced with the problem of weight gain after a particular diet?How much time and effort you've left the gym and not getting rid of the extra kilos?Blame overeating, which is not a rare occurrence in the lives of many of us.To get rid of this problem, you must learn not to eat too much, following certain guidelines and rules.

Food and hunger

Do you always eat at the precise moment, when you feel hunger?Often, our diet is based on the daily routine, and the meal does not occur when the body needs recharging and when it is possible to eat, whether you feel like it at the moment or not.This is one of the main causes of overeating.Once inside the stomach the food i

s digested is not as quickly and efficiently as it should, because you were eating out of habit, not because of hunger.However, much to delay this time is not worth it, and if you feel that you really hungry, be sure to have something to eat, or at least a snack.This will save you from further eating, because of a strong sense of hunger, you can not understand when the moment of saturation.

psychological and physical hunger

Hunger is conditionally divided into two categories: psychological and physical.Many of us are confused or combined into one these two concepts, which is why eating too much and face undesirable consequences.Physical hunger - that feeling that comes with the exhaustion when he needs replenishment of nutrients.This hunger is often accompanied by irritability, mild headache and characteristic sounds in the stomach.If you notice these symptoms, immediately eat and quench your hunger.Psychological hunger - it is self-deception, which is the result of frustration, stress or bad mood.You are trying to encourage yourself something tasty and justification referring to hunger.To understand and distinguish between the state, think about food.If you want something specific, such as a piece of cake, chocolate or whipped cream, this psychological hunger, and if you understand that you will be glad to any meal, this is physical hunger.Psychological hunger can kill by eating some fruit or drinking a glass of water, you need to satisfy physical hunger as soon as possible.

Terms meal

not to eat too much, you need to reduce your usual portion.If the right to reduce by several times the amount of food eaten in one step, you do not succeed, do it gradually.Eat from a plate of smaller size, so you will not only deceive our consciousness, to convince him that a plate full, not paying attention to its size, but also to avoid the unpleasant consequences of overeating.With regard to the table setting, try to turn every meal into a real celebration.Do not skimp on serving, put on the table the best dishes and cutlery, beautifully served every dish, be careful that during the meal on the table there was no extra dishes, pots and did not stand dirty dishes.All this is not conducive to a good appetite and a distraction from the meal.

Creating a suitable atmosphere

Due rhythm of modern life we ​​often eat on the run, which is completely contrary to the rules of eating.Let's start with the fact that these techniques do not allow food to get us to the satisfaction of the meal, as a meal during our thoughts often occupied completely different.Now let's talk about what we eat on the go.Often this is fast food or convenience foods, which are not only nutritious, but also dangerous for the body.To eat properly and do not have too much, you need to create the appropriate atmosphere during meals.You do not have to think about the affairs and problems, nervous or angry, or any, even the most delicious food is not in store.Relax, think about something pleasant, you can even include an easy, relaxing music to help you tune in the desired fashion.Eat slowly, carefully perezhёvyvaya each piece.Note also that the pieces should be small, as the whole piece of the whole.So you will be able in time to experience the feeling of satiety, which comes 10 minutes after getting food into the body.Forget also about watching TV and reading the newspaper or an interesting book while eating.It will distract your attention and you probably eat too much.

Disclaimer snacking

The most harmful eating habits include regular snacks.Basically, the need for snacking occurs when there is no way to fully eat when a feeling of hunger.The objects for these snacks are a variety of sweets and high-calorie foods that do not need no cooking, no warm up.That is the reason behind overeating as in the intervals between meals, we get a lot of extra calories that the body does not have time to process, and they are deposited in the most conspicuous places.If you can not give up on snacks, you should make them as harmless.Leaving the house, be careful with that, so you have everything you need in the event of a sudden manifestation of hunger.Better to let it be apples, yogurt, yogurt, cheese or nuts than muffins, cookies and candy.

Clarification needs

overeating, we often ask ourselves the question why it was impossible to stop at the right time and prevent subsequent weight in the stomach, which is an essential companion overeating.The answer lies in our subconscious.Seeing tasty and beautifully decorated dish, we would like to try it, and if it is more exotic or rare, that portion is increased by several times.We want to eat it with the stock, fearing that more such opportunities not provided.Sometimes overeating occurs because tact when not wanting to offend the hostess, set the table, guests tend not to ignore any of the dishes, even if they are already there do not want to.Try to see the situation differently.Any good food you can try the next time a dish that will clearly be superfluous to ask a wrap to the next reception of food on the dignity appreciate it and once again remember the good word mistress.

lifestyle and diet

People leading an active life, very rarely have problems with nutrition and obesity.The thing is that regular exercise not only helps control weight, but also the feeling of hunger.You must agree that, coming out of the gym after an intense workout, you hardly think about what to eat the next portion of sweets.In addition, you will be sorry for their efforts, which in this case will be wasted.Another effective way to escape from thinking about food would be interesting and fascinating hobby.Find yourself something for everyone, and give him my spare time.So you will not get bored, and once again to think about what to eat.Do not forget about the benefits of communication.Meeting with friends and acquaintances, walking outdoors will only benefit and were not allowed to eat too much.