Products for the kidneys

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06 June 2016
Products for the kidneys

healthy, strong body - the dream of all of us, but, unfortunately, without proper care, it can lose its effect, leading to the formation of various chronic diseases.Everyone knows that every organ plays, a role is irreplaceable, so select a most important practically impossible.Some would say that there is nothing more important than the heart, but because without the lungs or liver, too, we can not live.Do not underestimate the kidneys, which is fairly important function in the body.Thanks to the kidneys displays all the harmful and toxic substances that enter into it with food or through the respiratory tract, as well as those formed as a result of life.And thanks to the kidneys in our body are only useful substances, which are separated by filtering the blood, which is carried out by them.If their work is broken, our lives will be at risk, so in any case can not prevent this by ensuring proper care kidneys, which guarantees them a stable job.This can be done with the help of certain foods, the use of

which will positively affect the operation and condition of the kidneys, as well as reduce the risk of dangerous diseases such as renal failure.

So what foods to eat to protect their kidneys.It turns out this is a very common and affordable foods that meet at our table almost every day, and their regular use helps kidneys work without flaws and complications and be durable.


Almost every green has a positive effect on the kidneys, which is why she took her place on the list of useful products for the kidneys.Parsley, dill, celery, coriander, fennel, spinach and onions should be mandatory components of your usual diet, if you want to save the health of your kidneys as long as possible.Special attention should dill.It has long been known for its healing properties and is used in various fields of medicine, both traditional and folk.Thanks to essential oils, which are included in its composition, dill can dissolve the stones formed in the kidneys, and painlessly remove them from the body.In addition, thanks to fennel, dill juice or rather, you can get rid of renal colic.

Foods containing vitamin A

Kidney, than any of the other bodies need vitamin A, rather carotene, which is produced in the body during eating foods rich in vitamin A. Among them are the usual for us vegetables and fruit,that you can easily get in the store or grow your own.Most of the vitamin found in carrots, bell peppers, asparagus and sea buckthorn.If you use them you can not, it can be replaced by other products, the content of vitamin A is less than, but exclude it from your diet completely is not recommended.

Pumpkin Pumpkin - a product that combines several useful substances for the kidneys, namely vitamin A, vitamin E as well as iron, beneficial effect on their work.Due to falling into the pumpkin salts of potassium and a lot of water, it can have a slight diuretic effect that helps to eliminate fluid from the body, without causing adverse effects on the urinary tract and the kidneys themselves.In addition, products from the pumpkin, pumpkin like porridge, pumpkin juice, pumpkin puree or a baked pumpkin pieces, helping to dissolve formed in the bladder and kidney stones.


These fruits do have medicinal properties, but they have the greatest impact is on the kidneys and urinary system.To get the maximum benefit from the apple should eat them with the skin, as it also is a source of nutrients.Apples contain pectin, and a large number of different vitamins and minerals.Apples - a universal, natural remedy, it excretes toxins, diuretic, cleansing the kidneys and liver, as well as preventing the formation of uric acid, an excess of which is harmful to the body.The optimum amount is one fresh apple a day, and those who are already faced with similar problems, you need to eat at least three apples daily averages.Similar properties have and plums, so you can alternate the apples with plums.


Although watermelon externally differs significantly from apples, it has similar properties to it and has substantially the same effects on kidney function.Watermelon - is well known to all diuretic, but not everyone knows that he just removes from kidney sand washing and cleaning them.Another feature of the watermelon is the dissolution of salts and removing them from the body.This berry is recommended as often as possible to use for people suffering from kidney disease.There is even a special watermelon diet, which aims not only to reduce weight but also to restore kidney function, however, before its beginning, you must first consult with a physician.


Another indispensable for kidney product - a fish.It stands out among all the other products in nutrients that ensure the normal and stable kidney function.Among the most significant are iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium.Especially fish is that all the above substances are contained therein in a total set, and not scattered, as in most products.In addition to nutrients, eating fish, we saturate your body with vitamin D, polyunsaturated fatty acids and easily digestible protein, the amount of which it can be compared with poultry or even beef and pork.However, not all fish will be useful for people with kidney disease, they should give up the dried and dried fish, which contains large amounts of salt.


fairly unremarkable and quite common in our latitudes berries that can be seen as wild, and the garden plots is truly a fount of useful and nutrients.Rosehip is rich in vitamin C strengthens the entire body and has a positive effect including the kidneys.It is considered in the same light natural diuretic, which has long been used in folk medicine.In addition, the wild rose has a wonderful property to dissolve the stones formed in the kidneys, to the state of sand which appears fairly painless.But he, like other drugs, it is necessary to use very carefully and died, as an overdose may be followed by negative consequences.


The list includes not all bakery products, so sweet tooth and muffin lovers rejoice not worth it.Have a positive effect on the kidneys and on the whole body, only products made from rye flour and wholemeal only.Bread made from this flour, greatly speeds up the digestive process due to fiber, part of its structure.In addition, this product helps the kidneys to excrete toxic substances and salt accumulated in it.Bran bread contains in its composition vitamin normalizing blood supply to the kidneys.But do not overdo it with the use of bakery products, since they are considered to be relatively high-calorie food, and may adversely affect your figure.