How to prepare for the cold

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18 June 2016
how to prepare for the cold

why own body should be prepared for the cold?Is it not enough just to buy the right clothes?It's no wonder they say that there is no bad weather, there Mismatched clothes.

However, delving into the essence of the issue should take into account the fact that it begins in the fall significantly reduced daylight hours and the immunity of the person should be ready to deficiency of sunlight, which is also often lacking because of bad weather.Moreover, the inevitable changing our diet, as "light" summer food will not give the body the necessary energy.Well, one can not forget about the inevitability of meetings with viruses and colds.

Indications for emergency preparation to cold

How morally prepared for the fact that summer is over and autumn comes, the latter always comes unexpectedly and presents abrupt changes in temperature and pressure.Of course, the immune system reacts to changes, but spent a large amount of life energy.Therefore, with the advent of autumn evenings may feel chills, headaches, fat

igue and even a runny nose.Add to this contact with the increased number of virus carriers, particularly in public places, such as public transport, shops, cinemas and others. All of these factors suggest that it is time the active care of the body, which must be adjusted to the changes and survive with dignitytest of the autumn-winter period.

To better understand yourself and help your own body, you should understand how it changed his biorhythms and what changes are occurring in the organs and systems in the fall.

physiological state of the human body in the fall

all organs and systems of our body react to the arrival of autumn and it is important to understand exactly how.

the immune system in the fall

Scientists have proven that it is the fall in the lymphoid tissue of irreversible changes, and therefore suffers from the circulatory system.During this period, there has been a low content of monocytes and lymphocytes in the blood, the minimum weight of thymus and spleen, as well as a low content of immunoglobulins in the blood.These figures indicate a weak immune system functioning in the autumn, compared to other seasons.In this regard, the body becomes more susceptible to infections and viruses.

According to statistics, the flu people get sick more often and heavier in the autumn rather than the spring.The peak incidence of angina noted in October, and the exacerbation of rheumatism and handroz - in October-November.During infectious diseases complicated by the fact that in the autumn the most expressed signs of inflammation (swelling, redness, fever).

To help strengthen the immunity and it is necessary to use immune-boosting drugs and the means of containing the antioxidants selenium, echinacea, zinc, drink green tea, spruce syrup and use essential oils (lavender, marjoram, bergamot, thyme, bay oil,tea tree, eucalyptus, kayaputa, grapefruit, lemongrass, lemon).In addition to strengthening the body's defenses essential oils do an excellent job with most of the bacteria and viruses.

condition of the cardiovascular system in the fall

Maximum Performance blood pressure observed in autumn.In September, celebrated more than hypertensive crises than in any other month of the year, is also worsening cerebral circulation.A characteristic feature of the fall can be considered, and increased intraocular pressure.

Usually the fall is an increase in blood cholesterol levels, which is associated with the seizure of cholesterol by the liver cells and is particularly dangerous for patients with atherosclerosis.The most dangerous for the heart month is November, it was in this month recorded a large number of angina and myocardial infarction.This state of affairs is due to the characteristic of coronary circulation disorders, instability of the heart muscle to physical activity, the vulnerability of regulatory mechanisms, which negatively affects the environment (electromagnetic storms, temperature, etc.).Aggravate the situation and depressed mood, typical for autumn.

bring great benefit prophylactic preparations containing omega-3, lecithin, and fish oil and specially developed antioxidant systems.

condition of the digestive system in the fall

In the period from October to December physicians on the rise of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastroduodenitis, gastritis, acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.This is due to the fact that it is the fall in the maximum reduction in the production of gastrointestinal hormones that support the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum in tone.

Therefore, people with stomach problems in the fall is simply necessary prevention with drugs containing food enzymes eubiotics, fennel, mint, ginger, etc. Benefit and regular consumption of dairy products rich in probiotics and prebiotics.

Status of the urogenital system in the fall

often occurs in the autumn aggravation of kidney stones, as the increased concentration of salts in the urine.Especially dangerous are the months of September and November, as is typical for them too active ingestion of salt-of vegetables like eggplant, tomato, pepper and others.

condition of the nervous system and psyche autumn

Autumn depression and stress conditions of autumn are factors causing cardiovascular diseases and stomach problems.Therefore it is very important in the early fall to take drugs and if necessary restorative calming effect.Adaptogens (naprmer, aloe juice) will stimulate the production of melatonin, which is important for the full activity of the body.Antioxidants help maintain the beauty, vitality and youthfulness.

the part of the psyche of the fall there is increasing anxiety, feelings of depression, lethargy.We often feel fatigue, poor concentration and performance.Many of us suffer from the fall of overeating and excessive sleepiness.Inhibition of mental functions in the fall leads to negative emotional perception of the world.

main reason for the fall of depression is short daylight hours, during which the epiphysis (pineal gland) is simply not enough time to develop the hormone melatonin, responsible for biological rhythms of the whole organism.In normal blood pressure, experts recommend taking the drug "guarana" company "Nahrin."

In summary, it should be noted that with the onset of autumn is necessary with special attention to your heart and guard against infections.Moreover, the fall should be discarded from the supplementation of minerals, as their sufficient quantity is consumed with seasonal vegetables and kidneys can not cope with breeding, storing them in the body.It is important to know that garlic and peppers also belong to the vegetables, the consumption of which should be limited.

If suddenly you have not was done on your vacation, the autumn - the best time for this, but if you are planning a vacation in warmer climes.When there is no opportunity to rest, be beneficial massages and a variety of water treatments.In order not to succumb to autumn depression, you need to take the morning douche in the evening the same - a bath with aromatic oils (patchouli, jasmine, juniper, and others.).

Despite the fact that it got cold and the sun is rarely wakes us up in the morning, waking up too early and it is recommended not to abandon the daily charge.A huge benefit of both physical and mental condition will have a walk in the fresh air.Especially that according to Feng Shui fall - this time of year, when the predominant energy of the light, that is, to breathe the fresh autumn air is not only pleasant, but also particularly useful.