Fungoterapiya - treated mushrooms.

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22 June 2016
Fungoterapiya - treated mushrooms

What Fungoterapiya?

Fungoterapiya is a whole branch of medicine.Fungoterapiya (from the Latin. Fungus - «mushroom") - a treatment mushrooms.Of course, we are not talking about ordinary wild mushrooms and a special, medical.

In recent years, the science is often mentioned in the media.In Russia, this method of treatment has also found quite widely used.Many experts believe that Fungoterapiya is a science of the future.Its potential has not been fully explored.

history fungoterapii

should be noted that originated Fungoterapiya very long time, more than two thousand years ago.Its origins lie in Japan and China.Renowned physician VuSin was very extensive treatise on the medicinal properties of mushrooms.It describes more than 100 species of fungi that are found in China and Japan.He wrote that the fungus for its curative properties are much greater than the grass.

in our country since ancient times people knew about the beneficial properties of some fungi.Thus, for example, we have been treated chagoy

Yaroslav the Wise.Morels in monasteries cured cataract.

Then, in the middle of the last century, science began to get antibiotics from fungi, which became a real breakthrough in medicine.This discovery greatly contributed to the development fungoterapii.

Since then, numerous studies have been started in Pharmaceutical Mycology.

most famous medicinal mushrooms

Shiitake Mushroom been very well studied.For his great healing properties in Asia, it is called "Imperial mushroom."He is appointed for cancer, hypertension, arthritis, immune deficiency, atherosclerosis, and allergies.It is also proven to be effective in the treatment of diabetes, stomach ulcers, hepatitis B. It helps patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and depression.

Cordyceps often prescribed for oncological diseases, immunodeficiencies, asthma, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis.It is used by athletes for a quick muscle recovery after high sporting loads.It is also used to increase libido, get rid of stress, anxiety and depression.

Reishi ("Brilliant Ganoderma») is the most famous mushroom Chinese traditional medicine.He took first place in the "Big Pharmacopoeia of China" and is known to mankind for more than 2500 years.It contains a huge variety of nutrients.It helps in the treatment of cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension, immunodefitsitaov multiple sclerosis.This fungus is used in allergic diseases, ulcers, bowel, thyroid disorders, hemorrhoids, heart rhythm disturbances.Helps get rid of the extra kilos, it is effective in skin diseases and mental illness.

agarika Brazil has a very strong anti-tumor properties.It is used in cancer, immune deficiency, edema, diseases of the thyroid gland, skin, hepatitis, asthma, diabetes and hypertension.It helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Meytake ("dancing mushroom" or "chicken tail») was discovered about thirty years ago.It contains many polysaccharides - beta glucans.Experts designate patients oncological diseases, diabetes, AIDS, osteoporosis.Recommended for use in hepatitis, atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, and pathological climax.He is one of the few fungi that can destroy adipocytes - fat cells.It helps get rid of excess weight.

medicinal mushrooms How to receive?

medical mushrooms

medicinal mushrooms are sold today in the form of powder and extract.They are packed into capsules for pharmaceuticals plant.The duration of the scheme and should appoint specialist fungoterapii.Each patient is an individual assignment, which depends on the existing conditions and the general state of the organism.Contraindications to the use of medicinal mushrooms available.Do not use them only to people who have individual intolerance.

Beware of imitations!

It is important to know that mushrooms are sold and forgery.For this reason, should buy only officially certified mushrooms.They must be accompanied by the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological expertise.In that case, if no data about the examination, both the package and in the abstract, these mushrooms should not buy.During the-first, they will not bring the desired result.Second, they may even be dangerous to human health and life.As is known, fungi perfectly able to absorb a variety of environmental pollutants.A certified specially grown mushrooms in enterprises where sterile conditions are provided.

How are mushrooms?

Medicinal mushrooms are used in a variety of diseases, but more often they are administered to people suffering from cancer.This is not surprising, because, according to scientists, the mushrooms contain biologically active polysaccharides such as: lentinan, lanostan, ganoderan, lanofil and grifolan.Their main useful feature is the ability to adapt the human immune system to the current needs of his body.In addition, these substances increase the production of perforin.This protein inhibits cell growth of cancer tumors.The body becomes easier to deal with it.Mushrooms have various mechanisms of action on tumors.

medicinal mushrooms can also weaken the side effects of conventional cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy that patients tolerated very hard.

contained in mushrooms volatile contribute to the destruction of a variety of viruses.Including, hepatitis and AIDS.

Terpenoids able to effectively help patients with allergic reactions.Antioxidants in fungi reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and contribute to the removal of salts from joints.