Neyrobika - charging for the brain.The story of neyrobiki .Principle neyrobiki .This is useful neyrobika ?Exercises neyrobiki

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22 June 2016

About neyrobike

Neyrobiku be called charging for the human brain.This title includes the word "neuron" and "aerobics."The brain, like our muscles, need charging.Neyrobika serves to improve mental activity.She uses different parts of the brain, causing them to work quickly and smoothly.

Scientists have shown that nerve cells to regenerate.The mental abilities of the person does not become worse because they die, and it happens because of the depletion of dendrites through which impulses from cell to cell.Dendrites are processes which neurons are contacted with each other.

If a person from time to time does not activate the connection between the cells, the dendrites atrophy.Science used to be convinced that the emergence of new dendrites can only children.However, at present it is known that neurons can grow dendrites to compensate for the loss of the old.

The human brain is able to adapt to change and modify the structure of bonds.It is on this discovery and was founded neyrobika.

difference of this technique from the other can be called that at the same time work all five human senses.Moreover, they function unusual for them properly.It helps the brain create associations between different types of information.

Scientists believe that the habit of the human brain drains.For stable operation he needs new experiences.Neyrobika change our lifestyle, enriching human experiences.

story of neyrobiki

developed this unusual charge for the brain American professor Lawrence Katz.Several years ago, he and Manning Rubin published a book entitled "Keep your brain alive."This work contains a unique and interesting method of brain training.This technique helps to improve memory and stimulates the brain.They are also especially designed and mental exercises.

Katz neuroscientist working at a university in the United States.He drew attention to the fact that a large number of neural pathways in the brain are not fully utilized.To fully realize their potential need some stimulation.He discovered that when the various human feelings are combined in unusual combinations, then in his brain begins to produce a special substance called neurotrophin.This compound leads to growth of nerve cells.This is almost twice the number increases and the "branching" of the dendrites.

principle neyrobiki

neyrobiki principle is quite simple.Its creator recommends necessarily every day to dilute the usual routine with new experiences that involve at least one sense organ.The point is also to carry out usual activities in an unusual way.

To neyrobika helpful?

It's safe to say that a class neyrobikoy useful for everybody.Kids, this technique helps to better focus and assimilate new knowledge.Adults, it keeps your mind sharp.It also helps prevent age-related deterioration of memory.

Charging for the brain is very simple, it can deal with any person, regardless of age.The exercises do not require any special preparation.You can deal with them at any time and anywhere.Your brain can be trained, both at home and walk or during a lunch break.

Usually people of middle-aged and older is recommended to solve logic puzzles and perform exercises for the mind.It can be card games, puzzles, solitaire, chess, etc.Neyrobika also offers exercises that are more like a fun game.When a person feels their performance not only improved the thinking process, but also increase vitality and improve mood.Advanced excitation of nerve cells increases the production of neurotrophins.No supplements for the brain does not have such an action as this gymnastics.

To be effective, the brain is very important association.Exercises neyrobiki designed to ensure that in the brain to create new associations.They make people see the world in new ways.A young child exploring all that surrounds it, using all the senses completely.Adults are people manage to use your brain as possible.

Exercises neyrobiki

So, you can wake up to smell some new flavor to diversify the usual smell of morning coffee.This will enable the new chain of neurons.
Brushing your teeth and comb should be left hand if you are right-handed.
The store is always recommended to buy any new products, and the restaurant - try new dishes.
habitual actions you can perform with your eyes closed.The right-hander
every day should at least write a few lines with his left hand, and left-handed - right.This will encourage the conductive path and the opposite side of the cortex of the brain, leading to greater intelligence.
very useful to visit new places and meet new people.When traveling in other countries are encouraged to try as much as possible to see, hear and learn.Try to speak in an unknown tongue.
Try to diversify your wardrobe.Scientists believe that the clothing affects the feelings and thinking person.
very useful to learn Braille (reading and writing system for the blind), and sign language.This develops a sense.Change
road that used to go every day, looking for new routes.Choose
unusual answers to even the most standard questions.
recommended to learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations only your fingers.
Try to read the new newspapers and magazines.Read the article, even about what had never been interested.
time to time watching television without sound.At the same time, try to reproduce the dialogue or monologue.
brings variety to your holiday.
very useful for the brain to come up with new jokes and anecdotes.It also teaches us to think creatively.