The contest "World No Smoking!"

By Admin | Food Health
22 June 2016

Sooner or later, but the realization that smoking - is harmful and bad habit comes to each smoker.There comes a time when elegant and seemingly harmless process turns into a relationship equal in strength drug.But at this point many are simply unable to give up cigarettes - according to statistics 70% of smokers want to quit, and only 5% are able to do it yourself.

aim of our contest was to help those who would like to quit smoking.

We have received a lot of emails from you, our dear readers, for which many thanks to you!

The letters you have shared their methods to combat smoking.Among the stories were successful and unsuccessful attempts to give up cigarettes.

We are pleased to publish the three most interesting, instructive and important success stories in which the authors receive great prizes - brand stylers Remington!Congratulations!

Stories of our winners

history a few days or I quit smoking!by Catherine

Case "Tobacco!"by Natalia

mortal danger or pastime?Alexandra

Smoking is bad, nasty smoke, the Ministry of Health constantly warns: smoking is harmful to your health!We sincerely wish that such success stories as our winners was as much as possible!

If you want to quit, but you still can not do it, try effective ways against smoking.Find out at what stage you are to achieve positive results, what is your type of smoking behavior, to discover how much your desire to quit smoking, you can, after passing specific tests.The tests will help increase your chances of successful smoking cessation.Keep a calendar of quitting.Daily green mark the days when you did not smoke.If you will break and smoke a cigarette, mark this day in red.Filling the calendar, you can simultaneously learn the facts about their own progress.It will be a great support for your journey into the world regardless.

Prizes winners

The contest "World No Smoking!"

Steam hair stylers Remington CB4N
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Competition organizer


Regardless - A world full of exciting discoveries.Absolute freedom can be gained only from outside, depending on the bad habits.Now you can make your world brighter.

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