Bioresonance therapy.

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22 June 2016
the treatment of bio-resonance therapy

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a relatively new trend in the medical and preventive medicine.Bioresonance therapy only affects the control (information) the scope of the human body.With this type of treatment uses the latest knowledge of modern biophysics.

invented this therapy German physician Morrel.Therefore, it was called the first "Mora-therapy".Its principle is to use the influence of their own electromagnetic oscillations.These oscillations occur at any time during all life and control processes in the body.The electrode cable and assign these vibrations and direct them to a special electronic device.Here is their modification, after which the modified individual swings returning.It turns out that the patient is treated by his own energy.Another's energy and foreign substances is not applicable.

Bioresonance therapy contributes to the destruction or decrease in the volume of pathological information.This activates the body's immune.

It should be noted that the met

hod biorezanansnoy therapy has no side effects.In the absence of irradiation treatment of any kind.It is suitable both for the treatment of adults and young children.

apply this method can be almost any disease.It is not electroacupuncture, as many might think.This therapy is not used by any positive or negative pulses.Direct current feedback to the patient does not occur.

Indications for use of bio-resonance therapy

1. First of all, biorezanansnaya therapy is indicated for the treatment of allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis (eczema, atopic dermatitis), hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

2. Has proven this method for diseases of the central nervous system.It helps with nervousness, phobias, hyperkinesia, enuresis, encephalopathy, hyperexcitability in children, sleep disorders, and vascular dystonia.

3. Quite often used bioresonance therapy in the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, such as: headaches, radiculitis, migraine, neuralgia and neuritis.

4. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system - inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints, and low back pain.

5. This therapy helps people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract: chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, and urolithiasis.

6. Diseases of the digestive system: dysbacteriosis, colitis, gastritis, gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer and 12 - duodenal ulcer.

7. Indications for use of this method are diseases of the liver and biliary tract: hepatitis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis.

8. The efficiency of such use in the sexual sphere problems, such as: adnexitis, prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

9. Endocrine diseases - insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, menstrual disorders, menopause and thyroid disease.

Allergy treatment method of bio-resonance therapy

The most effective method of bio-resonance therapy has shown in the fight against allergies.Allergies in humans is caused by increased sensitivity to any substance, such as grass pollen, animal hair, citrus fruits, etc.Using an electronic appliance vibrational information of the substance can be converted and sent to the human body.

According to the laws of physics, the imposition of a wave with its exact mirror image leads to its extinction.It should be noted that immediately cope with the allergen thus will not succeed.This is due to the complex structure of the human body.For this reason, the process must be repeated.Then, the information of allergen is gradually weakening and eventually completely dies away.But this is possible only when the allergen is well established and has a "power fluctuations".It is important to know that the removal of an allergic reaction to one substance does not mean a full recovery from addiction to allergies.

When treatment fails

can say that for the application of the method of bio-resonance therapy is virtually no boundaries.However, there are some conditions in which the use of this method of treatment is not recommended.All of these reasons can be divided into several large groups: anatomical reasons toxicosis, mental causes a deficit in the body, as well as cases in which the oscillation spectrum of the patient does not have any vital vibrations.

For anatomical reasons may include, for example, improper fusion of bone after fracture.In this case, treatment will not be effective.Not bioresonance therapy is effective also in the presence of a large number of the patient's body of toxins.You can not use this therapy to get rid of mental illness and to restore the body's lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

methods of bio-resonance therapy

Currently, there are two main types of method.The first method is an endogenous bioresonance therapy.Therapy with this is made by means of its own electromagnetic waves of a human body, specially treated.The second method - is exogenous (induction) bioresonance therapy.In this case, the impact on the patient carried out by external signals.With these signals separate organs and systems of the body are in resonance.Here, for example, may include magnetic and electric fields.These fields are modulated with the help of generators corresponding resonant chastotnoamplitudnymi algorithms.

With this type of therapy can not only treat, but also to engage in rehabilitation and prevention.This technique is compatible with any other therapeutic agent.