Diets for every day: protein-carbohydrate diet buckwheat diet, a two-week diet

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26 June 2016
diet every day

lose weight - does not mean there is not.Diets should only be reasonable to organize our diet, but do not make us starve.Try during dieting to lead an active lifestyle.For example, at lunchtime walk on the street, do not sit on the ground.On weekdays, do not overeat, leave a small allowance for holidays, we have enough.On weekdays you will receive from 1200 to 1400 kcal.

Protein-carbohydrate diet

Day 1: 400g baked potatoes without salt and 500 g of low-fat (1%), yogurt (this is for the whole day).
Day 2: 400 g fat-free yogurt and 500 g of low-fat (1%) of yogurt.
Day 3: 400 g fruits (all except bananas and grapes) and 500 g of low-fat (1%) of yogurt.
Day 4: 400 grams of boiled chicken breast without salt and 500 g of low-fat (1%) of yogurt.
Day 5: 400 g of fruits and 500 g of low-fat (1%) of yogurt.
Day 6: 1,5 liters of mineral water without gas.
Day 7: 400 g of fruits and 500 g of low-fat (1%) of yogurt.

products not replace.Do not worry that there may be so few.It's hard to just the f

irst two days.Duration of the diet - is not desired to reduce the weight.

feature of this diet is the alternation of dietary weeks with a week of conventional power.So we accustom your body to the limit the small power and at the same time not "scare" him permanently so that he has not passed on the "economical" mode of eating.

Buckwheat diet

buckwheat diet

On this diet, you can quite easily lose 7-12 kg per week.Buckwheat not only gives satiety, and simultaneously cleaning the body.

Take buckwheat, on the basis of Article 5.spoons per meal, pour boiling water, put to infuse at night, cook grits is not necessary.You can eat porridge with low-fat (1%), yogurt or yogurt, or alternate methods of cereal and yogurt.

salt can be used only in extreme cases (it "slows down" diet).How much cereal you can eat?Plenty.But kefir or yogurt - no more than 500 grams per day.Drinking water for at least 2 liters per day.

Diet designed for one week, then should take a break, at least for a month.Again week diet, then a month without it.Guaranteed - a month or two "sitting" on a diet with buckwheat you do not recognize myself.There need to mess last 4 hours before bedtime.If we are really hungry, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat a few fruits.But not every day during the diet.The two-week diet

A two-week diet

This diet is designed for fourteen days.It is assumed that two weeks you follow this diet, then make a break for two weeks, too.The diet is based on the theory that in the absence of carbohydrates you can eat all you want of meat, fish, cheese or eggs.

Vegetables - only the poor in carbohydrates, but rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.Diet very hard, we can say, cruel as it requires strict compliance with its terms.Water would have to drink 2 liters - 3 per day.

Weight loss is very fast, but at first mainly due to fluid loss.What good this diet?The feeling of hunger by consuming large amounts of protein available.Cook will have a little bit just to fry or oven meat.But every day it is necessary to clean the bowel enema.

Breakfast: orange, toast bread, wholemeal and black coffee or tea.
11:00: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, boiled beans or beans and two eggs, fried without fat, toast bread from wheat flour, black coffee or tea.
Lunch: 150 g veal, fried without fat (on a lattice), parsley, peppers or green beans, coffee or tea.

Remember diet - no more than two weeks, a break - the same two weeks.