Homeopathy : History, homeopathic medicines and drugs and their composition , principles of homeopathy .Experience and research physician Samuel Hahnemann

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26 June 2016

Homeopathy treats almost all diseases, and it is surprising, causes distrust, generates speculation and false assumptions.And if you understand how homeopathy works on the human body, to the disease, learn the principle of homeopathic remedies work, to understand what is the difference from the traditional homeopathic treatment?Maybe it shatters the myth and you will be able to take a fresh look at homeopathy?

history of homeopathy.Experience and research physician Samuel Hahnemann homeopathy

history goes back more than 200 years, and during that time people appreciated the results of homeopathic treatment, and he continues to work and benefit.

In the late 18th century, a young enterprising doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, questioned the healing practices of the time, considering the questionable use of mercury and bleeding, healing the sick and weakened man.

Catching U.Kullera translation of the book "Materia Medica", Samuel Hahnemann thought about describing the impact on the human body properties of ci

nchona bark.And six years this amazing doctor devoted to studying the effects of different substances taken from plants, animals, and more, to your body.

All his observations he methodically recorded and analyzed by conducting experiments and research for yourself.

And since 1805, Hahnemann began to publish notes in small print, formulating the basic provisions of his new theory.A little later, published a book of Samuel Hahnemann, "Organon of Rational Healing Art", which is already the second century is considered the main textbook for homeopaths around the world.

The book Hahnemann described the impact of 60 substances on the human body, and his followers added to the list more than 3,000 substances.

Considering himself a follower of Hippocrates, Hahnemann believed that the body should be a balance of vital juices, and the disease is a violation of the harmony.And the task of homeopathy in the fight against disease, and help and support of the body, "the awakening of the life-giving force," stimulating an immune response to a substance.

While traditional treatment, the disease is trying to neutralize the chemicals, often causing complications, their influence on other organs.

Homeopathic medicines can not hurt, just because of the very low concentration.However, entering into resonance with the body tuned to recovery, give excellent results.

composition of homeopathic medicines

In preparation of homeopathic remedies using minerals, plants, animals and isolation of tissue of the human body.Alcohol-based tinctures diluted 1:10, 1: 100.

Milk sugar is mixed with the drug weight and scrolls in a centrifuge, and then applied to peas diluted drug.

Besides the composition and dose, the preparation of a homeopathic remedy, it is important and the number of his shaking.

Hahnemann was considered quite successful doctor at home in Germany, he has not yet made public their views on traditional medicine and the results of homeopathic research, offering new, more effective treatments, the medical community in Germany.His assumption that the pharmacology and medicine, are moving on the wrong track, caused such resentment from colleagues that he had to go to France, where he became very popular and fashionable in the circles of high society.

Hahnemann to the reception queue of coaches in which patiently waited for people receiving the highest of high society, famous politicians, writers, and many who with interest and encouraged by a new principle for the treatment of homeopathy.

principles of homeopathy In homeopathy diagnosis is not put at all, the conclusion is based on analysis of physician information obtained from the patient, the symptoms, the patient's response to their environment, changing certain components in the selection.

Homeopaths believe the wrong division of a doctor by profession.Everything is interconnected in the human body, all the organs are dependent on each other.

Homeopathy claims that when properly exposed to the homeopathic substance on the body, the disease will go into reverse.

main provisions of this theory: from the center to the periphery, from the top down, from vital organs to less important, in the reverse order of appearance.

patient is "scroll" of his illness in reverse order.

Homeopathy in Russia

homeopathy appeared in Russia in the early 19th century.

familiar with Hahnemann Dr. Adam experienced the effects of several substances, and imbued with the confidence of a new theory of cure, made a presentation to the Russian medical community, giving the course of the development of homeopathy in Russia.

Schering German doctor practiced homeopathic medicines in the infirmary Sea Cadet Corps, the results of which are reported to Emperor Nicholas I. Family doctor Golitsyn, Osterman-Tolstoy, Admiral Mordvinova and many other noble families of St. Petersburg was a German homeopath, Dr. Herman.

in Moscow, Riga, Kiev opened a homeopathic pharmacy, where ordinary people can get affordable treatment homeopathy.

Even the clergy reacted very favorably to such treatment.But in Soviet times, homeopathy is considered a "pseudo-science" and was banned.

Homeopathy in other countries

And in Europe, America and many other countries, homeopathy continues to grow and be recognized alternative treatment.

In the UK, the royal family prefers homeopathic treatment.

In India, homeopathy is recognized by official science of healing.

Now, we rediscover the benefits of homeopathic treatment.

In Russia opened a homeopathic centers and clinics, where you can get information on any disease, consultation and treatment.