The story of the kvass kvass properties, types of kvass, how to make home brew

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28 June 2016
properties of kvass

How good on a hot day to drink a mug of invigorating drink.Today we talk about kvass.I'll try to start with the basics, I will tell you where and when there was a brew of its beneficial properties, on what kinds of kvass there are, of course, I will describe a couple of recipes beloved beverage.

history kvass

appearance of this refreshing drink has its roots in antiquity.There are the first mention of the drink, which was a cross between beer and kvass, these records are subsidized even 6 thousand. BC, we can not say exactly who owns "the idea of" kvass, but notes from Egypt.There are also facts about the fruit Kvass from Babylon.Such a drink in his writings described the Greeks Hippocrates and Herodotus.

In Russia kvass appeared little more than a thousand years ago, while the eastern Slavs possessed knowledge of making kvass long before the formation of Kievan Rus.But the first "official" sources that are subsidized 989 year read: "After the baptism of Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavovych commanded t

he multitude" food, honey and kvass. "In general, the brew has become everyday and widespread drink, which was available to all, it was prepared by the monks and peasants, soldiers and landowners.It was believed that not only brew quenches thirst, but also relieves fatigue.And today, this wonderful drink is popularly loved.

history kvass

way such recognizable yellow barrels on the streets today - a legacy of the Soviet Union, it was then that they were established "tanks on wheels" insulated ATSPT-0.9.

Properties of kvass Kvass

- contains alcohol, depending on the "leaven" and the recipe, it contains from 0.7 to 2.6%.Do not recommend the use of children kvass (a clear age limit does not exist, but children up to 3 years, it is better not to drink), besides kvass is not helpful for people with liver disease, in particular with cirrhosis, hypertension and gastritis.All others are welcome.Indeed, in kvass it contains a huge amount of enzymes, as well as a high percentage of vitamins B1 and E, and other beneficial vitamins and amino acids and trace elements.

Kvass delicious drink, he quenches thirst, this is due to high content of acetic and lactic acids.In addition, the brew - an excellent Energy.A content of carbon dioxide, helps your digestion, its effect similar to that of acidophilus, kefir or yogurt.Another property of kvass, it increases appetite.Adjusts and improves metabolic processes in the body, acts as an internal antiseptic, improves the cardiovascular system.Due to the high nutritional value, brew consumed in the post, and in the lean years was the drink, many rescued from starvation.

Types kvass

on the filling is kvass: bread and fruit.

Grain kvass - traditional Russian drink.The raw material for the manufacture of such kvass is whole wheat flour, sugar, malt (barley and rye), yeast, bread kvass, lactic acid bacteria and water.Today, producing a large range of kvass kvass for hash, bread kvass and other beverages based on cereal raw materials.Kvass can store up to 2 days at a temperature of from 2 to 12 ° C.

fruit and berry brew - is a drink based on the juice, fruit drinks or extract.It is obtained by fermenting wort, and the above ingredients.

Today at the store you can buy ready-made leavened concentrate and prepare a wonderful drink at home, without any extra "problems."

How to brew at home?

Well, for those who prefer traditional recipes can give a couple more for the collection.So we prepare home brew.

1. kvass "Peter".
You will need: 1 liter of kvass, 2h.spoons of honey, 25 g of horseradish, 4-5 edible ice cubes.Dissolve the honey in a slightly warmed bread kvass.Adding milled horseradish.And it should be tight-fitting infusions for 10-12 hours, after you need to brew filter.Serve this brew should be ice cubes.

2. Kvass "Boyarsky»
You will need: 5 liters of water, 1 kg of stale rye bread, 1.3 kg sugar, 1 tablespoon flour and 60 g of yeast, you can still add a little mint.
First, prepare the leaven, the yeast with flour breed in warm water and set them for a while in a warm place.Bread diced pour boiling water and leave to cool to 30-40 degrees, then you need to add a starter and mint infusion.Insist night, filter and add the sugar.This brew can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 days.

3. Kvass «Russian»
You will need: 1 kg rye bread crumbs, 200 g sugar, 50 g yeast, 50 g of raisins and 6 liters of water.
Rusk pour boiling water (5 liters), after 6-8 hours strain, in the resulting liquid is added sugar, yeast diluted (in 1 liter of water) and raisins, leave for a day in a warm place, and then put in the cold.Especially good a brew on the fourth day.

Drink kvass - invigorating Quench your thirst!

Author: Tasha Tashireva