Types of breathing : lower breathing ( abdominal breathing ) , an upper breath ( breath -feeding ) , mid- lateral breathing ( breathing rib )

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28 June 2016
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In Eastern medicine for the treatment of a disease much attention is paid to breathing.Indeed, breathing exercises - it is a very powerful tool that can be used to effectively manage not only their emotions, feelings, and health.

There are three types of breathing: the lower, upper and middle-side.Each of them has different effects on the functioning of the organism.

Lower breathing - abdominal breathing

Lower breathing - is abdominal breathing.As you inhale through the nose as much as possible inflates the abdomen and chest and shoulders remain still and do not rise.

Try to take a few deep breaths, using the lower respiration.For convenience, place one hand on your stomach and the other on the chest.Hand lying on his stomach, during inhalation will rise, and the other hand will remain still.Listen to your feelings.Most likely, you will feel a surge of warmth to the hands and feet.This demonstrates the redistribution of power from top to bottom.

fact that the diaphragm is a kind of boundary betwee

n energy and information centers.All that is located below the diaphragm - the body's energy supply, all the centers above the diaphragm - information reinforcements.

When abdominal breathing stimulates the flow of excess energy from the half of the information that is redistributed in the lower part and the energy is fed.Therefore, if you have a headache or you feel mental fatigue, you need to lower the breath breathe.Enough to make 5-7 deep breaths - and back to you ease of mind.Therefore, the stress, headache removed lower breathing, that is, the redistribution of power from top to bottom.

upper breath - breath-feeding

Conversely, if you experience drowsiness, lack of tone, lack of energy from the intense exercise, it is necessary to use the upper breathing.Take a few breaths, the maximum inflating the chest and abdomen leaving fixed (as opposed to the lower breathing).Put one hand on his chest, the other - on the stomach.Inhalation shoulders and chest should be lifted, and the stomach should remain fixed.If done correctly, this exercise, you will feel a surge of energy to the head - redistribution from bottom to top.This tone your body will increase considerably, and storing of information will increase dramatically.

FAQ-side breath - breath rib

third type of respiration - secondary side, or rib breathing.Breathe without raising any stomach or chest.Breathe like some ribs.This will perform a complete alignment of biocapacity, uniform distribution of biofield.It is found that mid-lateral breathing effectively removes attacks of bronchial asthma.

Sometimes it is useful to breathe shallow breathing barely noticeable.Imagine that you are - the ocean.The wind swoops and stirs the surface of the ocean.The respiration rate, the greater the fluctuations in water.The smoother and quieter we breathe, the smaller the undulation of water space.

As usual breathe when they want to remain invisible?Slowly, barely holding their breath.In the ocean, complete calm, tranquility.That this are shallow breathing.We kind of dropped out of the general rhythm, space, the undulation of the biosphere and the noosphere reduced to a minimum, and they do not hurt other people.We become invisible, inaudible, invisible.

So, we have considered several options for breathing.To better navigate some breathing apply in this situation, let's summarize our knowledge.

If something hurts below the diaphragm (e.g., stomach cramps, pain in menstrual cycles), as well as to raise blood pressure, respiration, use top.

To remove all the unpleasant, painful feelings above the diaphragm (stress, fatigue, headaches, fatigue, lack of tone), and to lower blood pressure, lower use of breath.

Mid-lateral breathing helps to restore the balance, to relax, as well as to minimize the swaying of the biosphere and the noosphere and become invisible.