The road to health.

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28 June 2016
Way to Health

be healthy - it means to be the mistress of his health.What causes our compatriots of their working life in which there is no place for the health care?What cares the least healthy woman?Many of us did not hesitate to answer: of course, about your health!Fortunately, not all live by this principle.

We are now a greater appreciation for life, or rather, the quality of life.Health estimated a majority on the fact: here it is, but it is not.However, there is a formal, you could say, objective definition of health.According to the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social peace, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

our physical health depends on lifestyle.

concentrated expression of the relationship lifestyle and health is the concept of "healthy lifestyle".

Obviously, if we do not love life, to fight for a full spiritual and physical longevity, then no modern science, medicine and the recipes will not help.Do not expect miracles.

Let's start to build our "house of health" from the foundation, with our physical body, with our body.If we do not leave any chance illness live in our bodies, we will be doomed to health.The famous expression: "Health - is not everything, but without health everything - nothing," certainly refers to the physical side of health.

Fidel Castro's personal physician proposes "six rules" of health and happiness.

fact that his famous patient is currently involved in a special national program to enhance physical health - "Club of 120-year-old."Recipes following:

  • proper nutrition;
  • exercise;
  • reading books;
  • clean environment;
  • preventive measures;
  • willpower.

youth and health concern all aspects of human life, and not just its physical form.Nothing can not be neglected if aspire to the health and well-being.

is essential that you have configured at installation on the path to health and youth.Here are some of its elements:
1. Take responsibility for your health.Realize that it is you, your lifestyle, determine the level of your youth.
2. Force yourself to believe that you are the mistress of your life and destiny.The feeling of helplessness destroys any good motivation relieve us of responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.The belief that you have no control over their lives, can be a strong negative factor.
3. To all that you do in life, treat responsibly.The belief that you are busy worthy cause, increases self-esteem, which in itself contributes to the well-being and is an important motivation for a healthy lifestyle.
4. Have the courage to confront the difficulties of life.Remember that the world is constantly changing and thrive in it only those people who belong to these changes as a source of new opportunities.
5. Maintain an optimistic outlook on life.Love life and aspire to enjoy it.Optimist always look younger pessimistok.
6. tolerated in their own defects and shortcomings of others.Increased demands on themselves to the inevitable doom of human failure.A demand perfection from others creates difficulties in relationships with others.
7. Think more about others than about themselves.Self-centered people tend to focus on any, most insignificant problems than shorten your life at risk and helpless insignificant difficulties that other people simply do not pay attention.
8. always count on health rather than disease.Positive expectations tend to come true.

During the life of each of us can improve their health and achieve ever higher levels of well-being.Best efforts of doctors can not guarantee us health.Nobody can make a charge for us, time to relax, to give up cigarettes.Our health and well-being - the work of our hands.