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28 June 2016
Separate meals Herbert Shelton

of the founders of a separate food is considered the most prominent American nutritionist, naturopath, Herbert Shelton, devoted to the study of this issue 40 years of life.His book, "The right combination of foods" was published July 10, 1928 and has since enjoyed great popularity.

In 1939, Herbert Shelton founded the "School of Health" in which primary importance was attached to feeding - specific vegetarian, separately and in combination with starvation - "physiological cleansing and relaxation."

«The less complex mixture of food, the simpler our meals, the more efficient digestion can be expected," - formulated the basic thesis of Mr. Shelton.In everyday life, Herbert Shelton recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • eat simple food prepared of the few types of products (it is digested better and with minimal impact on the digestive organs, and if a person uses at one time one kind of food he eats less than thethe availability of food, consisting of many products; diversity leads to glutton
    y, overeating and hinders the process of digestion);
  • start the day with a meal of juicy fruits and berries, eating them raw (whole and not more than three kinds);
  • eat for at least one day a large portion of salad of raw vegetables (not more than four kinds at once);
  • eat as many nuts - they provide a person's need for protein and can replace products which serve as sources of animal protein (meat, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs);
  • fats consumed in extreme moderation;
  • cooking products within the shortest time;
  • cereals as completely as possible to withdraw from the supply (as an exception, you can eat cereals milk-wax ripeness, sprouts, dry whole grain cereals, combining them with plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables, from cereals to be abandoned);
  • eliminate from the diet of sugar and other industrial products (fine flour, white rice, pasteurized milk, canned food, concentrates);
  • eliminate the intake of salt, spices, seasonings;
  • drink only clean water;
  • to respect the meals (morning and daily diet should be light and small in size, basic food you need to eat in the evening).

«Different food in different strokes" - another thesis of Herbert Shelton.It is built on the assumption that the various types of food require different processing of the body of digestive juices.Shelton believed that proteins, fats and carbohydrates, being at the same time in the stomach, prevent absorption of each other, since the acidic and alkaline enzymes react neutralization.According to Shelton, particularly bad combination starchy and protein products.

From this point of view it is absolutely unacceptable in a food patty with meat, milk porridge, sandwiches with cheese or sausage, cheese and yogurt with fruit fillings.

strict criteria of compatibility of products put forward by H. Shelton, can be explained by the fact that at the beginning of the XX century.It was not yet know the exact composition of foods.

Though, in modern terms, the theory Shelton power is debatable, it still remains one of the most popular (it only modified under the current conditions).Recommendations separate food at one time held Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov.

right food for Herbert Shelton

1. not eat at once incompatible foods, namely:
a) proteins and carbohydrates (do not need to eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, nuts and other protein foodsalong with bread, cereals, potatoes, pastries, sweet fruit);
b) two protein concentrate (meat, fish, meat and eggs, and nuts, meat, eggs and milk, cheese and eggs, cheese, nuts, etc.);
c) proteins fats (butter and oil with meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and other proteins);
g) sour fruits with proteins (tomatoes with cheese or eggs, and meat with vinegar or tomato juice);
d) acid and carbohydrate foods (bread, potatoes, peas, beans, cereals, sugar, honey, jam along with sour grapes, tomatoes, plums, citrus, sorrel, apples);
e) carbohydrates with carbohydrates (potatoes, sweet pastries);
g) of sugar with other carbohydrates (cakes with jam, sugary cereals and pasta casseroles, jam and honey bread or in a reception with cereals and potatoes).
2. Melon (like watermelon), there is always separately.
3. milk drink alone or even abandon it.

Based on these rules H. Shelton has developed a table of compatibility of products.In accordance with her in the preparation of the diet is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • all protein foods: meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cottage cheese are combined with non-starchy green vegetables;
  • milk is only compatible with acidic fruit;
  • green vegetables combined with protein, starchy, fatty foods;
  • grain products are compatible with green vegetables, animal or vegetable fats;
  • legumes (except legumes) upotrebimo with green vegetables;
  • fats combined with grain products and green vegetables;
  • sour fruits and berries are compatible with nuts and milk;
  • other fruits and berries are combined with milk products;
  • nuts can be eaten with green vegetables, sour fruits, they can not be combined with protein, starchy, fatty and sugary foods, milk.

Sample menu of separate power supply for Herbert Shelton.Option 1

1st breakfast : any fruit in season (but not more than three kinds at a time).
desirable in one day to prepare breakfast of sour fruit, and the next day - sweet.In the winter months you can replace fresh fruits dried in the sun - raisins, dried apricots, prunes, etc.
2nd breakfast: vegetable salad (no tomatoes), one boiled green vegetables and starchy foods (such as potatoes).
Lunch (dinner): big salad of raw vegetables, cooked non-starchy vegetable, two, and protein product (if nuts or cottage cheese, the salad can include tomatoes).Sample menu

separate food for Herbert Shelton.Option 2

1st breakfast (choice): oranges;grape, apple;soaked prunes, apple or pear;some dried fruit and figs;watermelon or cantaloupe.
2nd breakfast (choice): vegetable salad, carrots, beets, spinach;vegetable salad, raw cereals;green peas, carrots;salad with sour fruit and 100 g peeled walnuts;vegetable salad and cottage cheese.
Lunch and dinner (choice of): vegetable salad, spinach, nuts;salad of raw vegetables;apples, nuts;salad, radish with leaves, nuts;salad with sour fruit and 100 grams of cottage cheese.Sample menu

separate food for Herbert Shelton.Option 3

1st breakfast (choice): melon;grapes, pear, a few dates;orange, grapefruit;apples, figs or prunes.
2nd breakfast (choice): lettuce, cucumber and celery, spinach (steamed), baked potatoes;lettuce, radishes, green peppers, baked cauliflower, carrots (for a couple);lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, beets with tops, a piece of whole wheat bread;lettuce, spinach (steamed), baked potatoes, bread and butter.
Lunch and dinner (choice of): lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes, spinach, nuts;celery and radishes, cabbage (for a couple), a piece of grilled meat;vegetable salad, tomatoes, celery, eggplant (per pair), spinach, egg.