What does the language?

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28 June 2016
sore tongue

As language can suspect many ailments.Consider it carefully in the mirror, make files and ... pass inspection.

9 questions about language

1. It began periodically to accumulate plaque?

language is heavily coated with colds, gastritis, cholecystitis and other diseases.However, plaque can occur against the background of overall health, if you do not have a habit to clean the tongue in the morning and evening.

Unbelievable but true: 95% of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease, it is home to the language, not the teeth.Its surface is covered with microscopic ridges: it's just a luxury housing for bacteria forming plaque!They feel great here and actively proliferate.

your actions: during brushing and do not forget about the language!Shoot him plaque ordinary toothbrush or one that is equipped with a special pad on the back of the head.Minute hygienic procedure, performed regularly in the morning and evening, the body heals no worse than hour massage!

Important!Pay attention to the col

or of the raid.Experts on Chinese medicine has long believed that the white coating indicates respiratory infection (the common cold to pneumonia), yellow - the problems with the stomach, intestine or spleen, bluish-gray - in the human liver.If on the surface of the tongue have seen deposits of all colors, no doubt remained - the patient's consumption (tuberculosis).However, advance to wind itself is not necessary.Remember that eating.If this was the blueberry pie that you washed down with carrot or orange juice, surprising palette of the language is not necessary!

2. Worried about bad breath?

Most of us believe that the whole thing in trouble with the stomach, as well as in the use of onions, garlic and other foods with a specific smell.However, with the sharp smell of the food we usually avoid, and gastric diseases, not everyone is suffering, though the problem of bad breath experienced by all.

blame for this certain species of bacteria that accumulate in the language: the unpleasant smell rises mainly from its surface.Living here bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide and other odorous compounds.The specific "flavor" you can kill the chewing gum or mouthwash, but only for a while.To stay fresh breath, you need to remove bacterial plaque.The more carefully you remove it, the more noticeable the effect of refreshing!

your actions: in this case bubblegum fresheners and oral far less effective than a toothbrush.If it is not at hand, you can simply wipe the language handkerchief, disposable paper better.

3. At the edge of the language found imprints of the teeth?

If there are no signs of inflammation (pain, redness, plaque, ulcers on the surface), the more likely you overdo elementary food, because your tongue and swells.Another possible reason for this phenomenon - iodine deficiency, which is especially acute in winter.

Big swollen tongue - one of the typical signs of decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism).

to operate at full capacity, and for the body to produce sufficient amounts of hormones, thyroid gland needs iodine.

your actions: take supplements containing iodine, eat kelp, shrimp, oysters, crab, mackerel, tuna and all other seafood.

4. Are treated with antibiotics - language inflamed, swollen, it closely in the mouth?

Examine it closely in the mirror.Because of longitudinal and transverse grooves, stains the white plaque and free it from the body parts of the form of speech does not matter?It looks like mycotic glossit - inflammation of the tongue caused by a fungal infection (most often - thrush).Destroy all other microorganisms you gave her carte blanche to uncontrolled settlement.

your actions: to avoid such troubles, along with antibacterial agents always take antifungal - Nystatin and levorin (the latter can dissolve the cheek).Or treat sore tongue antifungal solutions, such as borax in glycerine or a special liquid with clotrimazole.

If your language is as if "painted" a sign of deficiency of vitamin B12.Replenish his lack of vitamin complexes.

5. there is a slight burning sensation on the tongue?It looks like it polished?

This is a sign of deficiency cyano-cobalamin - vitamin B12, which is involved in the formation of red blood cells.When it is not enough (this happens in strict vegetarians and those who often and long dieting), develops a particular form of anemia - megaloblastic anemia.Its something and are recognized by the "lacquered" language.

your actions: hand over the clinical analysis of blood (fingerstick) - with the variety of anemia found in the blood erythrocytes large with large nuclei (megaloblasts).
take vitamin complexes with cyanocobalamin and folic acid required for its assimilation (after consulting a doctor).
Include in the diet of animal products rich in vitamin B12: beef, pork, egg yolks, fish, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream.

6. Bite your tongue?We burned hot tea?Rubbed braces?

Fortunately, such injuries heal quickly, if you eliminate the traumatic factor.Thank for this need to spit.No wonder that experts compare it with the water of life of Russian fairy tales!

Scientists have discovered a special protein in the saliva - epidermal growth factor (EGF), which has unique wound-healing properties.By its action the mucous membrane of tongue and gums is updated much faster than the skin.

your actions: take the sparing diet until the damaged area is restored.Cools food, boiled vegetables, apples bake in the oven - crude fiber causing further injury.
2-3 times a day to make the bath with the language soda solution (a teaspoon in a glass of warm water), chamomile extract (a tablespoon per cup of water) or mouthwash.Dial a little fluid in the mouth and hold it for 1-2 minutes.

7. Language hurts the tip or root?I feel tingling?Any discomfort?They are amplified in the evening?

Likewise can manifest disease of the stomach and intestines, vitamin deficiencies, allergies to filling material, dentures and chewing gum, gynecological pathology, neurological and endocrine disorders.

your actions: must be a comprehensive survey!

8. In the language is drawn like a physical map of the world?

not surprised his discovery!Symptom "geographic tongue" has long been known to physicians.We are talking about a special form of its inflammation - exfoliative glosses.The surface layer of cells sometimes peeled because of which on the back and side surfaces of the body of red spots appear round or irregular shape, framed inflammatory whisk.After 2-3 days, the epithelial layer is restored by itself: the old foci disappear from the surface of the tongue, but, alas, in the adjacent areas are formed new ones.Since the processes of exfoliation and regeneration of the epithelium occur unevenly, outlines spots change all the time and they themselves continually migrate.Their shape is somewhat reminiscent of the continents, because of what language, in fact, is like a map.

As a rule, no discomfort people with no experience, only occasionally (and even then not all) there is pain while eating.Therefore, a symptom of "geographic tongue" - often accidental find.Do not leave it unattended!It may indicate infection with worms or latent diseases of the digestive system - gastritis, ulcers, colitis, biliary dyskinesia ...

your actions: refer to a gastroenterologist, hand over a blood test to check the stool helminth eggs, do an ultrasound.
Take a multivitamin with minerals: their deficit - one of the reasons "geographic tongue".

9. The language began to totter, it became fuzzy?

This happens when cerebrovascular disorders.Stick out your tongue, trying to keep it centered, stretch to the tip of the nose to the chin and then if it deviates to the side of the middle line, the more likely the diagnosis!It is important not to allow the brain to burst catastrophe: in the early hours it is also quite real.

your actions: call an ambulance, then lie down and resorbed under the tongue 10 pills glycine, one after another.
Check the pressure: if it is raised, reducing its take medication.

About 17% of people decorating language Earring, suffered from severe bleeding, sudden allergies, infections ereznoy ...

killer piercing

17% of people who pierced tongue, suffered from bleeding, allergies, infections, and even... lightning!

during vacation young Englishwoman got into a violent storm on the Greek island of Corfu.Lightning rebounded from the stone arches and the girl got straight into wort language.Conductor electrical discharge was the metal shackle.Poor thing badly burned his mouth, eyes, face and feet.She is blind and numb for three days, but her life was out of danger.

Some suffering not only pierce the organ of speech, and dissect it like a witch language (obtained forked tongue).This operation today is popular among American youth.Himself incision is not visible for the teeth, but constantly reminds himself of acquired lisp.But you can cut the halves to move individually, giving kisses piquancy.However, untrained partner can experience the shock of such a pleasure.

such "decoration" have already got about 2 million Americans.What drives them to it?Rather, the desire to shocking.

Against chlenovreditelskoy fashion made government of Illinois.They have prepared a bill according to which the language is equivalent to cutting the grievous injury and punishable by imprisonment.This view is shared by the military: one pilot from the base "Seymour Johnson 'in North Carolina had to hastily cut sew language to keep their jobs!