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28 June 2016
how to deal with constipation

«habit more than we have been given, it is the replacement of happiness," - said the great Russian poet AlexanderPushkin.

Alas!In our time, it all depends on commercial interests.Even habits, customs, usually imposed on society through increased advertising.Unfortunately, the conclusions of many scientists often come from the existing rules, especially when it comes to culinary tastes.

Making modern diets are usually constructed based on three main principles.
1. Food should be "high-calorie" to saturate fewer rights.
2. It must be quick and easy to prepare, since modern man is always "no time."
3. Food should be swallowed easily and appetizing - modern man released so little joy and it is absolutely no time for chewing.

In accordance with these requirements of our time meat, canned food, milk, cereal, bread, semi-peeled fresh-frozen fruits have a greater advantage over the raw, natural fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds.They are more and more saturated.They are easier to prepare to satisfy hunger

, and nobody not particularly chews - because they are soft and cooked.Especially soft white bread - it is easier to chew than the dried black.A pre-packaged (frozen) products, which are simply being squeezed fresh!With them a lot less fuss in the kitchen!Even fresh fruit juices replace canned juices.

This kind of power gives a man independent of the woman, and a woman "free" from the kitchen.You just need to learn how to uncover the container or tin.

And we do not think about that in a few years, this way of eating leads to disease.Strong by nature, strong people keep a little longer weak, but the heaviest consequences of such power to affect the offspring: children start to hurt from the first days of birth.The first sign of malnutrition - constipation.This is the onset of serious violations in the work of the whole organism.

be aware of constipation?

Many pay little attention to the irregular chair if it does not cause them discomfort.And those who chair happens every day, and even at the same clock, believe that everything is in order.

But "those who suffer from some chronic disease, should know - says M. Goren, - they have a chair should be twice a day, and in the case of serious illness, especially with fever, - three times a day.If the chair is less likely, especially at elevated temperatures, it should be assumed that a person has constipation. "

Many African peoples norm is three-time chair.Followers of natural therapies believe that it is - an indicator of normal work of the gastrointestinal tract.

As people accustom themselves to proper nutrition, cleansing his stomach will be fuller and more frequent.Instead, small amounts of malodorous "sausages" will go out easily, without much effort, a large amount of weight, almost devoid of bad smell, stop start a disgusting smell from the mouth, the skin will get healthy color.

of the chair - it's a matter of habit and education.The more food, the more frequent should be the chair.

If a person eats mostly natural (natural) food, that is,fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, it can achieve a systematic, complete, frequent cleansing.But as soon as he uses an unnatural for yourself foods rich improper for him protein (eggs, meat, fish, hard cheese, bread), there is a bad smell of excrement, reduced their number, disrupted the rhythm of secretions from the bowel, pain and eventually peoplebegins to suffer from chronic constipation.

And the reason is that the human body alien to animal proteins.His intestines are digested poorly, their undigested particles accumulate and rot.This causes changes in the intestinal flora, particularly in the colon, resulting in damage.As a result, beginning constipation.The colon becomes a habitat for microorganisms - the enemies of our body waste accumulate in the human body, and toxic bacteria, toxic emissions are absorbed into the bloodstream and are carried to all the cells of our body.Blame - constipation.

main causes of constipation

1. The poor condition of the spine.
2. Offset or modification of the nasal septum.
3. Blocked diaphragm.
4. Power unnatural products (jams, canned).
5. Insufficient water intake (less than 2.5 liters).
6. Improper combination products.
7. Failure to supply natural physiological cycles.
8. Psychoemotional factors.

How to deal with constipation?

Treatment of constipation usual laxative provides only temporary relief.If you do not establish the cause of constipation is to achieve stable and complete cure is not possible.Constipation can be defeated in three ways:

  • radical change in power.
  • orderly way of life (time to eat, sleep, work).
  • With food, containing an abundance of fiber.

role of dietary fiber in the fight against constipation

slow excretion of feces due to lack of fiber promotes excessive growth of bacteria.Any concentration of bacteria in the intestines automatically entails the emergence of conditions for the appearance of tumors.That is why people in the menu with too many fats, animal protein, sugar, alcohol, not only changed the gut flora, but forced to work on the wear of the gallbladder and pancreas - to allocate too much bile, pancreatic juices and hormones.This increases the risk of cancer.No wonder cancer and rectal tumors are more common than other types of cancer, as it is in the rectum longest are stool, providing breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria.Tips to eat foods rich in fiber - not news, as well as to drink fresh water.But until now, people do not care about providing yourself with natural fibers, purifying their intestinal tract.Go to the cooked and refined foods stripped of fiber food and gave us civilization diseases.

Power constipation.What foods are rich in fiber?

1. Raw fruits: prunes, apples, fresh plums, pears, bananas, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apricots (dried apricots, dried apricots, Kaisa), all dried fruit, raisins, strawberries, peaches.They must be well-chewed, wetting with saliva before swallowing.
2. Raw vegetables: peas, parsley, dill, cilantro, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, celery, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers.Good chewing them relieve you from constipation, periodontal disease, any gastrointestinal diseases.
3. Nuts: almonds, wood, walnut, peanuts, etc., white seeds.They must be clean and crush or chew on the front teeth and do not overeat.They are best absorbed together with green vegetables.Never connect them with honey.
4. whole-grain bread, bran, germ, oatmeal, buckwheat, corn grits, bran.

If all this add sour milk, then your diet would be complete.He will feed, heal, purify, to restore the body's cells.

most active element in the fiber, which lowers cholesterol, save us from heart disease, blood vessels, intestines - is silicon.Particularly rich in this element bran.

Today, scientists say that silicon determines the effectiveness of the bran.Cleaning products from cellulose, we deprive them of silicon.That is why we must always remember:
1) to eat raw vegetables and fruits as possible to the skin;
2) long and chew them;
3) in vegetable salads to add 1-2 teaspoons of bran.

Cellulose - a "roughage."It gives a feeling of satiety and does not cause obesity.It quickly passes through the digestive tract, enveloping and dragging the particles are not learned in blood.It reduces the production of insulin and cholesterol, saving power pancreas.It inhibits the conversion of sugar into fat.

believed that enough to replace 300 g white bread, 300 g of dried black to double the daily intake of fiber, so necessary for our gastrointestinal tract.

How to provide your body with fiber?

group of British scientists from the University of Edinburgh suggests: to provide the body with a daily norm of fiber should be added to food daily 1 teaspoon with the top (15 g) and bran to eat 200 grams of fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose.Instead of 15 g of bran can take 65 g of wheat flour from the raw wheat, buckwheat, rye.

If droppings are easily distinguished, has a soft consistency, the pulp in the body enough, and constipation can not be.