Sleep for a woman : the phase of sleep , lack of sleep and its consequences , time to sleep , how to prepare for sleep and how to choose the pillow

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29 June 2016
a dream for women

Dream - is a puzzle, the solution of which employs the best minds of humanity, but there is still no consensus about the nature of sleep and its true purpose.

I do not doubt that many of you have withdrawn so useful employment as a dream, a very short time.After all, so much to manage, especially if you are doing well «business - woman», but also has a caring mother and a loving wife.What really is a dream ?!Man holds in his sleep about a third of all life.Moreover - you say - "profukannyh" from the years "75", which we have meted out "25" in the dream, unheard of luxury.I will try to convince you of this, especially since you are a woman, and should be able to afford the luxury.Sleep is not only a cure for the psychological and mental health problems, but also a wonderful cosmetic tool to help keep youth and beauty.In this article, the story goes that a phase of sleep, what threatens us with lack of sleep, how much time you need to sleep, how to get ready for bed and pillow which to choose.

sleep phase

Dream - the phenomenon has not been fully studied, but it is customary to "divide" a dream for five repeated cycles.In one such cycle, the four phases - slow-wave sleep, the fifth phase - the phase of "rapid eye movement" or paradoxical.During paradoxical phase, brain activity is at its peak, bringing us to a regime awake eyeballs at this point, move under the closed eyelids.As a rule, the dreams we see it in this phase.They are more vivid, and remain in the memory after waking.During slow-wave sleep, too, there are dreams, but these dreams, we almost do not remember, moreover, in this phase, they are more difficult and unpleasant, nightmares we dream is in this phase.

lack of sleep.The consequences of lack of sleep

lack of sleep can dramatically affect the immune defenses of your body, besides lack of sleep deprives your ability to perceive and navigate in your environment, you are not normal thinking, long-term sleep disorders occur psychopathy, decreased performance, dysmotility, and evenlowering body temperature and slower rate.Inhibition of the production of hormones, nervous exhaustion and dulling of brain response, this is what can cause a chronic lack of sleep.The body recovers during sleep.Another shortcoming of a chronic lack of sleep - the skin gets an earthy color, besides the hair to become brittle and fall out.

Time to sleep

course, the need of the body during sleep is different, mainly depends on the age.Newborn babies should sleep about 20-23 hours a day for their first year of life, the child should sleep at least 18 hours, at the age of 2-4 years are given to sleep for a couple of hours ahead of 16-year-olds need to sleep at least 9hours.Adult sleep need take at least 7-8 hours a day.If there is a possibility - to sleep during the day - always use it.

ready for bed

If you sleep during the day, it is important that this dream was full, intermittent and restless sleep to nothing after it, you will feel "broken."And it was the day the dream, has a healthy effect.

Before going to bed, relax your body, take a warm bath, but do not sit there for an hour, it is enough for 10-15 minutes.After the bath is good to massage your feet, for this procedure is better to use any massage oil.Comb your hair, the best wooden comb, a great effect to relieve stress and tension accumulated during the day.It is not necessary abundantly late dinner, but not worth going to bed on an empty stomach, it is equally bad.Do not drink soft drinks.Ventilate the room before going to bed, the most comfortable temperature for a restful sleep - 18 degrees.Do not close yourself in Kuta pajamas.Natural fabrics and your night clothes - as a pledge of deep and restful sleep.

Choosing a pillow.How to choose the pillow?

choose the pillow

Since ancient times, as a filler for pillows used the feathers of birds.This filler has its advantages and disadvantages, the main of which is that in down-feather pillows mites infest, which, in turn, are the cause of allergic reactions.In modern industry, found counterparts, which in their qualities are not inferior to natural fillers, and are suitable for people with asthma and susceptible to allergens.The most popular and common and fillers - fayberlon, komforel, imitation swan's down.But it is important not only inside, but also the fact that the outside cover should be made of natural fabrics.So, what is komforel and fayberlon?Komforel - a filler in the form of beads that hold the shape, made of synthetic fibers, suitable for fans and high elastic cushions.Substitute swansdown - siliconized durable to use, fiber cushions with filler suitable for lovers of soft pillows.Fayberlon - a reservoir filler is mainly used for making blankets, but there are pillows fayberlona, ​​it does not lose its shape after washing, not break, pleasant to the touch, and most importantly - it's breathing.Choose a pillow to your preference, the main thing that you were in it comfortably.

Calm deep sleep, you, and pleasant dreams.