Chinese medicine.

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30 June 2016
Chinese medicine.

last Olympic Games were held under the flag of China.It's no joke, 51 gold medal!Chinese athletes were strong, even in sports, which were previously considered outsiders.Now that the fuss over the Olympic athletes, doctors and ordinary citizens of the Earth began to wonder about the reasons for such a bright success in China.

Some even accused China of applying unknown doping.However, most experts and orientalists of the opinion that China has used in the preparation of athletes stimulating and mobilizing the body not prohibited local folk remedies and various methods of Chinese medicine.

While the rest of the world is at a loss, try not to waste time and get to know Chinese medicine closely as possible to the originator of such overwhelming success of the Chinese people.Perhaps this will help us to amateur athletes to be in great shape.


widespread and beloved by the Chinese gymnastics Qigong known since ancient times.The purpose of the exercises is the accumulation of the vital energy Qi, r

esponsible for the excellent work of the body.The Chinese believed that life energy Qi moving along energy meridians, ensures human health and strength.The body is viewed as a whole, where all systems and organs function together harmoniously combining body and soul.In violation of the circulation of Qi body loses its rhythm, as a result of the internal organs are affected and the person gets sick.Chinese gymnastics Qigong is designed to ensure the smooth flow of energy in all meridians, thereby fueling every corner of the body.

Chinese believe that Qigong can help in the treatment, prevention of disease, the general strengthening of the body.I must say, lessons are available to all Qigong, gymnastics can engage both adults and children, regardless of age and athletic training.Movement exercises not only help strengthen the immune, endocrine and other systems, but also has a considerable impact on the psycho-emotional engaged.In addition, experts say that Qigong is able to mobilize and concentrate fully on the person extracting energy latent in the body and to use it in extreme situations.


Another way of treating and preventing diseases is widely used not only in China but throughout the world.This acupuncture or, more simply, acupuncture.The method consists in the introduction of specially designed thin needles into specific areas, which according to the teachings are responsible for the operation of the various systems of the body.Acupuncture is able to provide soothing, restorative action, and also eliminates the diseases and chronic illnesses.The effectiveness of this treatment is no doubt, if only because, in the case of injury or sudden arising pain and Chinese and Europeans, and people of any nationality and religion instinctively rubs place, causing discomfort.And what's interesting: the pain dulled-or at least so it seems.Actually, this observation was the beginning of acupuncture.At first, struggled with pain by pressure, and later became the main tool doctors needle.

general Chinese medicine considers the human being as part of nature.Man and nature are interrelated as well as internal organs to each other - Chinese doctors say.Therefore, Chinese medicine is increasingly turning to nature for help, rather than to the modern scientific achievements in the field of medicine.The Chinese believe that if there is a disease, then we must not fight with her, and with her cause.Simply put, you need to find a tattered link energy meridians and restore it for the free passage of energy through the system, thereby providing the vital breath of the body as a whole.

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