The composition and properties of milk thistle oil

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01 July 2016
thistle oil

No one would have thought that this thorny weed that we, like many other countries, called thistles, so has unique healing properties.Preparations thistle - which is how botanists call this plant, without exaggeration, can save people from death, healing of heavy, often considered incurable diseases.

People of the ancient world were well aware of the properties of milk thistle, and believed in its healing;After the advent of Christianity the power plants associated with the milk of Our Lady, identifying him white stripes on its leaves.

Greece broth thistle fruits treated several thousand years ago;Romans also guessed that milk thistle protects and restores the liver - in Europe, still it can help treat hepatitis and cirrhosis.

about the chemical composition of milk thistle learned in 1968: the components there are about 200, and it is impossible to mention all, but the main ingredient, causes its unique properties - is silymarin.This material is difficult, and is a complex of natural substances with

an extremely high biological activity, have a powerful antiokisdantnymi properties and promotes regeneration of liver cells, even with incurable diseases - such as cirrhosis.

Based thistle created many effective drugs, but the most valuable of them, most experts believe thistle oil , used to treat many diseases of different nature.

composition and properties of milk thistle oil

thistle oil composition is as rich as the composition of the whole plant, but in addition a large number of vitamins and minerals in it are concentrated essential fatty acid, constantly protect and restore our cells.It is linolenic acid - its to 62% oleic acid, - up to 22%, and palmitic acid (9%), stearic (4%), arachidic (2%) and behenic (about 1.5%) of the acid.

Silymarin also concentrated in this oil has a higher antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E, and its main effect is aimed at maintaining the activity of the liver: it improves its detoxifying ability, and the production of bile, eliminates inflammation, restores cytocidal and cell membranes.The effectiveness of this substance complex by the fact that it is recognized as silymarin best known antidote against the dangers of poison - poison pale toadstool.

Thanks polyunsaturated fatty acids, thistle oil normalizes hormonal and fat metabolism, improves the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine and urogenital systems, strengthens the immune system, cleanses the body of toxins, thus improving the condition of skin and hair.

Chlorophyll contained in the oil and has an antibacterial effect, increases the biochemical properties of the other components, so with the help of oil thistle quickly heal wounds and skin damage.

To improve the functioning of the liver and gall bladder, it is necessary to take milk thistle oil in the meal, 1 tablespoon2 times a day.

in cardiovascular diseases, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, alcoholic liver disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis, as well as any other liver pathologies, thistle oil taken during the month, 1 tsp2-3 times a day, half an hour before meals, in combination with other therapeutic agents.After a week's break, it is desirable to repeat the course.

thistle oil treating anal fissures, ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids: they lubricate the anus, and injected into the rectum via turundas or mikroklizm, 30 ml after cleansing enema, until healing is complete.

When constipation oil is taken orally, as well as described above.It is advisable to mix the oil with Schrott (product remaining after extraction of oil from seeds) thistle, which a lot of fiber - it will make treatment more effective.

atrophic or chronic rhinitis (rhinitis) is treated with a mixture of oils of tea tree and thistle;the same mixture is instilled into the ears with chronic otitis media.

Thistle oil is used externally: it is perfectly heals all wounds and ulcers, allergies, inflammation, diseases of the female reproductive organs.

In psoriasis, eczema, non-healing ulcers and wounds to the affected areas of the skin apply compresses with thistle oil: water-in-oil gauze, fix it on the sore spot bandage and do not remove the wrap 1-1.5 days.To obtain stable results it is necessary to spend at least 12-14 such procedures;You can repeat the treatment after a month's break - as needed.

Thistle oil has been successfully used in gynecological practice.When atrophic vaginitis, endotservitsitah - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal of the uterus, obesity, erosions and other inflammatory diseases for 3 weeks at night into the vagina entered a mixture of milk thistle oil and tea tree.To prepare the mixture is necessary to take 100 ml of milk thistle oil and 3 ml of tea tree oil;as the use of a mixture is prepared again.

skin diseases: dermatosis, acne, allergies and inflammations of various kinds, flaky skin should be 2 times a day to lubricate the problem areas of the same mixture, but in a different ratio - thistle oil (4 tablespoons) of tea tree (6-7 drops).It must be said that the mixture of the two oils used in the treatment of various diseases often because they increase the effectiveness of each other.

Thistle oil is useful simply to eat, as well as other vegetable oils.Most often, they just filled in salads, not to expose it to heat treatment, but you can cook with it and other meals - for example, onion sauce, as with any other oil;with the taste of the sauce is unusual but pleasant.

Luka take 100 grams, thistle oil - 20-30 g flour - 10 g sugar and lemon juice - to 5 g, water - 300 g onions to cook in the water, which added the lemon juice and rub it throughsieve.

Sugar crush and fry in a small pan until it darkens;add water (1 tablespoon), stir and bring to a boil, then pour into a saucepan.Add to the flour, fried in a dry frying pan and thistle oil, onion soup and grated onion, and again bring to a boil.In cosmetology

thistle oil is also used as other vegetable oils: it can be added to creams, tonics, lotions, shampoos and other products - 8-10 drops of oil on 10 g of product;shampoos - 8-10 ml per 100 ml.

In home care for skin used, either alone or in admixture with other oils - 1: 1 (grape seed, almond, peach, apricot, etc.).

to care for problem skin is perfect oil mixture: thistle oil - 2 parts, black cumin oil - 1 part.This mixture is moistened wipes and for 15-20 minutes they impose on the problem areas of skin, 2 times a day - morning and evening.The effect will be stronger if at the same time, 2-3 times a day, eat thistle oil - 1 tsphalf an hour before a meal.

Dry and scaly skin will be better if each day to put on her thistle oil in a little warm.After 35-40 minutes, you can remove the excess oil with a paper towel.Such care is also useful for aging skin - thistle oil slows down the aging process.

Another oil mask - with thistle oil (3 tablespoons) and avocado (tea tree) (1 tsp), eliminates fine wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, smoothes its turgor and improves the complexion.A mixture of oils is slightly heated in a water bath, moistened wipes in it for 30-40 minutes and put on the face, do not forget also about neck and décolleté.The remains of the mixture were removed as in the previous recipe.

Thistle oil is suitable for all skin types: it soothes, cleanses, relieves inflammation, nourishes the skin and retains moisture in it, so you can use it every day, instead of massage oils, creams and lotions.

Many nutritionists recommend this oil as a product that helps to lose weight, because it contains a lot of biologically active substances, such as vitamin F, known as vitamin beauty, and contributes to "burning" excess fat accumulation.