Astrological diet

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01 July 2016
astrological diet

Perhaps there is no area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, about which you can not get the advice of the astrologer - Today astrology again became popular as never before.

In the Middle Ages, when this science flourished, astrologers often endanger their well-being and even life, especially working in the courts of the great rulers.Modern astrology is also thriving, but without such dangers - now this is a business, the same as the others - with investments, investments, profit and competition.

astrology, many people are turning from ordinary citizens to big business;with the stars consulted about everything, including about diet, and there is even such a thing - astrological diet - certain menu for each sign of the zodiac.It is believed that people born under the same constellation, similar in many ways: in their views on life, the character, and health problems are often the same.In fact, this is not always, and representatives of the same sign may be very different from each other - literally in everything, but we know

the opinion of astrologers still interesting.

turns, signs of the zodiac are divided by gender - male and female.To include male Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Lions, Libra, Sagittarius, for women - Capricorn, Pisces, Rakov, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo.The first will always have time to get hungry - they speed up the metabolism, and they are encouraged to eat by the hour, so that the body does not require food at an inopportune time.

female signs easier, though it is - how to look: they process the food longer, but they should be there only when they are really hungry, not when the "time has come", or, even worse, "for the company."

for each character offers its own range of products and dishes, but do not blindly stick to the diet: Analyze your feelings, and choose something that you really like - do not make yourself something to eat because as astrologers say.

example, Aries proposed beets, radishes, turnips and cabbage, green onions, carrots, peppers, parsley and dill, cereals and fish dishes;lamb and goat meat;watermelon, grapefruit;garlic, coriander, mint, thyme, rosemary.Greasy, spicy and salty, coffee and alcohol - not for the rams, and better for them not to get used;after 18 hours not be eaten;do not bite, and to respect the 4 meals a day.

Taurus (however, as all signs) are advised not to overeat as they exchange slowed, and give preference to fruits and berries - strawberries, raspberries, pears, peaches, cherries, bananas, avocados, apples;vegetables - green leaf, tomatoes, legumes;greens suit dill, parsley, fennel, mint.Meat is better not to get involved - Taurus is suitable only beef, but seafood longer fit;You can drink different wines - in moderation, and most of the food is best to eat at lunch.

Twins to improve the functioning of the nervous system are useful dried fruits - apricots, raisins, prunes;olives, peanuts;withdraw toxins from the body and help improve skin condition cheese, nuts, cheese, eggs - they need to eat a little.The best meat for the Twins - a bird;vegetables are good celery and cauliflower, beans;of spices and herbs - sage, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, mint;fruit - apricots and pomegranates.Other fruits and vegetables also are useful, but should be listed in the menu to include as much as possible.The wine is best to choose a dry and light, and from strong drink to give.

Cancers too should go without alcohol, but they still stricter diet - they can even drink beer rarely without salted nuts.Vermouth is permitted - to the extent, and also as little as possible.Stomach - a weak spot Rakov, so it is always better to stick to a healthy diet.Because fruits and vegetables they fit a watermelon, lemon, grapes, papaya, coconut, turnip, squash, cucumbers, cabbage;instead of meat is best to eat seafood, especially crabs and appropriate spices - vanilla, cumin, mustard, horseradish, curry, sage.

Lions , of course, like meat, but they are a sign of this, and do not get involved, especially bold, and even an alcoholic drink - a direct way to reduce the life.Suitable poultry or game, but always with vegetables - eggplant, zucchini, cabbage - and herbs.Food can be seasoned olives, ginger, coriander, basil, cloves, star anise, tarragon.From fruit useful citrus and pineapples, and in winter - dried fruits;The Parties should resolve itself red and black caviar.Eat most of the daily diet should be in the evening, but no frills, and have a light meal during the day, and little by little.

Virgos too should spare your stomach and nerves: from protein foods you can eat veal, lean pork, cheese, eggs, fish, legumes;green apples and you can eat as much as necessary, as well as more than pomegranates, apricots, celery, cauliflower.Useful yogurt, cereals from whole grains, nuts, bran and cereals;heavy and dense food Virgos contraindicated as sharp.Instead of coffee is recommended to drink tea, and the bulk of the daily diet is invited to eat in the morning.Alcohol - less;basic spices - vanilla, licorice, cardamom, cinnamon, chicory, bay leaf.

About Libra say they are prone to diseases of blood vessels, but it is not always the case.And if so, will help cranberry, black currant and garlic - if you love him, of course;sharp, spicy, salty and sweet is not a necessary, but that was not boring - prepare yourself more delicious salads with a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as delicious, non-sharp sauces.Germinated grains is very suitable for the diet of Libra, and in general it is better to bow to vegetarianism: all vegetables are good, but more often to eat tomatoes, beans, leafy greens - dill, thyme, tarragon;other condiments - a clove, sage and anise.And fruits and berries can be eaten any - balance can not overeat them, but alcohol can be used rarely and is strictly metered, and the only good vintage wine.

Scorpios shows fish and seafood - it's perfect for them, as well as carrots, cabbage, beets, turnips.Useful shallots and other types of onions, radishes, cabbage, squash, peppers, beans and fruit: gooseberries, plums, cherries, figs.You can eat yogurt, eggs and fowl, soy products and nuts.Do not: hot spices, fatty meat and fatty dairy products - cream, sour cream, butter cream, etc.Suit basil, vanilla, sage, cardamom, coriander, and you can select sparkling wine and rich.

Sagittarius necessary to maintain the health of the liver and nervous system.Of all the meats best - lean pork, vegetables - cabbage, artichokes, greens - particularly celery and fennel, as well as any beans;everything is good seasoning of garlic, basil, parsley, mint, cumin.Fruits and vegetables Sagittarius never hurt, but more useful than others mangoes and dates;You can drink grape wine - no more than a glass a few times a week.

Capricorns need foods rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus - they need to strengthen bones and muscles.Healthy dish of lamb with eggplant and beets, basil, mint, sage and nutmeg, cloves and anise.

relatively spices and it is worth noting that the astrologers recommend them to all signs of the zodiac - virtually the same, but in different combinations.

Capricorn is not accustomed to the sweets and pastries - instead of sweets better to eat fruits and dried fruits;very helpful quince and melon.But the good wine they can drink a bit more than other signs - so sherry - in reasonable quantities, - improves the condition of the digestive system.

Sweets not worth loving and Aquarius , And no - even candy, but the melon, quince, pomegranates, fruit salads useful - this is similar to Aquarius Capricorn.For breakfast and dinner are good dairy products, and seafood is there more often, with vegetables and herbs - eggplant, beets, parsley, sage, mint, thyme, licorice, cardamom.Because alcohol can only light wine, and in small quantities.

Pisces proposed "sea" food, not canned, fresh and everything: squid, seaweed, etc.Add to that fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs - most of which are listed above, but you can still add the lemon zest.Exotic dishes - not sharp, fried or fatty, Pisces have on the body beneficial effects, but alcohol they almost contraindicated - they quickly become dependent on it.A glass of wine in the light of the company - that's all they can afford to fish from the spirits.