Margarine: composition, damage

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02 July 2016

If you look for the definition of margarine, you can find something like: food - a substitute for butter, similar to it in appearance, consistency, taste, smell, and chemical composition.They say that it is prepared on the basis of oil and water;wherein the oil is subjected to a special treatment - hydrogenated vegetable fat is obtained, in which the added emulsifiers, fragrances, etc .;margarine at room temperature does not become liquid, and it can be spread on bread - which is what our country millions of consumers.

say more about the history of margarine we do not: we know that there was margarine in France, by order of Napoleon III, who wanted to create a cheaper product for all the poorer segments of the population, and the first margarine factory started in 1870.

But the French do not really fell in love with margarine, and still love real butter, but in Europe in general margarine produced and actively consume - that's just the quality of their product is much higher than those that Russian

producers usually feed us.In the Netherlands, a lot of cows bred - oil there have always loved, but today in this country consume margarine in 3 times more than butter: they say that the quality of this product is the best in the world - however, the Dutch have a lot of things, "the best."

Ingredients margarine

Margarine is different - today it produces many varieties, and its composition may include vegetable or animal fat (and that, and another - hydrogenated), skimmed or powdered milk, sugar, salt, whey, dyes, preservatives- that lasts longer, different flavors - for example, fruit and many other additives.

structure margarine is a water-fat emulsion, with saturated and unsaturated fats;during hydrogenation of the last turn into trans fats.Chemists are called trans fats kind of unsaturated fats, but many experts believe that these substances are not acceptable for the human body: getting into the membranes of cells, they block them, making it almost impenetrable, so that nutrients can not get in and toxins and waste products can not beexit - the metabolism is broken, and there are serious diseases.

for use in cooking, hard margarines produced - they rarely have colors, but a lot of hydrogenated animal fats.

Margarine, which is spread on bread, also contain a lot of saturated fat, but today there are other - based on olive, cottonseed, soybean, sunflower oil: it is believed that they are useful, or - more precisely - the remaining harmless.Such products like the United States, but in Europe, they do not call oil even when the oil in them than other components - this oil mixture.

Ask that the health benefits of an advanced user will no longer: it is clear that it is better to eat a little bit of natural butter, than actively eating margarine and oil mixture;in Russia, the problem lies elsewhere - in the value of the product and, therefore, many families consume margarine every day.Why

hard margarines, spreads or, if they are made from vegetable oils?Hydrogenation - when unsaturated fats are converted into saturated ones and they harden, but their structure is far from the natural - but to mean a product resembles butter.

harm margarine

The usefulness of margarine only say its producers and nutritionists, and journalists often act as advertising agents - between the advantages he did not have much.First of all, cheaper margarine and calorie it is often smaller than in the oil, but sometimes margarine fat - 80% fat.

Natural products in the manufacture of margarine are actually used, as they say in advertising, but in the production process, they become unnatural.In nature, these substances do not have, and our digestive enzymes can not absorb and process them - and yet many families as we have said, eat margarine every day.

biochemical properties TIZHK - trans fatty acids, are very different from the properties of natural fats.Even if TIZHK consume in small quantities, metabolism fast is broken, and then most of the necessary biochemical processes occur wrong - there are constant failures.

effort to get rid of the decay products formed during these reactions, the body mobilizes all the energy;when it requires more energy, we want to eat, and then eat margarine - it's quick and easy, and there are a variety of chronic diseases, not to mention the extra weight.

female body is much worse to cope with the consequences of TIZHK - so many women after 30 years of excess weight is the most important issue.Cellulite - is also a "product" of consumption of margarine: it TIZHK in such cases make up a large part of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

As for diseases, the entire list of them will not be able to quote here: because of the failure of biochemical processes weakens the immune system, developing diabetes and oncology, with often happens with breast cancer;children, although full-term born with low birth weight, and quality of breast milk in lactating women is deteriorating;drugs and other enter the body chemicals are dangerous - to neutralize their body will not succeed.

Men also with regular and prolonged use of margarine decreased testosterone - the male hormone necessary, sperm quality deteriorates and develops infertility.

Get rid of the consequences of such a supply is not easy: you have about 2 years follow a healthy diet, and even better - eat food separately, refusing to fast food, convenience foods, and any products, which are added margarine - and in our shops full of them.This is any pastries, biscuits, confectionery - cakes, pastries;chocolate, etc., and in the greatest danger are the children: all these products - their favorite.For example, aromatic and sweet waffles, who like many children, margarine even hidden all their fat layer - is what he is, and even painted in different colors.

margarines in Europe a lot, but there today started using other technologies.For example, commonly used technology of transesterification at which a specific chemical reaction without forming TIZHK.

In our country, these technologies have also started to use more and more actively to persuade us that margarine is useful.However, it is necessary to carefully read what is written on the packaging - especially production there today must be specified, and besides, such a product is not so cheap as margarines with hydrogenated fats, and the Russian consumer buys it rarely, continuing to save on their nutrition and health.

How to choose margarine Margarine

we still eat, and will use, so it is better to understand a little bit how to choose and buy - but to feed their children do not have to - it would be enough for confectionery and other "goodies margarine."

Taking a pack of margarine from the shelf of the refrigerator in the supermarket, just look for the sign GOST P 52179-2003 designation - this is a quality product in Russia.Margarine in aluminum foil is more expensive, but better to choose precisely this - the foil protects the product from light, moisture and foreign odors.

Product color is different: white - without dyes;yellow - with vitamins or dye;light yellow - also added a dye or real butter.If there are emulsifiers, it should be specified;no foreign odors and flavors should not be - of course, notice the last property can be only at home, turning the package and try the product.Striped marble and margarine can happen because of the fact that the cooling process was incorrect, gray and brown shades indicate that in the production process used substandard bleachers.Grayish color also can be caused by the addition of certain types of oils - such as palm, but for the product 1st grade is considered normal.Must be given: composition, nutritional value, shelf-life and storage conditions, release date, information about the manufacturer and the certification grade of the product and the presence of GMO in it.If there is a trade mark, it should also be indicated on the packaging.