Corn oil: structure, benefits and properties, the use of corn oil

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02 July 2016
corn oil

In ancient times, Indians, natives of the Americas, called corn gift of the gods, and composed about her songs and legends.The Incas, for example, organized every year in its capital solemn ritual of sowing of this crop, which they considered sacred.

Since then, hundreds of years have passed, and today the whole world knows corn.Why not just get people from its grain starch, glucose, alcohol, artificial tissue and even photographic and motion picture film;there are varieties of corn, of which make excellent paper and plastic.However, the most precious gift that people got from corn, corn oil can be considered - it is produced from grain, resembling the color of gold - in many countries, corn and name.

corn and corn oil really be considered "gold" products - they are so rich in biologically active substances that have a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect on the body in every way.This oil heals us from within and outside, actively fights against free radicals, reduce our youth, helping to preserve th

e beauty of skin, hair and nails, and it is considered a universal cooking - with it you can cook anything.Get

corn germ oil corn seed, and only sell refined - it is clear, pale yellow and almost odorless.Not that it was much healthier soybean, sunflower or more of any of the major vegetable oils, but the advantages he still is - it is rich set of nutrients called biologists attendant, which explains its popularity among consumers.Taste refined corn oil is neutral - that is why it can be prepared with vegetables, fish, meat, any sauces, roast it on a variety of products, add it to cakes and pastries.It does not burn, does not foam, does not form carcinogenic substances, so it is widely used in the dietetic food.

composition, the use of and properties of corn oil

in corn oil contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, K, B, some minerals, lecithin, phytosterols, but especially a lot of in it of vitamin E (even in olive it smaller by almost 2fold) and vitamin F, which is a complex of unsaturated fatty acids.

100 grams of corn oil contains more than 10 daily requirement of vitamin E, so the 1-2 tablespoonsmore than enough for health promotion - of course, in combination with other nutrients.Especially useful oil extracted from corn germ cold pressed, and the presence in it large amounts of lecithin allows its use for the prevention of thrombosis and treatment of atherosclerosis, so widespread today, a serious disease.

Vitamin E contained in the oil, include alpha-tocopherols - natural antioxidants that preserve our youth and beauty.

Due to its favorable combination of unsaturated fatty acids, corn oil leads to normal fat balance in our body, gives the elasticity of blood vessels, reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood;used in the treatment of kidney disease, liver disease and biliary tract, diabetes and obesity.If you use corn oil regularly, the gallbladder will always be on our toes, and its excretory function - to normal.

linoleic acid, which regulates blood clotting and strengthens the immune system, in corn oil more than the other - to 56%;the second highest oleic acid - it may be up to 49%;then go palmitic and stearic acid.There is much less (from 0.1 to 1.7%) myristic, hexadecenoic, arachidic and lignoceric acids.

corn oil

ferulic acid, belonging to the group of aromatic fatty acids and has antioxidant properties, it is also in the corn oil: it prevents the development of tumors, stops lipid peroxidation and protects our bodies from the effects of stress.Phytosterols - substances that can inhibit the growth of tumors, atherosclerosis, stimulates the immune system and even makes cancer cells self-destruct, too, can get into our body with corn oil - by the way, in our country of a chronic shortage of distributed very widely.

As part of the diets of corn oil has a beneficial effect on metabolism, improves intestinal function, strengthens capillaries, making them less brittle and reduces their permeability.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating corn oil for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the body's defense against aggressive environment, improve the general condition, lift mood and improve sleep, the extension of youth;migraines, peeling of the skin and allergic reactions;nerve diseases;problems of female and male genitalia;during pregnancy and lactation.For children it is also useful: it has a lot of phosphatides - substances that are part of cell membranes and regulating brain activity.

In folk medicine, corn oil has long been treated with nasal allergies, burns, cracks in the skin of the body, face and lips.

to improve the tone of the gall bladder is necessary to take 1 tbspcorn oil 2 times per day, half an hour before a meal.Then after eating gall bladder tone decreases again, and again he filled with bile.

Atherosclerosis and its prevention oil taken during meals - 3 times a day for 25 g of migraine and hay fever it take just 1 tbsp

When insomnia oil rubbed into the occipital hole, rubbed his heels, hands, wrist, ankle, elbow and knee joints - is necessary to rub gently, but thoroughly, about 5-7 minutes.

Use of corn oil in cosmetology

Brown spots on the skin, first rubbed with oil, and then impose a fruit or vegetable mask - from the pulp of the peach, strawberry, strawberries, apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, etc.

smoothes fine lines mask with corn oil, honey and egg yolk.Honey and oil were mixed (1 tsp), raw egg yolk was added and 20 minutes is applied to the face.Wash off with warm water.

nourishes the skin of the hands and strengthens nails bath with warm corn oil and iodine.In deep bowl should pour oil, heat it in a water bath, add iodine (3 drops), and 10-15 minutes to lower hands.You can simply grease the hands of oil at night and go to sleep in cotton gloves.

can use corn oil and massage the entire body, adding to it a few drops of your favorite essential oils: lemon, rose, lavender and orange;lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine and bergamot;rosemary, juniper, lemon and geranium, etc.

With corn oil can also take care of the hair, making a variety of masks.The simplest mask - warm oil to rub into the scalp in front by hook and keep the hour by wrapping a warm wet towel, it periodically heated and then wash your head with shampoo.

Corn oil in cooking

As already mentioned, be prepared with corn oil can be any dish, but the pastries we had rarely cook than meat, fish or vegetables.

Try to cook a very tasty cookie, which is called the Greek - it does not require particularly expensive ingredients.Oils must take 2 cups, brandy, sugar and orange juice - ½ cup (juice in advance to add baking soda - 1 tsp) ground cinnamon and cloves - ½ tsp of, flour - 1 kg;Grate the zest of one orange and 300 g of crushed walnuts.

dough kneaded of all products at once, except for nuts - it is soft and elastic.Then the beads are separated from it the size of a walnut, which is formed from small pechenyushki oval, placed them on the tray lightly oiled at a small distance from each other, and bake for half an hour at 175 ° C.The finished cookies left on the pan until it has cooled completely.

until the pastry is baking, it is necessary to cook the syrup of honey (1 cup), sugar (2 cups) and water (1.5 cups) - cook for 10 minutes.In the hot syrup for 1-2 minutes dipped the cooled cookies - 2-3 pechenyushki, and then spread on a layer sprinkled with nuts dish, sprinkling each layer of nuts.

Although corn is contraindicated elevated blood clotting, and poor appetite, contraindications to the use of corn oil is almost no - except for individual intolerance of the product.