Potatoes: benefits and properties, the use and contraindications for use

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02 July 2016
the use of potatoes

Potatoes - is a cultivated plant species of perennial herbaceous plants in the family Solanaceae tuberous.Food - This potato tubers, while the fruits are poisonous.

word "potato" comes from the German "kartoffel", which has Italian roots - «tartufolo» - truffle.His name shall potatoes Spanish conquistadors who were looking for gold in South America, and the treasures and ran into some unusual foods - beans, corn and truffles.However, the fact that the Spaniards took over the truffles, it was the usual potatoes.So began the potatoes to win international recognition.

Archaeological research has uncovered information that potatoes grown in Peru nearly 4.5 thousand. Years ago.Incas of wild potatoes were withdrawn cold-resistant varieties, which were the basis of their diet.

Potatoes in Russia

potatoes for us - it is a relatively young product, as everywhere in the Russian table, he appeared only in the early XIX century., Actively displacing previously used turnips.

appearance of potato in our count

ry is connected with Peter I, because of the well-known version is that he met with him in Holland and sent a bag of tasty tubers Count Sheremetev with instructions dilution in the fields of Russia.

first potato was accepted as an unusual exotic vegetables and served as a delicacy at banquets and balls court.Interestingly, initially it was not salted, but instead of sugar.

Ingredients potatoes

The chemical composition of the potato is considered a vegetable with a unique set of substances useful to man, which, importantly, it presented in ideal proportions.

protein contained in potatoes, is a high biological value, as most of the amino acids it is necessary for the body to build proteins.Polysaccharide - a starch, cellulose, pectin, potato also contains glucose, fructose and sucrose.Mineral salts, mainly phosphorus and potassium, as well as micro and macro elements: magnesium, iron, calcium, nickel, iodine, cobalt and manganese.Potatoes are also rich in vitamins and is not only a source of vitamin C, it also has B vitamins, vitamin D, E, K, PP and folic acid is very valuable.Potato tubers contain carotene, sterols, organic acids (citric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid and others.).

properties of potatoes

addition of nutrients to all parts of the potato contain toxic alkaloid solanine, which most in the ground plant organs, and tubers are much smaller.However, if the tubers are subject to prolonged exposure to the sun, they are green, and also become poisonous.

The chemical composition similar to the potato bread, but by the content of vitamins and minerals - to the green.

Calories in many potato - 800-900 kcal per 100 grams, which is almost three times higher than in other vegetables.Especially valuable this vegetable during the period of beriberi (fall and spring), and the good that if kept retains most nutrients until the spring.

Good to know that to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients when cooked potatoes should be put in boiling water, so he cooked faster and retain the favor.Most important elements are concentrated in the outer part of the tuber, so the thinner layer be cut is the better and more useful potatoes cooked "in uniform".

Use and properties of potato

potatoes - is not only delicious food, but also medicine.It contains potassium, maintain water balance in the body, strengthens the arteries and required neuromuscular system, blood vessels and heart.Potatoes are shown in renal disease and diet.It is useful for people, suffering serious physical exertion, accompanied by profuse sweating.Medical studies have shown that regular inclusion in the menu of potatoes helps to reduce blood pressure.

Thanks alkaline elements potatoes supports the acid-alkaline balance in the body, so the juice of fresh potatoes is shown in gastritis with high acidity, constipation, gastric and duodenal ulcers.Juice slows the secretion of gastric glands, which helps scarring ulcers and relieves pain.It reduces blood pressure, and has a laxative and a diuretic effect, relieves headache.Leveraging the secretion of the pancreas, it lowers the level of sugar in the body, but diabetics should be used with great caution.Useful juice from red varieties of potatoes, grated peel.Juice of young tuber is particularly useful in hypertension and thyroid problems, as it was in the young potato contains acetylcholine.

Potatoes are good for outdoor use, gruel from tubers treated burns, sores, eczema, dermatitis and acute pustular skin diseases.

flowers potatoes

infusion of potato flowers stimulates breath and lowers blood pressure, it is also used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and cancer.Collect flowers need dry weather to dry under cover and store in a rag bags for no longer than a year.The infusion makes water and alcohol.

sprouts potato

the use of potatoes

Alcohol tincture made from germs appeared in the club and used for arthritis and polyarthritis, it also treat colds.

The use of potatoes in cosmetology

Potato mask is especially helpful for dry and wrinkled skin, as it nourishes, refreshes and smoothes.Dry skin becomes smooth, soft and supple.Very useful mask of new potatoes, cooked "in uniform" for women from 40 years, enough to stretch potato with sour cream and within 20 minutes to keep the mask on his face.

If you want to get rid of traces of fatigue, then mash with a hot potato, add a little milk and egg yolk.This mask is necessary to impose a warm, to enhance the effect, you can cover your face with warm woolen scarf.

A cut raw potatoes need to be regularly cleaned after traces of burns, Fishnet burst blood vessels and allergic spots.

Do not rush to pour the potato broth, it can make the skin soft and silky hands and strengthen nails.Concentrated potato broth helps to cope even with advanced fungal infection.

unusual way of growing potatoes

potato varieties there are more than 100, but the most delicious is always the one that has grown in your own beds.

potato cultivation process is time consuming, but there are more interesting ways to grow potatoes.

potatoes in straw

In this case, the potatoes are buried in the ground, it is placed directly on a bed and sprinkle straw layer 15 cm, potato growing - straw is added, and collecting can be as maturation, simply lifting the straw and selecting ripened tubers.The advantages of this method are constant access to tubers of heat, air and moisture, no weeds, cleanliness collection.This method is ideal for late-ripening varieties.

Potatoes in a box

This modern method is suitable for those who do not has large landing areas and wants to grow potatoes for themselves.In the bottom of the box large enough to do the drainage holes, lay out planting potatoes and sprinkle garden soil during growth of the tubers of land to be added.This method also can save a lot of energy and time.

Contraindications to the use of potato

If you decide to use potatoes as a medicine, be sure to consult your doctor and know that potatoes are contraindicated:

  • people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, and those who are prone to increased sexual arousal;
  • with urolithiasis, obesity in stage III, flatulence;
  • in diseases of the bowel such as enterocolitis, enteritis, colitis in the acute stage;
  • need to be careful about those who have increased the acidity of gastric juice and low-dose treatment starting raw potatoes.In diabetes recommended potato were soaked for several days.