The effects of smoking, nicotine person

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03 July 2016
Consequences of Smoking

No matter what excuse you for smoking (nervous work, the weak will power, inability to relax in another way, or something else), the body reacts to attacks nicotine is always the same.And we often investing heavily in its image, appearance and beauty, voluntarily destroy the desired image of smoking.

Let's start with what looks like a smoker or a smoker in the eyes of other people, is not it is useful to look at ourselves.

Consequences of Smoking Consequences of Smoking


unpleasant smell unpleasant smell, which comes not only from the mouth and on the hands, but also on clothing and, of course, from the hair to instantly absorb nicotine "flavor".

to fight this unpleasant factor hindering full communion, we resort to a variety of tricks.Especially interesting to look young girl in gloves and sticks in their hands, no, it's not fans of sushi and rolls are not their sticks and cigarettes.All these measures - in order to avoid unpleasant odor.You can of course wrapped in a coat, take a stick and wea

r a hat to escape the bad smell and politsya spirits, but even the most elegant aroma of smoking on the body of the woman will be felt differently and not as attractive.And if the smell of at least partially deal is possible, but with yellowish teeth is much more difficult.

Consequences of Smoking - yellow teeth

consider such a radical measure to get rid of the yellowing of the teeth, as the dental bleaching.It will certainly help, but not for long.A frequent this procedure is harmful to tooth enamel.Make up brighter lipstick to distract attention from the little yellow teeth.And get back a result, the bright color of lipstick only emphasize the unpleasant shade of the tooth enamel.

consequences of smoking - a dry cough

This is not a cosmetic problem, and it hurts us, not only in the mornings.Imagine a charming woman, which you, of course, strive to be in the eyes of others, setting in a hoarse cough.A smoker's cough is such, in addition to also appear at the most inopportune moment and responsible, starting with the treacherous sore throat.

Consequences of Smoking - reduced sense of smell and taste alteration

for you absolutely do not understand what kind of a smell of spring, which is admired your colleagues and boss perfume, except she did something smells?Gourmet of you also will not work, because of how taste buds work differently smokers.

Consequences of Smoking - prozhzhennaya clothing

Unfortunately it is inevitable, even if it is not you yourself, and smoking next to you, gesticulating vigorously, propalil hole in your attire.

Consequences of Smoking - reducing the body's resistance

course, poor immunity, we struggled supports vitaminchiki, but somehow the stairs to walk really, really do not want, and fitness classes suddenly overcomes a weakness.The pool is better to go alone, so as not to lose face in the eyes of colleagues.

Consequences of Smoking - "nicotine person»

The worst attribute of smoking woman - "nicotine face."This will be discussed in detail.

nicotine person

«nicotinic face" - is, first, premature wrinkles and dryness, as well as its grayish color and dull yellow color of the eyes.

Of course, the appearance of wrinkles - a change in the age of the body, but smoking woman always looks older than their non-smoking peers.This is especially frustrating if the impetus to begin smoking, smoking has become a way glamuno beauties.

author of the concept of "smoker's face" - an American doctor D. Model has shown the first signs of the impact of the main toxins contained in cigarettes on the skin.These toxic substances entering the body, the blood vessels constrict, particularly negative effect on the capillaries that are in the top layer of skin.Cigarette smoke provokes an increase in blood amounts of carbon monoxide and accordingly a reduction in its oxygen.This imbalance leads to an insufficient level of saturation integument of nutrients and oxygen.

edition model in British Medical Journal in 1985 published a major manifestation of the effects of nicotine on the face, which appear to have a three-year smoker:

  • «crow's feet" - mesh fine facial wrinkles around the eyes;
  • dark circles under the eyes, which are due to malnutrition of the skin with oxygen are purple, red, orange or even brown shades;
  • discolored skin, its range of colors can be gray and even purple shades, besides the facial skin looks tired.

changes also do not bypass and the side contours of the face:

  • cheekbones are sharply defined;
  • turn into sunken cheeks wrinkled holes with thin lines wrinkles, running perpendicular line of the lips;
  • nasolabial folds are the deep and expressive, they also emphasize wrinkles, starting from the corner of the lips.

Unfortunately, hope for help cosmetologist do not have to, do not need to deceive ourselves, to prevent and get rid of all these effects of smoking can be just quit.

But to cope with dependence overnight is not everyone's strength and, therefore, a bad habit continues its detrimental effect on the skin.

Modern cosmetology not leave smokers alone with the problem, and suggests some ways to help neutralize the harmful effects of tobacco.

The most effective way to date can be regarded as microdermabrasion, it is especially good for smokers, as their facial skin is thicker and rough because of the large number of dead cells.Because through the horny layer of the conventional cosmetics (tonics and creams) is almost impossible to break.

Lies method in deep mechanical exfoliation of the skin.On the skin under the pressure applied powder of microscopic crystals, which immediately sucked vacuum tube.

daring to extremes, it may be thought of plastic surgery.Only here it is not so simple, because the professional plastic surgeon will make sure the pre-blood test for nicotine in it and if the level exceeds the limit, plastic surgery will not take place.The reason is that smokers postoperative scars tightened with great difficulty due to lack of blood supply and the low capacity of the skin to regenerate.

But even without applying such serious measures can help "nicotine-face" look more human.That is important for smokers to know that:

  • in your daily cream must have vitamins A and E (antioxidants required), as well as an element of Q10 and oxygen;
  • smoking is harmful sun, because ultraviolet light, as well as nicotine, only old skin.Harmful not only directly the sunlight and solarium;
  • problem all smokers to a greater or lesser extent, is rosacea, it is possible to define a closer look to the skin in the area wings of the nose and cheeks, which is covered by a fine mesh of capillaries.Therefore, we must avoid any heating skin, whether or sauna too hot drinks and food.Also, it should refrain from warm masks, which will only intensify the symptoms of the disease.Let

regular visits to the beautician will become your good habit, because the skin smoking women choose cosmetic products more difficult than for non-smokers and make it better with the help of a competent beautician.

Just imagine that all this knowledge is not needed, and restrictions can be avoided by simply quitting.