Fruit drinks, fruit drinks from the berries, the use of fruit drinks, fruit drinks, industrial production, homemade Morse

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03 July 2016
Fruit drinks, fruit drinks from the berries, the use of fruit drinks, fruit drinks, industrial production, homemade Morse

Juice wild berries of these we would like to drink a lot of people.However, be prepared from them in pure form so many natural juice is hardly possible: after all, it takes a lot of berries, in addition to the juice turned sour, and would add a lot of sugar - and that's not helpful.

can cook industrial method based drinks of juice, but their usefulness is reduced by several times more.Juice wild berries produced by direct extraction, such as cranberries, blueberries, cranberries, found in our stores, but not so often, but it costs more than juices tetrapaketah.

However, we can remember that our ancestors solve this problem in a surprisingly simple way - they were preparing berry juice with sugar, honey and more often.

benefits of fruit drinks

course, juice can be fruit and vegetables, but that juice from the juice of wild berries in Russia has long been used not only to quench thirst, but also for the treatment of various diseases, as these berries are very rich in vitaminsand trace elements, o

rganic acids and pectin. Fruit drinks are refreshing and feel better, putting the action on the body, like the biogenic stimulants - and that can improve performance.

In addition, a drink made from wild berries has a wonderful flavor and aroma and improves appetite.Particularly well known in this regard cranberry juice , helping to the same and for colds.Cranberry juice as well helps at elevated temperature and tones.Many experts appointed cranberries patients as a remedy for beriberi, with SARS, bronchitis, angina, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diseases of the reproductive organs and anemia.

blackberry and blueberry fruit drinks strengthen the immune system, soothe, normalize the digestive system;Blueberry Drink More and improves vision.

course, food and fruit drinks increases the energy value, if their preparation is used several kinds of wild berries - these recipes with interesting and unusual taste, quite in Russian cuisine.Prepare useful and tasty fruit drinks at home is easy.

fact, beneficial effects on the human body has any berry juice .Even if the berries are not grown in the forest, but just in the countryside or in the country in central Russia, they will also supply your body with nutrients.

Recently, scientists increasingly began to say that health is most useful on the composition of fruits and berries, which grow in the same climate zone, where he lives permanently.Therefore, residents of Central Russia berry juices from berries grown in the same region, have a truly life-giving, preserving and restoring the health of the force, reduces fatigue and uplifting.

Industrial production of fruit drinks

Fruit drinks may be sold in shops - in finished form.It is very convenient, especially for those women who are quite busy with their work and ensure their family's health and nutrition is very desirable.

However, buying juice in the shops is only a last resort, since modern food industry often uses the technology, do not add good food.

known that the industrial production of fruit drinks involves heat treatment - sterilization, which destroys them almost all the nutrients and vitamins.Thereafter, manufacturers replace pure natural vitamins lost during processing, synthetic, and is called fortified product.

Judge for yourself whether this is a man profited from Morse?At best, they can simply quench your thirst, and then for a short time.Furthermore, in the fruit drink prepared by commercial methods often include colorants, preservatives, fragrances and other "chemistry."So from its use, you can get the effect, quite the opposite to the desired.It is better to cook at home juice - not only fresh, but also from frozen berries, which can easily be bought on the market.The nutritional value of frozen berries is fully preserved, and juice, cooked yourself at home, not just to be very tasty, but also bring real benefits to the health of the entire family.

homemade Morse

main components of any Morse - it juice, water and sugar, which is better to replace the honey.The fruit drinks can add juice and zest of citrus, cloves, extracts of medicinal herbs.In winter, this juice is an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu - best to drink it in the form of heat.These herbs like elder, plantain, nettle, different pronounced cough effect.

It should be noted that the quality of fruit drinks is largely dependent on the quality of water used for its preparation.It hardly needs to be used for the preparation of domestic fruit drinks tap water, even previously passed through a filter.It is best to cook fruit drinks in the spring or artesian water, stored in the refrigerator and drink during the first day of preparation.

How can you prepare fruit drinks at home - for example, for a child?First of all, you need to remember about good hygiene: our grandmothers squeezed juice through cheesecloth, but today it is better to use a juicer that can properly handle.Treat for child Morse in early childhood, around the age of two, if he is not allergic to berry juices.

One of the most useful fruit drinks - cranberry .To prepare liter Morse need 125g cranberries, 120 g sugar (or honey), and 1 liter of clean water.Cranberries have to go through, wash and throw into boiling water.Boil them need no more than 5 minutes over low heat, then discard in a colander and squeeze.The resulting juice is mixed with the broth, add sugar, stir and simmer another 5 minutes on low heat.

Similarly, preparing cranberry juice, raspberry or blackcurrant , just take a different number of berries: cranberries or currants - 150g raspberries - 170 g

From frozen berries juice preparing somewhat differently.You can cook assorted juice - cranberry, strawberry and blackcurrant.Currants and strawberries take 100 grams, and cranberries - 2 tbsp.spoon.

rinse berries and pour into a glass container, pour boiling water to cover, and slowly stir.Then add the boiling water to get 1 liter, add sugar - 3 tbsp.spoons and mint.Capacity lid and wrapped in a thick towel.After 3 hours, the berries can be pressure - filter and pressing the flesh of a special spoon.Ready juice is poured into a glass bottle or jar, stored in the refrigerator - it is not more than a day.

Morse for older children and adults can not boil.First, squeeze the juice from the berries, boil gently squeeze, strain the broth and mix with fresh squeezed juice, add sugar or honey.Very useful for adults juice from the fruit of Chinese magnolia vine: it helps fight diseases, tones, strengthens and gives energy.

Those with gastric acidity is normal or reduced, you should drink juice for 30-40 minutes before eating.With increased acidity - a half hour before eating.Well, if you can afford to drink fresh fruit drinks every day.

And another important quality fruit drinks, which is appreciated by many women - fruit drinks contribute to weight loss.Twice a week to arrange a fasting day, and drink up to two liters of various fruit drinks - like berries and fruit.You'll not only feel good, but will become much slimmer.