Products for weight loss products, slimming products, prevent lose weight

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03 July 2016

Products, contributing to weight loss weight loss

question arises so often today, we will not be here to explain who and why you need it.It's about something else: I want to lose weight, but do not want to keep to a strict diet, and the more hungry.It is known that eating foods that help burn excess fat, and thus help to lose weight .

How to eat to lose weight without resorting to rigid diet?All foods can be divided into two groups: the first group of products can be called energy stimulants that increase the tone of the body;The second group includes those products that promote recovery and growth of tissues.The first group of products contributes to weight loss, and the second prevents.

However, if you decide to change the diet, remember that rapid weight loss is unacceptable.Currently, there are many trendy diets that promise rapid weight loss in record time - do not get up this way.

optimum speed weight loss - lose no more than 0.5 kg per week.It seems that it is very small, but if your goal is

to just decrease the volume of adipose tissue, but not the loss of water and muscle mass, be patient.

If you lose weight quickly and correctly, the muscle mass will decrease and body fat increase.Can you imagine how hard it will then deal with it?You can even engage in sports can hardly ...

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Among slimming products recently enjoyed popularity crazy pineapple.It was believed that this tropical fruit can work miracles, burning in the body huge amounts of fat.It is not surprising that in a short time on the market of our country, a host of products containing extract of the miracle fruit, but the result is not too inspired dream to lose weight.The majority of women who believed in the miraculous power of pineapple, weight remained at the same level.

Once the properties of pineapple have understood a little better, it became clear that its effectiveness in burning fat is exaggerated.Bromelain, which is attributed to these properties, not so much effect on fat tissue, besides its molecules are large and can not pass through the intestinal wall.

Remains bromelain, which still absorbed into the blood, deprived of any activity, and do not have a decisive effect on body fat.So, do not expect the pineapple diet will help get rid of excess fat and regain a slender figure.

However, for those who want to maintain a healthy weight, pineapple is very useful - it promotes better digestion and prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits.Pineapple helps to digest meat, fish, legumes, dairy products.Eat lunch or dinner after a slice of fresh pineapple or drinking pineapple juice - and the extra weight does not threaten you.

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Another helpful in this regard, tropical fruit - papaya.This fruit is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and a substance called papain, contained in its pulp, affects fat.Therefore

papaya fruit also become known as a natural fat burner, but the burner operates in much the same way as bromelain, pineapple contained: only works at intestine and get into the body already inactive compounds.If there is a papaya before a meal, after a meal or during it, the result will be: papain have time to work on the food eaten, and the deposition of fat is minimal.For this reason, it is recommended to add the papaya salads and used as a component of protein-carbohydrate diets - the result will be perfect.

Most products, slimming , suppress hunger and saturated, without adding a lot of calories to our diet.For example, if you eat 2 or 3 berries figs, the hunger recede;apples and pears will cause a feeling of satiety, even if you are very hungry - they perfectly fill the stomach and contain a lot of pectin.

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Special article - nuts.Their benefits nutritionists say long time, but they are also advised to eat nuts with caution, because the fats and other substances, for all its usefulness can cause constipation and allergic reactions in different people.

usefulness nuts due to the fact that they kept all the most active natural ingredients - in fact great shell protects the nut from destruction.Vitamins, amino acids, trace elements contained in the nuts in nearly the same amount as in fruits, besides nuts much protein and fat, it is much more easily absorbed by the body than proteins and fats, meat.

If you eat every day, not more than 50 grams of nut mixture (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pine nuts, peanuts, cashews, etc.), then you get the daily rate of nutrients they contain.

soup, if there is a cold, too, contributes to weight loss - of course, we are talking about low-fat soups.The fact is that for reheating cold food the body requires energy, and thus spent and calories.

low calorie meal is considered to be low-fat cottage cheese, as there are a lot of easily digestible proteins.The body uses more energy to digest yogurt than is required for the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, and the saturation is thus prolonged.

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Useful product promotes weight loss , is fish.After the fish - the best natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and iodine.These substances not only improve heart and thyroid gland, responsible for the proper metabolism, but also help the body burn excess fat.

American researchers have also contributed to a nutritionist to find out what foods help to remove fat deposits in the abdominal area.According to their findings, if every day there are some of these products and for a few minutes to do the exercises for the abs, abdomen becomes flat and elastic.These products are inexpensive and highly available.

example, legumes - peas and beans, do not give the body to lose muscle mass, while the fats they do not delay and permanently eliminate the feeling of hunger.Legumes are very useful during the observance of various diets.

Burn fat in the abdomen to help the body to low-fat cheeses and other dairy products, as well as oatmeal, if they do not boil, and cook like a French beauty in a salad.

olive oil, spinach, broccoli also speed up metabolism and fat burning, promote better digestion - as, indeed, and rye bread.

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Usually those who want to lose weight, the most difficult is to give up bread.Do not give up: we are talking just about to forget the white bread loaves and - by the way, it is better to do it forever.

Eat bread made from bran, dietary crackers and bread, the oven will learn themselves unleavened bread made from whole grains.Few people think that cereals and grains unprocessed we need not less, and sometimes more than fruits and vegetables - in fact the content of vitamins and minerals in them is much higher.It contributes to weight gain just peeled cereals and white flour, products that we buy in the shops.

Surprisingly, chicken eggs, which are considered a source of cholesterol, well help burn fat and build muscle.Therefore, you can safely eat boiled eggs for breakfast, without mixing them, of course, meat or cheese.

Any spicy seasonings accelerate the body's production of energy, burn excess fat cells, and even prevent the development of diabetes.It is ideal in this respect chili - it just melts calories.It should be remembered, however, that the spices in large quantities dangerous to the stomach lining, and are contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Products for weight loss products, slimming

Any berries: raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants, honeysuckle and other ripening where you live, bring enormous benefit to our body.No exotic fruit can not be compared with them in it, as if they did not look attractive and expensive as it is not worth it.

products that prevent lose

What products, on the other hand, prevent us from losing weight?This pork, especially fatty meat turkey and chicken, whole milk, yeast pastries and drinks.

Surprisingly, this list includes such useful products, such as potatoes and tomatoes, but here we are talking about the most likely not to mix them with other products.This is especially true of tomatoes, although there are plenty of dishes to which they belong.If tomatoes with something and compatible, so it is with olive oil, or cheese and garlic.