Vitamin teas

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04 July 2016
vitamin teas

varieties of tea there are so many and each selects a grade to his liking.People have so many thousands of years is known about the health and restorative properties of this popular drink.And, despite the fact that in recent years has become increasingly popular to use coffee, tea partially ousted from our diet, this value can not be to give up the drink, especially if this tea vitamin .

And it turns out that a healthy beverage as vitamin tea is easy to prepare on their own.The more that drink it particularly useful in the spring and early summer, while the gardens and orchards have not grown natural vitamins, and fall to prepare the body for the cold season.

How to make vitamin tea?

In order to prepare the most useful vitamins you need to take the tea rose, peppermint, camomile, rowan, currants, sea buckthorn and other medicinal plants.Dried herbs and berries you can buy in a drugstore or to prepare themselves in advance.Because you have chosen to do a mixture of ingredients, combining them in equa

l proportions.Then you need to make 1.5-2 teaspoons of vitamin collection cup boiling water and insist (and better brew directly into a thermos) for 1.5-2 hours.But abuse it is not necessary to drink, so you need to drink a day is not a cup of tea vitamin.

If you are - beginner to use vitamin teas, start with the fact that the herbal mixture, add only one aromatic herbs such as thyme, oregano, mint, or Melissa and a few herbs more neutral.

effect of vitamin tea health

In the case of vitamin retained all active biological substances of its components, so the benefits of this tea is undeniable, it has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body, on the regeneration of tissue and blood formation.Taking vitamin tea on a daily basis, you can increase your body's resistance to disease and the adverse effects of the environment, strengthening your own immune system.

If humans are deficient in vitamins, he feels fatigue, there is muscle weakness and chronic fatigue syndrome, it can lead to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, eyes and other body systems.

modern fashion for natural products and also touched the issues of health, so vitamin teas gained immense popularity among the population.Since they are very useful, accessible and easy to prepare.And from the taste and imagination of each person depends on their diversity.

important to remember that with any chronic or acute diseases before taking vitamin teas, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.Therefore, in order to achieve positive results, it is necessary to take into account the state of their health.

composition useful vitamin teas

environmental situation in the modern world is quite complicated and it led to a weakening of the body's many functions of modern man, which include a reduced ability to absorb vitamins from food.So, eating vegetables and fruits we get only a small percentage of vitamins they contain.So, the way out of this situation may be just the vitamin tea, the body which will take the necessary substances.

Dog rose tea .The tea from rose hips contain plenty of vitamin C (per 100 g of beverage - up to 2 grams of vitamin), making tea from the hips beautiful healthy drinks.The value of this tea is that it contains, and, for example, vitamins such as vitamins A, E, P, and other useful substances causing adaptogenic (increases resistance), tonic and healing properties of this drink.

Currant Tea .And the leaves and fruits of black currant also contain a very large amount of vitamin C, and so with the help of this tea can also fight beriberi and strengthen immunity.

In addition, if the body is getting enough vitamins, it becomes protected from both the common cold and flu viruses.

Healing collection .To make the most of the natural resources, prepare tea from rose hips, strawberry and currant leaves, taking all of the ingredients in equal parts, approximately 15 grams each.This mixture should be brewing as well as the usual tea and drink about 3 cups a day.The drink obtained is very fragrant, tasty and combines many medicinal properties.

Prepare multivitamin tea can be from a variety of field, forest herbs or fruits, which differ from each other in taste, flavor and even color.Such beverages can be regarded as components of the diet, as they contain a lot of valuable biologically active substances, such as enzymes, vitamins, organic acids, trace elements, and more.This rich composition useful not only able to prevent many diseases, but also to treat them.Vitamin tea - a great tool prevention of many diseases.

teas are also valuable because they do not contain caffeine, as, for example, conventional teas.Therefore, vitamin tea can be drunk at any time and at any age.An important condition for improvement in using vitamin tea is its systematic use, and proper cooking.

How to make vitamin tea

method of brewing tea vitamin depends on this, what components you choose to cook it.

flowers should brew boiling water in a porcelain teapot.Dried berries before brewing, you need to split, and fresh - crushed.Leaves need to brew boiling water or by putting them in hot water, simmer for 3-5 minutes.Other parts of the plant (stems, roots, and so forth.) In particulate form must be put in cold water, then bring to a boil and simmer over a low heat for about 10 minutes.

After vitamin tea brewed, it must necessarily present.Tea leaves, berries and flowers infused 5-10 minutes in a porcelain teapot.Tea made from rough parts of plants, insist 10-15 minutes in an enamel pot.

With regular use of vitamin teas, you can keep yourself in the high vitality and have a good state of health, which is particularly important at times when fatigue accumulates and vitamins lacking.

When a vitamin and tea

the morning is best to drink vitamin tea, which has a tonic effect.The composition of this tea can be: the leaves and flowers of clover, angelica, lemongrass, strawberry leaves, lovage, lavender and others. But in the evening, on the contrary, more appropriate to be soothing and relaxing vitamin teas of willow-herb, Hypericum, raspberry leaf, chamomile, mintpeppermint, lemon balm leaf cherry, primrose and others.

summer is best to brew vitamin tea with fresh herbs and spring and winter - from dried.For the cold season will be the most appropriate herbal teas, black currant, blackberry, raspberry leaves, rose hips, nettle, barberry, carrot, mountain ash, buckthorn.

vitamin teas are very useful, but using them should take into account the effect of each of their component plants.