Oats, the benefits and properties of oats, oat diet, diet oatmeal

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04 July 2016

Oats since ancient times people used not only as a horse fodder, but also easily assimilated by the human body, and high-calorie diet food.

most common oat products - is oatmeal and oat flour.Popular and oatmeal cookies and oatmeal.


oats Oats is extremely rich in nutrients necessary for cleaning vessels from atherosclerotic plaques, maintain normal cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and weight to normalize.This zinc, chromium, vitamin B and F.

oat grains contain up to 60% starch, 14% protein, 9% fat, enzymes, vitamins A, B, E, choline, tyrosine, silicon, copper, essentialoil, trigonelline, sugar and calcium and phosphate mineral salt.

valuable product oatmeal does the fact that its amino acid composition of the closest to the muscle protein and a unique complex of organic compounds required in the treatment of various liver diseases.There

oats and an enzyme which, like pancreatic enzymes (amylase) helps in the absorption of carbohydrates.

Use and properties of oats

for diabetes treatment, recovery heart rate, excretion of toxins - oatmeal and oatmeal are among the best tools in medicine.

by eating oats, blood sugar level drops, so the dish from oats should be present in the menu diabetics.When complications of diabetes metabolic acidosis, when there is an accumulation of acid metabolic products, oat meal especially useful.

Oats also reduces swelling, bringing excess fluid from the body and at the same time and noxious substances, which makes it useful for chronic administration of drugs.

very useful any dish of oatmeal with urolithiasis.

When elevated levels of blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), oats help him adjust.

The fiber contained in oats, soothes and regulates the digestive tract, which is important in chronic disorders of the digestive system.

cooked in water oatmeal help a tendency to diarrhea.

Oatmeal can be taken with the purpose of treatment for diarrhea, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and heart.To do this, one liter of cold water to fill a hundred grams of cereal, infuse for about four hours and cook until thick.Eat before eating one tablespoon 4 times a day.

When depression, nervous disorders and to strengthen the nerves, oatmeal acts relaxing, and it has long been noticed as early insomnia mattresses stuffed oat husks.

Oats in cosmetology

In modern cosmetology oats is widely used as a protective, soothing, calming ingredient for flaky skin and flabby, sluggish and dry.

Actions oats versatile, thanks to them, and it is so widely used.All components of oats protect the skin from external aggressions, resist bacterial attack, moisturize the epidermis and stimulate cellular respiration.

components oats come in different cream in antibacterials, as well as means for the hair as an excellent moisturizer and emollient.

Oats - it is quite affordable home remedy for skin care.

masks with oatmeal or oat flour tone, cleanse and nourish inflamed and irritated skin.They can be combined with cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, butter, cream and fruit.

Well established scrubs made from oats.

scrub for all skin types

Wet a handful of oatmeal with warm water and massage this gruel face, then wash with water at room temperature.If the skin is dry, you can not moisten the flakes in water and in milk.

decoction of crude oat used in inflammatory diseases of the skin, for the treatment of a diathesis, eczema.

decoction of oats help to develop a distaste for tobacco, which invariably affect the appearance.

Oats for weight loss

Oats is very popular among those who want to lose weight, despite the fact that the oatmeal - calorie product (about 350 calories per 100 grams).

One of the most useful and effective diets - oatmeal diet .Indeed, thanks to her reality, not only lose weight but also improve the overall health, condition of the skin, cleanse the body of toxins.

Oatmeal diet

Oatmeal diet consists of only one product - oatmeal.This will require endurance and will power, but believe me, the results are staggering.And when you change the active lifestyle and is very resistant.

Oatmeal diet lasts 10 days, during which there can be only oatmeal, and preferably welded on water rather than milk.In it you can add finely chopped apple, dried fruits (prunes best, as a porridge can lead to constipation).But you can not add the salt and sugar, of course, if you want to get results in losing weight.

Rolled oats can be cooked just before eating.And you can pre-fill for 10-12 hours, during which time the flakes swell, and the resulting paste will be much more useful than cooked.

In between the food you need to drink plenty of fluids - water or tea, preferably green.

particular restriction on the amount of servings is not present, and with a large number of porridge eaten during oatmeal diet, you can lose weight.The very fine oatmeal nourishes so that hunger can not but feel a few hours later.

Efficiency oatmeal diet is an average of about five kilograms of weight to throw a week .

To enhance the effectiveness of oatmeal diet is recommended for 10 days to carry out the purification using rice.To this end, the evening is filled with one liter of cold water 4 tablespoons of rice.In the morning on a slow fire to boil rice kiseleobraznogo state, which takes about an hour.Kissel drunk, and then can not be for five hours is nothing to eat or drink.If the habit is so strong thirst, then, what to do, a little water will have to afford.

pre-treatment can be carried out instead of rice jelly eating oatmeal broth.

not only for weight loss, but also for general health and strengthen the body and improve the tone is good oatmeal diet.Well, as a means for weight loss, oatmeal diet really can work wonders.It is necessary to overcome itself, to withstand the restrictions to increase their daily activity, and you can forget what it means to live with excess weight, and start to enjoy life!