Sun protection, how to protect themselves from the sun

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04 July 2016
Sun protection, how to protect themselves from the sun

That is not possible without the sun life on earth, we know from early childhood.On sunny days, improve mood and health, increases efficiency, activates metabolism.And how happy hot summer sun after a long bleak winter.I want to endlessly bathe in its warm, gentle light.

But, is it safe?And it does not bear any sunshine danger to the human body?Research scientists are clear - the sun becomes every year more and more aggressive and dangerous, and being under excessive ultraviolet rays can lead to irreversible consequences for human health.

The most common problem associated with the sun are, of course, sunburn.And today it is not just a danger to burn the top layer of the skin, can also be obtained, and burn the retina.It is interesting that the most dangerous time is not only spring, but also the time, when there is snow.Dangerous also a place with lots of reflective surfaces, such as the seaside, because both water and white sand will reflect the bright sun, posing a danger to the eye.

In addition, the sun is dangerous in the summer the possibility of overheating and sunstroke.And when the holiday season, everyone needs to clearly remember that doctors strongly recommend to abandon the stay in the sun 12 to 15 hours of the day, because at this time the solar radiation is the most dangerous.

Sun Protection Eye

Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun just enough to buy sunglasses.Modern high-quality plastic glasses as well protect the eyes from the aggressive effects of the sun, as well as glass.But if your plastic glasses still proved unsound and you feel uncomfortable in them, it is better to remove them completely.It is better to buy the wrinkles around the eyes, than to lose his sight.

first signs of burning the retina or even call this the problem of "snow blindness" are a pain in the eyes, reducing the quality of visibility, as well as a pronounced eye discomfort.If symptoms persist even after you are gone from the street, then you need to see a doctor.

Similar problems may encounter and those who wear unobscured ordinary plastic glasses, so they can skip ultraviolet.So put them in direct sunlight needed only in case of need.

Sun Protection Skin

modern cosmetics industry offers a myriad variety of means, including protective UV-filters.On a cosmetic factor is usually specified for their protection, and the smaller the number, the lower the degree of protection.

However, in the sultry afternoon, even such funds may not be enough, so it is best to follow the recommendations of doctors and avoid falling under the direct sun during the midday hours.

Many manufacturers today are advised before the holiday season, "touch up" the skin using tanning, but this procedure is only cosmetic and will feel comfortable on the beach is not protected from the harmful effects of the sun.And if you burn still managed to avoid prolonged stay in the sun skin necessarily suffer from desiccation, and thus will need to be extra moisturizers that should be reserved in advance.

methods of sun protection

spring, take care not only and not so much unaccustomed to the sun skin and eyes.When it becomes warmer, prefer bright, spacious clothes that cover the main part of the skin.Protect from overheating and head, especially on the beach in handy wide-brimmed hat.

not sunbathe in the afternoon!And children are best to relax on the waterfront under the canopy of trees.In arriving by car have the opportunity to bring a tent from natural materials, under which, if necessary, easy to hide from the scorching rays of the sun.

After bathing it is necessary towel as a drop of water left on the body, like a miniature lens can provoke a burn.Also, going to the beach you need to give as much as possible from cosmetics, because it can lead to unexpected skin reactions.

Modern physicians strongly recommend that we change the rhythm of life, at least during the summer holidays.For this perfect before awakening and the siesta - a day of rest, but not in the sun on the beach and in the shade or in a well-ventilated area.

Proper nutrition

As usual with the arrival of the heat we start to use large amounts of liquid, and this naturally made.But most of the liquid - a sweet, carbonated water and juices contain large amounts of carbohydrates.In the summer, it should be to reduce the overall calorie foods, giving preference to clean drinking water and fish, giving up fatty meat.If

for emergencies

Typically, these situations happen just when we are to them is not ready.For example, far from civilization stalled car or tour bus.And even the entire hour walk on the hot coast, can not only spoil the long-awaited vacation, but lamentably affect health, especially children.

ideal solution would be to stay in the shadow of the bus, but if you still safer to stay in the car, the windows on the sunny side it is necessary to hang.The ideal material is a special metalized film, which need to be reserved in advance, but any light fabric suit.While in the car, the door should be kept open.

When staying in transport and there is no point to go, the right solution is a common umbrella, not a bright lady, and a dense canopy of the rain, as the denser the fabric is, the better.If the umbrella is not there to try to make his likeness from surrounding objects and clothing to protect themselves from sunstroke.

In any journey with them definitely need to take a supply of water.It is important that it was not sweet juice or cola, and just water.Remember, too cold fluid in the heat contraindicated, water should not be icy.

other troubles may be suddenly broken glasses, of course, it is best to immediately buy new ones, but if this is not possible, and you have a long walk in the open sun, eye protection brimmed hats, or follow the example of the ancient people who made bone points, cuttingthey narrow slit.Modern man caught in a difficult situation, such material can serve as a thick cardboard, which is necessary to make a narrow slit for the eyes.

But most importantly, in an emergency, do not get confused and begin to panic.You do not need to go it alone, when you can join a group of people.It is also important to note that the child's body much less hardy than an adult and therefore more susceptible to the adverse effects of the environment.

Excessive sun exposure is dangerous, so take care of yourself and your family from the harmful effects of it, and remember that everything is good in moderation.