Chronic fatigue syndrome: causes, symptoms, treatment

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05 July 2016
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome doctors, like the patients themselves, the attitude is not unique.Simply put, this syndrome can be called fatigue that does not go.And fatigue, as such, is not considered a disease.However, if the condition becomes chronic, and it becomes subject to an increasing number of people, physicians have to diagnose this problem is like a disease.

Causes disease

chronic fatigue syndrome called psychosomatic disruption of the body's organs and systems at the functional level, ie the level of reversibility.

At present, this problem is starting to be global, which speaks of the importance of this pathology in the development of modern society.Associated with the formation of a fairly common disease today, first of all, with the features and pace of life in big cities.The reasons can also include excessive emotional and mental strain that often has people in the modern world, as well as adverse environmental conditions of the urban environment.

Interestingly, in addition to the

adverse effects of environmental causes, the causes of the disease and include social factors that chronic fatigue syndrome is called the "disease of the middle class."

first "chronic fatigue syndrome" as a separate diagnosis, was proposed in 1988, and already by 1990 the Americans have registered more than 100,000 cases of the disease, of which 80% were women.Then in the United States it was formed by the "National Center" dealing with the problems of chronic fatigue.This diagnostic cent engaged in new ways of mass disease, which is quite difficult to determine because of nonspecific symptoms and of unknown pathogenesis (the development).

symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

To diagnose the disease, it is necessary to identify the patient one pronounced symptom and six less pronounced.The complex pathological manifestations in this syndrome is quite broad - it is a long time not passing fatigue, which can not be removed even after the rest, slowing of motor coordination, muscle discomfort, fever, arthralgia, lymph node pain, memory loss and depression.Sometimes the symptoms can be attributed pharyngitis, sore throat, chest pain, dizziness, mental confusion and anxiety, as well as other low-specific symptoms, the origin of which is still unknown.The leading symptom of the syndrome is a very fast nervous exhaustion.

diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome

Despite the complexity of the classification of symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome can be diagnosed at an early stage of its development, when symptoms may be as follows:

  • fatigue, weakness, growing attention disorders, greater thanusually irritability, unstable emotional state, apathy;
  • growing or recurring headaches that are not associated with any disease;
  • disorder of sleep and wakefulness, which appears nightly insomnia and daytime sleepiness;
  • progressive decline in health;
  • pain in the large joints and spine;
  • sudden changes in weight.

typical for this period is more intense smoking than usual, as well as alcohol, which should, according to patients, relieve symptoms, and as a result, on the contrary, leads to other serious problems - domestic drinking.

Initially, even a thorough clinical examination does not help to establish the reasons for such a somatic condition of the body and what symptoms develop progressively, is not explained by any physical illness.And since laboratory analyzes do not record pathological changes in the urine or blood, which also do not fix any radiological or ultrasound study, the doctors usually diagnosed - neurotic reaction or neuro-vegetative disorders.A designated with treatments usually do not give any results.Thus, there is only the deterioration of the patient, which can lead to a sharp memory disorders and the human psyche.

Onset often occurs in the period when a person is experiencing stress or is in an unusual situation that requires a lot of effort.Such situations could be dismissal or change of job, divorce or death of a loved one.

When developing chronic fatigue syndrome, laboratory tests have already fixed a violation of the norms of white blood cells, changes in the liver, increasing the number of antibodies fighting various viruses.A feature of the disease is also a fact that some of the protective functions of the organism exhibit increased activity, while others are depressed.Moreover, the patient's condition is constantly changing.

Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Despite the rapid development of modern medicine, treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome goes without much success.A previously proposed pathogenetic way of treatment, which was based on intravenous administration of immunoglobulin preparations G, to date, declined due to the large number of complications.

However, doctors agree that treatment must necessarily be comprehensive and include:

  • clear sparing regimen of rest and exercise;
  • fortification organism preparations of B vitamins (B1, B6, B12) and vitamin C;
  • active methods of normalization of emotional and mental state, such as autogenous training or group psychotherapy;
  • mandatory - long walks lasting at least 2-3 hours.

Often this syndrome is added to the pedestrian walks the course of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and massage.Massage is one of the most effective ways of combating the disease, so patients often administered daily body massage or partial massage of collar area, plus a mandatory paravertebral massage, which includes elements of manual therapy to help normalize the reverse afferent information to the nervous system of the state of internal systems andbodies.This has effects on the body at the same time activating and relaxing effect.

to effective treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome are also oxygen therapy and contrast showers.

Often this disease is recommended that such an unconventional method of treatment like acupuncture, which helps to restore proper functioning of the internal organs, reduces the possible pain and fills the body with vital energy.

Despite all the difficulties of diagnosis and detection of the disease, with the appearance of symptoms of anxiety, it is necessary to consult a doctor as left without medical assistance chronic fatigue syndrome may be the beginning of serious diseases of the nervous system and psyche.