Barley grits: structure, benefits, property barley porridge, barley cereal diet, barley diet

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05 July 2016
Barley grits, barley porridge

Kashi - a familiar food for the residents of Russia, and our ancestors have always been strong and healthy, because it respected porridge of whole grains.By the way, cereals used in the old days a lot more, and they grow real Russian heroes;today we prefer canned food and fast food - the result, unfortunately, there is ...

However, we continue to eat porridge today, and even from whole grains - when we do not hurry up, or we are not too lazy to cook.

From what cereal we usually cook your own porridge?Most of our fellow citizens are accustomed to using nutritional rice, buckwheat, oats, semolina, millet - and this is usually limited.

Kashi of wheat and barley and barley grits cooked much less - it is not so familiar, and now they will have, not every person.Many even consider them to be "food for the poor", although it had no reason to.

barley grits , like barley, made from barley - is a piece of its nucleus, with unpolished.Grinding and polishing does not apply to the production of barley grains,

so it is more useful than the barley that has less fiber.Grains barley purified from flower films and crushed, thereby obtaining, grains of various shapes and sizes.

barley varieties of cereals does not happen, but it is divided by the numbers - the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.Most often, these numbers are mixed, but can sometimes be found in the sale of large and small barley groats.Prior to processing of barley grains are sorted - small and damaged seeds are removed, removed the seeds of weeds;and cleared of various impurities - both mineral and organic.

Barley as a cultivated plant, there was a very long time.Scientists believe that barley was domesticated by people back in the late Neolithic period.At least in the Middle East have been found by archaeologists barley seeds that have lain there, they estimated that more than 11 000 years, and yet there is evidence that in the territory of the Palestinian people today eat them already about 17 000 years ago.

Perhaps people have learned to grow it at the same time, when the wheat.Today, cultivated barley can be found in the vast spaces of Tibet to North Africa and Crete, but wild barley in these places, too, is growing everywhere.

Barley so widespread, because it relates to the cold hardiness of crops and perfectly grows in the mountains, where farming takes quite risky - because of the topography and climate.Barley flour, you can bake bread, but this is rarely done, because it is very crumbly and stale quickly.

But in brewing barley is one of the most popular crops, and cereals are all familiar with it too - they make porridge tasty and healthy, if properly prepare them.

In the Middle Ages barley was grown all over Europe, but in Russia it is likely to came from Asia, the Caucasus or across Siberia: In cold areas it can grow instead of wheat.

composition of barley grains

benefits and properties of barley groats

Barley quite calories, if you compare it with vegetables, but among others used in our food crops, he takes the last place in calories, so in barley grits contains only 313-322 kcal per 100 g.

in barley groats are very much useful in complex carbohydrates, starch, enough protein and fiber;there are fat - even saturated fatty acids;natural sugars.

Vitamin set: vitamins A, E, PP, D, B group - especially a lot of folic acid;mineral composition: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, fluorine, boron, molybdenum, cobalt, silicon, chromium, etc.

phosphorus, which in a lot of barley, is required to complete the work of the brain and normal metabolism.Potassium, calcium, iron and manganese in barley is also higher than in many other cereals, so it is very useful for older people.Zinc, boron, fluorine, chromium, and silicon contained in barley in amounts which scientists call a biologically significant.

slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which are called complex, barley grain, about 65%, and required our digestion of fiber - about 6%.Fiber perfectly cleanses our stomach and intestines, removes toxins from the body, toxins and waste products.

protein that the grain of barley more than 10%, more valuable than wheat protein and digest it, like most plant proteins, almost 100%.All these substances are almost unmodified form contained in the barley groats, so it is often used in dietary nutrition.

Use and properties of barley groats

Food barley cereals are often prescribed for stomach ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer, hypertension, kidney disease and blood vessels.Drinking barley grains not only prevents the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, but also eliminates their deposits.This will be the body to remove toxins, and in parallel, you can get rid of allergies - even the great Avicenna believed barley excellent means of cleansing the body.

Barley also contains natural substances that act as antibiotics, but without their inherent side effects.From the water, which soaked barley, scientists have identified a substance gordetsin having strong antibacterial and antifungal activity.The spectrum of action against pathogens gordetsina skin diseases is very wide: it is recommended to apply for candidiasis and other diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

decoction of barley has a diuretic effect, relieves inflammation and spasms, softens and coats the mucous membranes.In folk medicine, they treat constipation, obesity, breast disease, cold and cough, arthritis, hemorrhoids, and diabetes.From the hot, cooked until half the barley to make compresses.To soften the cough should drink a decoction of barley grains - 1 tbspbefore eating.Cereal (20 g) is filled with hot water (1 cup), insist about 5 hours, then refluxed for 15 minutes, cooled and filtered.The same broth can be taken for the treatment and prophylaxis of urolithiasis.

postoperative dishes from barley grains are recommended as a tonic food: because it contains gluten, which a lot of protein.

barley grits rejuvenates and prevents the development of cancer, due to contained therein minerals and vitamins of group B.

barley grits slimming diet with barley porridge, barley diet

barley diet, diet for barley porridge

barley grits, as mentionedcontains fewer calories than other cereals, so many nutritionists, particularly in Europe, often recommend to include it in your diet for those who want to lose weight.

Millet, buckwheat, and the more oats contain more calories and porridge from barley grains will provide you with energy, but it does not add extra kilos - unless, of course, you will not add to it too much milk, butter,sugar or cream.

Those who want to achieve a more slender figure, will approach the seven-day low-calorie diet barley porridge .If it correctly observe, that during this time, you can get rid of the 3-4 extra kilos.

Due to the high content of nutrients and dietary fiber, barley porridge digested longer than other cereal grains.This does not increase blood sugar levels and satiety felt for a long time;excess cholesterol is associated and displayed, digestion proceeds normally, and constipation do not occur.

During barley diet should comply with certain rules.Eliminate from your diet meat and fish, eggs, milk and dairy products - in addition to yogurt;bread, bread, sweets and alcohol.

Besides barley porridge, you can eat fruits and vegetables, juices, low-fat yogurt, coffee and tea.For half an hour before you eat a portion of barley porridge, it is necessary each time to drink a glass of warm boiled water.

Sample menu of the day on the diet barley porridge

  • Breakfast: serving of cereal, a banana and a cup of yogurt.
  • Lunch: salad of raw vegetables, vegetarian soup, a portion of porridge.
  • Snack: orange or apple.
  • Dinner: barley porridge and yogurt (yogurt, fermented baked milk).

Moved barley diet is fairly easy.You can observe her week, and a month later to repeat again, but all the while barley porridge should be present in the diet.

cooking porridge for barley diets

porridge for barley diet prepared without salt and oil.In a saucepan pour water (4.5 cups) in a boiling water poured cereal (500 g) and cook until thickened, about 30-40 minutes and then kept in a warm place porridge, well wrapped.

You can also cook the porridge in a thermos.In this case, water is taken in 2 times more than cereals, grits poured boiling water and leave for several hours.

cooking barley porridge: cooked in the oven barley porridge with delicious browned crust

If you do not mind the extra weight, it can be prepared from barley porridge cereals completely different: too useful, but more tasty and high-calorie.Baked in the oven barley porridge with delicious browned crust satisfy even the most picky.

necessary to take a liter of milk, bring it to a boil and pour cereal - 6-7 tablespoons, then cook until thick, covered.Then add the butter (100 g), stir and allow to cool.

add sugar (100 g) ground almonds or walnuts (100 g), raw eggs (3 pcs.), And put into a form that greased nerastoplennym butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Top lubricate the egg and sprinkle with sugar and bake in the oven until golden brown fine.Serve with cream.This is delicious!

course, overeat a porridge every day is not worth it, otherwise then have to really go on a diet.It is best to prepare it for the whole family, and divided into small portions.

In conclusion, we recall that the barley - is very famous culture, not only in cooking but also in the exact sciences.The ancient Arabic system the weight of barley grains have long been used as a reference, one carat is equal to 5 peeled barley grains - their weight was 0,048 g

The English for centuries used the length of barley grain as a unit of the metric system.This system is not forgotten in our time: the length of the 3 barley grain - this is still the English inch.