Oxygen - enrichment with oxygen : oxygen concentrator , oxygen mesotherapy , barotherapy , oxygen baths, oxygen cocktail

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05 July 2016
Oxygen - Oxygen enrichment

If the air we breathe is clean, it is invisible and has no smell, no color, no taste.Despite the fact that the air can not be seen, it is possible to consider the results of its impact on the people around us and the plants and animals, that's why the inhabitants of megacities distinguished by an earthy complexion.The level of development of modern construction technology allows you to make the room completely isolated from the polluted air of the city with the help of airtight doors and windows.However, this is not enough, because in a tightly enclosed area completely disrupted air circulation needed for a full life.

The air we breathe consists of oxygen (20%) and nitrogen (80%).Everyone on the average for one minute consumes half a liter of oxygen in the air and it contains exactly as much as needed.If the air is cool, there is a feeling that it is more recent, but in fact it the same quality as the warm air, a higher density and lower water content.

The fact that the air of modern cities contains o

xygen sometimes almost twice less than normal, made very popular oxygen therapy , ie additional enrich our body with oxygen .

To date, there are several ways of getting rid of the oxygen deficiency.

Oxygen: Oxygen inhalation

Even if you are a man of apparently healthy, this type of oxygen therapy will be useful to you for the purpose of prevention.Especially shows the oxygen inhalation, residents of large cities, as they contribute not only to the overall tone, but also improve the appearance, as well as removal of fatigue and increase efficiency.

But above all, oxygen inhalation indicated for disorders of the respiratory organs, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, etc., as well as problems with the cardiovascular system.Oxygen inhalation worked well with intoxication, poisoning by gas asphyxiation in shock states and disorders of the kidneys.Often prescribed oxygen inhalation for nervous disorders, fainting and obesity.

inhalation procedure itself - is the use of an oxygen mask or special tubes last at least 10 minutes, and sometimes quite a long time.

Usually this procedure is done in a medical facility, but you can make inhalation and at home.It's enough to buy in the drugstore oxygen cylinder, it can be a capacity of 5 to 14 liters.The oxygen content can be between 30% to 95%.The cylinders are fitted with special nozzles which can be introduced in the mouth and nose.If you carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day, one bottle (5 liters), enough for about 5 days.

inhaled oxygen can not do more than the doctor recommended, as too high a concentration of oxygen can cause clouding of the eye's lens, the pathological processes in the lungs, and even, according to some scientists, cause the development of cancer cells.

Oxygen: Oxygen Concentrator

This device can be used individually or with the help of a mask, and for oxygen saturation indoor air.Usually it is applied in residential and office buildings, baths, saunas, in the offices of the ozone therapy and oxygen bars.The oxygen concentrator is equipped with a highly efficient system of security and self-diagnosis function.

For example, oxygen concentrator 7F releases into the environment as much oxygen as produced three big trees.

Modern oxygen concentrator is equipped with a timer and a controller, which indicates the concentration of oxygen spray.This is very important as an overdose of oxygen is dangerous to human health, the air must not exceed 20%.Elevated levels of oxygen can cause seizures, dry cough, chest pain, dry mouth, as well as a violation of thermoregulation of the body.

to more accurately track the concentration of oxygen in the blood there is a pulse oximeter device that is easy to use, compact and will help everyone avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

Oxygen: Oxygen mesotherapy

This line of oxygen therapy is especially popular in cosmetology.Method oxygen mesotherapy based on the fact that preparations enriched with active oxygen is introduced directly into the skin, in its deepest layers.As a result of the internal power supply of the skin cells rejuvenate, as it accelerates the process of updating them, improves the complexion, and most importantly the appearance of cellulite disappear - orange peel on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Oxygen: barotherapy

barotherapy One type is the oxygen treatment, which takes place at an elevated pressure.Using a pressure chamber contributes to a better penetration of oxygen into the blood vessels of the lungs directly, to achieve the maximum concentration of hemoglobin oxygen.

oxygen under elevated pressure can not only relieve fatigue, strengthen immunity and improve efficiency, but also to accelerate the healing of wounds, and even cope with chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, arterial occlusive diseaseischemia of the retina and other.

Oxygen: oxygen baths Oxygen

bath improves general well-being, sleep, and normalizes blood pressure, improves metabolism, helps relieve headaches, as well as beneficial effects on the skin.Action oxygen bath based on the penetration of oxygen through the surface of the skin to its deeper layers, where it actively affects the nerve endings, coordinating the work of all body systems.

procedure for the adoption of an oxygen bath pleasant and relaxing, the water temperature in a bath of about 35-37 ° C.

Oxygen: oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktail - this air foam, bubbles filled with medical oxygen at a concentration of 95%.The basis of this cocktail is usually a special composition, which includes extracts of herbs, vitamin preparations, juices, they and give the cocktail taste.Showing

oxygen cocktails in peptic ulcer, gastritis, colitis and other diseases.The first oxygen cocktail has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, it also promotes weight loss, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, helps normalize sleep, blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from the body and increases efficiency.

oxygen cocktail can cook yourself, it is enough to buy at the pharmacy with medical oxygen canister and a set of required elements.A cocktail, it must be diluted with a liquid of your choice, it can be juice, herbal tea, etc.

Despite the fact that the use of oxygen cocktails indisputable, their use is necessary to consult with your doctor, because the action of the active oxygen is contraindicated in some diseases, especially restrictions related to the problems with the stomach.

Oxygen undeniably useful and absolutely safe in their physical manifestation: in the park or in the woods, especially in conifers, so there is always the opportunity to enjoy oxygen therapy, just walking and breathing in clean and fresh air.